Due on Friday, WOD on Wednesday

Danielle has worked hard her whole pregnancy to stay in great shape and it shows.  She’s hours away from giving birth but came in Wednesday and rocked out the WOD.  She’s not the only one to that, Lydia came in the morning she gave birth and got in one last workout.  These women are strong, awesome, and great examples of why your sore muscles/minor tweak/hangnail shouldn’t be an excuse for skipping a workout.  You already CrossFit because you love a challenge.  So challenge yourself on the days you’re a little tired or a little sore and think about our tougher than nails women. Then get your butt in the gym, shut up, and train hard.

CrossFit Endurance – Meet at WCF at 9am to carpool to Adam’s Canyon lower trailhead.  Either run up the canyon for 10-20 minutes then back down (if you need to be back in time for childcare) or run all the way to the top.

Olympic Weightlifting – 1045am, Noon, 3pm, 4:30, 5:30

9/Aug/2012 Thursday WOD

Every Minute on the Minute for 20 Minutes

Power Snatch


Immediately following your last interval Run 800m for time

Rx Men – Minutes 1-10 135, Minutes 11-15 165, Minutes 16-20 205  Rx Women – 75/95/135