Rick’s the eye of the Hurricane at 6:30am

Need a little more inspiration to start weightlifting?  Watch someone who weighs less than 155lbs put over 400lbs over their head.

1/Oct/2011 Saturday

9am – Olympic weightlifting with Olympic hopeful Coach Erin

10am – Free Crossfit WOD

I believe this is possible for me.  As is 6 months in traction if I over-rotate.

Wednesday’s workout was a chance for many of us to redefine our limits and break through a barrier.  Box jumps are one of those movements that are simple for some and fraught with anxiety for others.  Have you ever squatted a heavy load and then did something like wallball?  All of the sudden that 20# wallball doesn’t seem so heavy.  Wednesday was an opportunity to expand your belief in how high a high box jump is.  It was one of the days when you drive home proud and think to yourself “I didn’t know I could jump that high!”  Watching people stack the plates up, make huge leaps, and then jump down with a big grin on their faces is what Crossfit is all about.  Hope you had as much fun as I did.

Yesterday’s WOD was long!  Love it or hate it, we’re going to be doing a longer Met-con cycle in October before the weather gets too cold.  Expect to see 2-3 twenty minute plus WODs every week.  Enjoy!

30/Sept/2011 Friday WOD “Tabata yo Mama!”

Complete 8 intervals of 2o seconds work followed by 10 secs rest of each of the following.  Rest exactly 30 seconds after 8 intervals at a station.

Tabata Thrusters (75/45)

Tabata Ring Pushups

Tabata Weighted situps (1pood)

Strength:  (Try to do before WOD)  Max effort front squat doubles.  Bench press 10, 10, 10.

Endurance:  Your choice of run, airdyne, or row 20 minute TT.

Josh gets swole at the Retro Games

Things are getting back to normal after the Retro Games and I had a few followup thoughts.  First of all, I was ridiculously proud of each and every one of our athletes.  We had athletes medal and athletes finish at the front, middle, and back of the pack but they all had a blast and gave their all.  Second, if you haven’t been watching, Crossfit has been on ESPN2 Wednesday nights for the last 2 weeks and will also be on next week.  I see Crossfit going where triathlons are:  There will be elite level athletes, even professionals, but there will also be a ton of people who enjoy challenging themselves but care more about finishing than placing.  Regardless of which category you’re in you should get out and compete.  Last of all, thank you again to all of our volunteers.  I hope you had fun and were inspired to get involved with our next competition, be it as an athlete, judge, or volunteering again.

Fitness Elevated is a local Crossfit event that will be going down in December this year in SLC and I highly encourage each and every one of you to sign up and put your training to the test.  You’ll have fun, make new friends, and get a feel for the global Crossfit community you’re now a part of.

29/Sept/2011 Thursday WOD

800m Run

30 Calorie Row

30 Burpee Pullups

60 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1)

30 Burpee Pullups

30 Calorie Row

800m Run


Oly:  Lift with Coach Chiu @ 5:30pm or From rack;  Jerk, clean, jerk.  Work up to 80%, then 5 reps at 80%+

Endurance:  Do Today’s WOD

Jax N Jill tearing it up en route to a 3rd place finish at the Retro Games

28/Sept/2011 Wednesday WOD

Part 1:  2 snatches/minute for as many minutes as possible.  Guys add 10lbs each minute, women add 5lbs each minute.  You get a total of 3 attempts each minute, 2 of which must be successful to move on.

Starting Weights:  Gold:  115/65  Silver:  115/55  Bronze:  Scale as needed.

Part 2:  2 Box jumps/min for as many minutes as possible.  Add a plate to your box each minute to increase the height.

Starting:  Men 24″, Women 20″.

Part 3:  50 Pushups for time

Strength:  Hang Power Clean Doubles – Build to max.  Strict Pullups – 2x ME

Endurance:  Run 400m.  Then 8×200 using 400m time as interval.

Junk Yard Dog & Burgner Warm-up


SKILL – Hang Power Snatch

WOD – 4 Rounds

5 Hang Power Snatch

10 Sit ups

15 Squats


Junk Yard Dog & Burgner Warm-up

SKILL – Hang Power Clean

WOD – Hang Power Clean little Cindy   (10 min AMRAP)

5 Hang Power Clean

10 Push-Ups

15 Air Squats

Rick bending the bar during the deadlift at the Retro Games.  We’ve posted more pics of the Retro Games to our Flickr Acct

How’s the Whole30 going for you?  I’ll admit, for some reason this one has been a bit tougher for me than some of our past challenges.  It’s not that I’m craving junk food as much as I’m working really  hard to get enough calories and meals in.  I’ve been missing meals which makes it tough to get in quality training sessions.  The answer?  Food prep.  A little time on Sunday evening goes a long way towards having plenty of healthy food choices during the week.  I’m making a big Costco run and I’ve also been getting some good ideas from FastPaleo.com.

We had a lot of questions today on who’s going to be coaching the 9-1pm classes.  In the short term Priscilla will be taking over 9 & 10am, Tiffany 11& 12.  Amy C is going to be interning with us this month and then moving in to coach the 9&10am slots, hopefully as soon as November 1st.  We’ve always been blessed with being able to develop quality people from within our ranks and we expect Amy to do great things.  On a different note, we’re looking for assistant coaches for several of our busier classes.  Contact me if you’re interested in finding about about our Trainer Development process.

27/Sept/2011 Tuesday WOD…Courtesy of Crossfit.com

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
10 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Toes to bar
10 Box jumps, 24″ box

Adrienne Briggs 10 rounds + 6 wall ball (20″ box, 14lb ball), Maggie Dabe 8 rounds + 8 toes to bar (20″ box, 14lb ball), Laura Dziak 7 rounds + 7 wall ball (20″ box, 14lb ball).
Post rounds completed to comments.

Olympic Weightlifting:  Coach Erin at 5:00pm or 5 Sn Doubles at 85%

Endurance:  Row 4x500m, Damper of 1, 3, 5, 7.  Rest 2min between.  Max efforts.

Team Cupcake tears it up at this past weekend’s Retro Games.

This past week and weekend was action packed.  The Retro Games were a huge success mainly due to our amazing volunteers, judges, and everyone who helped out.  A special thanks go out to Carol as head judge, Ann S for all her tireless work behind the scenes, and Jeremy for the thankless job of organizing the scores.  So many people contributed, thank you!  There are nearly 1000 pics of the event on our Flickr Photo stream, check it out here.

On Friday morning the work for the Retro Games started.  34 hours later as we were wrapping up the event Les finished his quest to run 100 miles.  This was his 2nd attempt after making it nearly 80 miles last time on a much easier course, if a 100 mile course can be said to be easy.  The race he completed was the Bear100 (bear100.com).  Congratulations for an amazing show of fortitude and mental toughness.

Last of all, I’m sad to announce that today is Carol’s last day as a coach as Wasatch Crossfit.  Carol has been with us since nearly Day 1 and is a huge part of our history as well as a dear friend.  In 3 years I feel like we’ve grown up together and know Carol will achieve great success in whatever comes next for her.  She’ll be coaching her favorite WOD, “Grace,” from 9-1 today so please stop by if you get a chance, give her a hug, and wish her well as she takes her life in a new direction.

26/Sept/2011 Monday WOD “Grace”

30 Clean & Jerks for time 135/95

Strength:  Squat x 20 @ 55% of 1RM, 2x Ring dips ME

Endurance:  Run 10x100m, gradually increasing speed till your last 3 are at 100%

Synchronized Pullups!  Way to +1 this WOD.

Today’s the day.  First of all, thank you to everyone who has helped already and who will be helping.  This event couldn’t be successful without our amazing volunteers.  Also, good luck to the WCF athletes competing tomorrow.  We’ll be posting a big team picture on Monday.  Today we have people coming from 3-5ish to help assemble the pullup rig and the run will also be starting at East Mountain Wilderness park at 5pm and will run till 8pm.  You’re welcome to come cheer our crew on, hang out, and soak up that awesome Crossfit vibe.  Saturday we’ll be hitting it hard from 7:30am until 5pm.

23/Sept/2011 Friday WOD “Cindy”

In 20 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of:

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Air Squats

Strength:  Front Squat – Build to 2RM.  Once you’re doing doubles, hit max within 7 sets.  Deadlift 10, 10, 10

Endurance:  Run your choice of 5K or 10mi.

Welcome back Nick!

Friday we’ll have all of our AM classes plus our Noon class.  After that we’ll be closed to set up for the Retro Games.  On Saturday we’ll be closed all day but you’re invited to drop by and check out everything that’s going on.  We’ll have nearly 100 athletes doing all of the events from the first Crossfit Games and we’ve got a few Crossfit Games qualifiers competing plus a ton of “everyday Joe’s.”

22/Sept/2011 Thursday WOD

50 Pushups

Run 800m

50 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1)

Run 800m

50 Lunge Steps (1.5/1)

Run 800m

Oly:  Work up to 3 doubles at 82.5% (C&J) or come to Coach Dave’s class at 5:30pm

Endurance:  Row 3K on 1/1 breath.

Sometimes eating right boils down to being able to get something quickly that’s healthy and delicious.  For me Burger Stop, right next door to Wasatch Crossfit, is a big part of being able to eat healthy on the go.  For starters their “Crossfit Omelette” is delicious.  It’s eggs, chicken breast, avocado, tomato, and onions and mushrooms if you want them.  For lunch I’ll get the salad pictured above (hold the Feta if I’m doing a Paleo challenge) and often add a chicken breast.  Travis, the owner of Burger Stop, is an avid Crossfitter who in the last year has stopped smoking, lost over 50lbs, gotten his Level I trainer certification, and Rx’ed every workout of the Crossfit Open.  He’s also a huge supporter of WCF and often donates food, drinks, his time, and equipment to support our events.  I highly recommend their healthy menu items.  And on my cheat days?  I’m full for about 10 hours after eating the burger-zilla called “The Spare Tire” along with a milkshake.  All things in moderation, including moderation, right?

21/Sept/2011 Wednesday WOD

5 Deadlifts

10 Wallball

4 Deadlifts

20 Wallball

3 Deadlifts

30 Wallball

2 Deadlifts

40 Walball

1 Deadlift

100 Situps

Gold:  315/223  Silver:  225/183  Bronze:  Scale as needed


If you’re competing this weekend do this instead:  Run the loop.  Then build to a heavy back squat but not to failure.  Then do Tabata box jumps.  Then stretch and work on your game plan for Friday!


Strength:  Bench press 10, 10, 10  Strict Pullups 2x to failure

Endurance:  4x100m, 2x200m, 1x400m.  Work on foot speed. Rest as needed.