1 year of Crossfit, 21.5lbs lighter, 6.5inches gone from waist, 65 years young

With Bob’s permission I’m sharing an email he sent me this week on the day of his 1 year Crossfit Anniversary:

Hey Damon, exactly 1 year since you, yourself, started me on CrossFit – 8/29/2010.  I started at 201 lbs, Bicep 13in, Quad 23in, Waist 41.5in, couldn’t run to any extent, do pull ups or push ups for the most part.  64 years old, not on Medicare.

Today, a year later at 179.5 lbs, Bicep 12.5, Quad 22, Waist 34, run a mile, better all around abilities but lots of room for more improvement.  65 years old, on Medicare even though I have no intention on using it.  Injury free which quashes the fear I keep hearing from others of my age.  Modified diet primarily by cutting out the breads.

So thanks to you, Damon and Priscilla, your very talented Coaches (in no particular order) Tiff, Carol, Jen, Zack, John, Jill) and my  fellow athletes for pushing and supporting me.  I’ve met a lot of really great folks in CF.

Especially thanks to Kim, Shane, and Lu of the family for prompting me and keeping me motivated as fellow CFers @ CFCV in Logan.

And to Suz for supporting me the past year to the extent now she is beginning CF as she retires from her work-life.

Looking forward to the coming year.


31/Aug/2011 Wednesday WOD, courtesy of Crossfit.com

Eight rounds for max reps of:

75/53 pound Push press, 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Jumping alternating lunge, 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds

Each round lasts 1 minute, this WOD runs for 8 straight minutes.


Strength:  Good morning 3×5 @ 50% of back squat 1RM.  Stiff legged Deadlifts 3×5 @ 50% of DL 1RM

Endurance:  Run 2.4 mile (the loop x2)


8 thoughts on “1 year of Crossfit, 21.5lbs lighter, 6.5inches gone from waist, 65 years young”

  1. You are awesome and the real message here is that Crossfit does work for any age! You AND the Averett’s have been an inspiration for me to keep it up!

  2. Bob, you know I love working with you and listening to you “smack” talk the youngsters. I know a lot of us admire your hard work and courage in the gym. Way to put yourself out there to experience the joy of a new found talent!
    xxx Tiffany

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