Thanks for all the great feedback on Thursdays.  Now all you have to do is get your butt in here and train!  We’ll continue with our current schedule on Thursdays for now.

1/July/2011 Friday WOD “Welcome to July!”

AMRAP 20 Min

10 Pushups

20 Situps

30 Air Squats

Run or Row 400m

Burly Cycle:  See comments

Today is the first session of our Thursday AM team training.  What really stood out for me at Regionals is that we need more Crossfit competitions and comp experience here in Utah and especially at WCF.  I was inspired when I read this article in the Crossfit Journal about RAW Training which went from 10th in their Region last year to 3rd in the world at the Open.  A big part of their success was getting together and training early in the year as a team.  They started with 24 people and after a year still had 12 regular attendees.  Every Thursday at 6am we’ll be doing a WOD/Training for anyone who wants to compete in Crossfit.  You can be great, average, or unsure but if you’re willing to come give 100% and compete in Crossfit comps you’re welcome.

Thanks for all the great feedback on things you’d like to see at WCF, you’ll be seeing that stuff soon.

Remember O-lifting with Dave is today.  We’re adding a 5:30 pm general Olympic Weightlifting class which is free to any member at WCF who wants to improve their Snatch or C&J as well as Dave’s small group coaching which is $30/month.  There will be an Oly competition the 3rd Saturday in August at WCF which I strongly encourage all of you to register for and compete in.

30/June/2011 Thursday WOD – Courtesy of CFFB

One Minute On…One Minute Off…for 10 minutes.

30 KB Swings – 2 pood

*You have 1 minute to get 30 KB swings. If you do not get 30 KB Swings in 1 minute, count a penalty.
*Perform this workout one minute on and one minute off. Total time is 10 minutes.

*For any penalty counted, perform a 1000 meter row.

Post rounds completed and penalties to the Whiteboard.


The new GHD’s are ordered.  Next up we’ll be repairing our plyo-boxes and replacing several of them as well as installing wall mounted squat racks on the Oly Platforms.  This Fall we’ll sell all of our rowers and replace them with new ones.  While it’s good to update our equipment it’s also fun to get some new stuff.  What would you put on the WCF wishlist?  First and foremost for me would be a wall to practice going up and over if I could put it outside in that small grassy section in the northwest corner of our property.  Let me know if there’s anything on your wishlist, exotic or otherwise.  If we can get it we will.

29/June/2011 Wednesday WOD

Run 800m

30 Snatches

Run 800m

Gold:  135/95  Silver:  95/75  Bronze:  75/45.  Power Snatches are fine.

Handstands around the world courtesy of

Our WODs this week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are courtesy of  When I first started Crossfit back in 2004 there were no Crossfit gyms.  I did the WODs in my garage doing the best I could to approximate the form I saw on videos, usually pretty badly.  Crossfit advocates training 3 days on, 1 day off which can be tough to keep up with and recover from but will result in a very high level of fitness if you can stay with it.  For July thru August 21 we’re considering programming for Mon, Tues, Wed and then being closed on Thursday, returning to our regular schedule on Fri & Saturday.  If we did this we’d extend open  gym hours to 7pm on Friday evening.  Please answer the anonymous survey below and let us know your thoughts.

Click here to take survey

28/June/2011 Tuesday WOD

Run 800m

30 Muscle-ups

Run 800m

There are several scaling options available:  Gold Scaling – Do 1 scaled MU then 3 ring dips.  Silver Scaling:  Sub 3 Pullups & 2 Ring Dips for every MU  Bronze Scaling:  Sub 2 Pullups & 2 Pushups for every MU

The Junction City Roller dolls and their opponent from this weekend.  Photo courtesy of JKJohnson photography.

Some of you may know that we have several Roller Derby girls at Wasatch and that we sponsored their team this year.  One of the unique things to Roller Derby is they all have aliases that they skate and compete under.  Now another WCF member is joining the league and she needs our help coming up with a name.  Please post your suggestions to comments. Anything goes, these names range from funny to macabre to absolutely R-rated.  Here’s some background info from Chantelle:

These names stick and start getting used more than real names it would appear – so I really want something that I am crazy about and can stomach being called often!

The best we have come up with is Shantilly Mace, although a derby girl has Chantilly Mace already, and I really feel as if that might be uncouth to have such a similar name.

Background about me:

– Full Name: Shantell McKysnie Bryant Schweikart
– Ethnic Background: Melting Pot, mostly English and Scottish
– Closet Sci-fi and Pop-culture geek – I have watched and re-watched shows like Firefly and Arrested Development over and over to fall asleep for years. I thought I had hit gold with the name ‘River Slam’ but it was unfortunately already taken.
– Mother of 1 baby & 2 dogs: Reese Lily, Marley McHarley and Stormy Lu.
– I read a lot (or I did, before the baby was born) of all genres, but I love sci fi, and statistical books like ‘Outliers.’
– Recently have become addicted to Crossfit.
– Danced as main activity growing up.
– Spend a lot of time at the lake during the summer months.
– Nickname that stuck my whole life: Shanty.

I am having a hard time coming up with a ton more details – but if people have questions, I’ll check the website, etc.


Here is the link to the Name Registry Database. It is not a friendly website for pretty much any phone or computer but names can not be duplicated.

27/June/2011 Monday WOD – Courtesy of

For time:
Run 800 meters
Clean and Jerk, 30 reps (135/95)
Run 800 meters

Keegan Martin 11:04 at 135lbs (age 17), Alyssa Ross 13:37 at 95lbs (age 17).
Power cleans and push press are fine.

Today was the first day I felt like Summer was actually here and there was no threat of snow on the horizon.  We took the kids to Cherry Hill and spent some time swimming and splashing around.  I’m used to seeing a pretty fit segment of the population and I know that’s not the norm but what really stuck out for me as I was people watching was how destructive doing nothing is.  Sitting at a desk all day or having several kids without exercise or being active is a surefire recipe for being decrepit long before it’s time.  It’s nice to feel good about ourselves image wise but even nicer to be able to go for a several hour hike, mtn bike, snowboard, rock climb, even play a little flag football without going into cardiac arrest.  I’m just so glad to be fit and thankful for my health.  And sunshine too.  Thank you to everyone who make WCF such a great place to train to “not suck at life.”

24/June/2011 Friday WOD “Nate”

Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:

2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings

Post rounds completed to the whiteboard and BeyondTheWhiteboard.

The astute among you have noticed our GHD’s are gone.  While I loved our Legend GHD’s after a couple years of wear and tear it was time to upgrade.  Rogue is the company that supplied our barbells, bumpers, squat rack, pullup bars, and just about everything else at WCF.  They’re also the official equipment supplier to the Crossfit Games.  Bill Henniger, who owns Rogue Fitness, feels that there is a lot of steel manufacturing capacity sitting idle in the US due to the outsourcing trend and that he can make high quality steel equipment in the USA.  I agree and that’s one of the big reasons we buy from Rogue.  The new GHD is called the “Abram” and weighs nearly 200lbs.  It will be made in the USA and 2 of them should be arriving in the next 30 days.

O-lifting with Coach Chiu today and then Yoga tonight at 7:30 with Tonya.  Have fun!


Do 1 Thruster the first minute.

Do 2 thrusters the 2nd minute.

Do 3 thrusters the 3rd minute.

Go as high up the ladder as you can go.  For every round you’re short of 15 row 200 meters.

Gold:  95/65  Silver:  75/45  Bronze:  55/35

If you want to go up on this do it at 135/95 and row 200m for every round short of 10.


Skill – air squat & push press

WOD – 4 Rounds

10 air squats

10 burpees

10 push press



I love this picture.  Being Crossfit is about going out and having a great time with friends.  And looking super-fly.  Rumor has it that there’s a Vegas Ragnar team coming together.  Post to comments if you’re interested, I think Ben N is running the show and may need a few more runners.  We’ve also got the Spartan Race coming up which is going to be an absolute blast.  I plan on breaking the record for most mud packed into a Wasatch Crossfitter’s ear.  Not my ears of course.

22/June/2011 Wednesday WOD

2 Rounds for time

Run 1 mile

50 Box Jumps (20″ Rx)

Burly Project:  See comments

Christy P’s Ragnar team.  They all look so clean!

It’s been said you can’t out-train a bad diet.  Instead of dieting at Crossfit we eat for performance.  Remember that there are a couple of resources available to help you with your nutrition – and plus individual help with the Zone.  Let us know if we can help.

Olympic Weightlifting today at 5pm!

21/June/2011 Tuesday WOD

20, 15, 10

Dumbbell Thrusters (30/20)

Burpee Pullups

Go up on Thruster weight if desired.  Crossfit Football Rx is 50# for men.

This is a good looking grocery cart.  Thanks Jon!

Congrats to all the WCFer’s who ran and finished Ragnar this weekend.  If you get a chance tag us in your Facebook pics so we can check out the fun you had.

Today is the official Day 1 of the “Burly Project.”  Remember that the key to linear progression is to make steady progress on your squats rather than to quickly max.  Often the people who start a little lower take longer to stall and end up gaining a lot more strength.  If you plan on participating and haven’t paid yet please email about the $25.

Today’s workout was one of the individual workouts at Regionals and was described by one athlete who has competed in 2 Crossfit Games as the hardest he’s ever done.  Scale accordingly.

20/June/2011 Monday WOD


Kettlebell Swings


OHS 95/65

Gold:  100’s  Silver:  60’s  Bronze:  30’s

Burly Project:  See comments, go Bronze on today’s WOD

We’ve got a photostream on Flickr in addition to the pics that get posted here.  If anybody would like to post their Dirty Dash pics or Ragnar photos text me and I’ll give you a log-in.  Here’s the link if you’d like to see all our photos:  Wasatch Crossfit Flickr Stream.

Today’s the lifting clinic for the Burly Project.  We’ll be covering 2 versions of the squat, the deadlift, hang power clean, and 2 presses.  It will be from 4-6pm and is free to WCF members.  I’d also encourage you to put a few of your goals for this into Beyond the Whiteboard.  Mine are to front squat 315×5, strict press my bodyweight, gain 10#, and hang power clean 275#.  If I’m so blessed I’d also like to grow a mustache that would make any fertile women within a 50 mile radius spontaneously impregnate.  I’m just putting it out there to the Universe just in case “The Secret” isn’t completely full of crap like I think is.

Good luck to our Ragnar teams!  We could use 2 more volunteers tomorrow night to come hang out and have fun with us.  You don’t have to stay all night, let me know if you’re interested.

17/June/2011 Friday WOD

3 Rounds for Time

10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

30 Air Squats

Rest 30 secs

Sprint 200m



CrossFit Kids 4:50 – 5:30,   Maui Thai  5:30 – 6:30


CrossFit Kids 4:50 – 5:30,   Jujitsu  5:30 – 6:30


CrossFit Kids 4:50 – 5:30,   Maui Thai  5:30 – 6:30

Skill – Squats & Deadlift


Mile run!