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Why is Wasatch CrossFit the right choice for you?

We do more: 3 hours a day of  child care.  2 great locations.  Meal planning including grocery lists and weekly menus. Private coaching for running, Olympic weightlifting, and Sport included for one great price plus access to a nutrition coach. We also offer speed and agility training for comp athletes and great rates for families.

Experience & Knowledge: Most of our coaches own CrossFit shirts older than the gyms around us. Wasatch CrossFit was the first CrossFit facility in Utah and is the 120th out of over 11,000 worldwide. Our coaches undergo a rigorous 100 hour coaching development process and all hold multiple certifications. No one has more experience than we do in helping you hit your goals.

Our Community – We’ve had members tell us more people said hello to them on their first day than in 5 years at other gyms. We’re known for our family friendly vibe and our warm supportive community feel. While we’re proud of the many records and competitive accomplishments of our athletes we know that ordinary people feel right at home on their first day at Wasatch CrossFit.


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