This beats “Body Pump” hands down.  I’m just sayin’

Today and Saturday are the last days of the 2011 Crossfit Open.  I’m proud of every member of our 50 person team plus everybody else at WCF who has suffered, pushed, and persevered through the tough WODs and loading of this 6 week event.  Our team is currently in 4th place out of over 60 in our Region and 41st out of over 600 worldwide.  We hope to move in to the to 3 at Regionals which is what’s required to qualify for the 2011 Crossfit Games.  The real story is how awesome our women are doing.  We’ll have at least 4 individual qualifiers for Regionals with 2 more who are currently in the running and may make it.  That’s outstanding!  Our women kick ass.

We’ve invited some of the other gyms in Utah out on Saturday to do the Games WOD and will be running heats from 9-11am.  Please come make it if you can.  If not you’re definitely welcome to hit it hard today.  The name of the game on this one is intelligent pacing and for the love of all do not set that damn bar down till you’ve finished that set of thrusters!

28/April/2011 Thursday WOD – Crossfit Open 12.6

In 7 Minutes complete go as high up the ladder as possible;

3 Thrusters/3 CTB Pullups

6 Thrusters/6 CTB Pullups

9 Thrusters/9 CTB Pullups

12 Thrusters/12 CTB Pullups

15 Thrusters/15 CTB Pullups

And so on, 18, 21, 24, etc.  Your chest must touch the bar below the clavicle on all pullups.  Thruster weight is 100lbs for men, 65lbs for women.  Click  here to watch the technique/judging video.