Carol’s 2011 Halloween Costume:  The most epic example of masculinity she could find

Those thrusters yesterday were heavy.  They’d feel lighter if you squatted more.  In my experience once a male athlete front squats 300# and a female athlete over 200# most Crossfit Rx’d loads feel relatively light and manageable.  The squat cycle were on is simple and one I’ve used successfully with a large number of athletes.  You’ll pick a load that’s around 80% of your 1RM and squat it for 5 sets of 3.  Next week will be 85%, then 90%, and finally 95%.

1/Nov/2011 Tuesday WOD “Snow is here”

Front Squat 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 @ 80% then:

Complete 8×20/10 Tabata intervals of the following with 30 seconds rest between movements:

Tabata Box Jumps (24/20)

Tabata Calories (row)

Tabata Burpees

Rest 30 secs then immediately hang from the pullup bar as long as possible and record time to whiteboard along with lowest round of each tabata movement.

Several people will be wearing costumes today, bring your A-game!

In November we’ll be doing a simple strength cycle:  We’ll bench on Mondays, squat on Tuesdays, and work strength-endurance on Fridays.  Increased strength will help your Crossfit in several ways – Rx loads will feel lighter, you’ll perform better, and heading in to snowboarding and ski season (plus Crossfit comp season) you’ll decrease your likelihood of injury and see your strength skyrocket.  In addition, I’ll be posting some simple gymnastics strengthening for people interested in competing in Crossfit.

Here are a couple highlights from our Oly comp:  Carson broke several state records, Coach Chiu won best Masters lifter of the meet and narrowly missed a new state record Snatch, Priscilla power cleaned 165lbs then jerked it, Steve PR’ed his clean and jerk, Anthony posted a huge total that will qualify him for Nationals at our next meet, Erin had a decent meet but will now be competing a her lowest bodyweight since High School, and I set new competition PR’s in both lifts and narrowly missed a 225lb snatch which I’m sure will be coming son.   There’s another meet coming up in January and I highly recommend you commit, train, and compete!

31/Oct/2011 Halloween WOD

Bench Press 10, 10, 10 (Start at 65% of your 1RM) then:

AMRAP 12 Minutes

6 HSPU’s

12 CTB Pullups

6 Thrusters (135/93)


Endurance:  6x400m, ME’s.  Rest 1:2

Think Nutrition matters?  Erin has leaned out by nearly 50lbs since she started at WCF. 

For the first time in a long time we won’t have Oly class.  Our coaches and many of our athletes will be lifting at a meet in Pleasant Grove.  Good luck to all of our athletes and especially Coach Erin who will be listing for the first time ever at 75kg in what we hope is the first step to lifting in the Olympic Trials this Spring.  The journey for her to 75kg has encompassed nearly 50lbs of weight loss while maintaining her strength, working a full time job, and coaching at WCF.  If she’s able to maintain and build on her current Snatch and Clean & Jerk she will be in the top 2 lifters in the country at 75kg for this year’s Olympic Trials and have a shot at the London Olympic Games.  If you see her be sure to congratulate her for all of her hard work.

29/Oct/2011 Saturday

10am – Free Crossfit WOD

Happy Birthday Michaela! 

Michaela is a former collegiate sprinter who will be coming to WCF as a coach this January and will also be in charge of our new nutrition and food journal program.

Have fun with today’s WOD, we’ve seen some pretty epic Halloween costumes over the years at WCF, I don’t know if anyone can top CW’s glam rock outfit or Evan’s stunning rendition of the construction worker from YMCA last year.  We’ll see what today holds!

Good luck to Amy C this weekend, she’s headed up to Park City for the Crossfit Trainer cert.  Good luck Amy, you’re going to rock it!

28/Oct/2011 Friday WOD

Deadlift 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Muscle-ups or MU Pull-throughs 4-4-4-4

Farmers carry 2 KB’s for 400m.

There is a 20 calorie penalty every time you let the KB’s touch the ground.  Record both time and number of penalties to whiteboard.

Increase weight each set on deadlifts.  Kettlebell Rx is 1.5/1


Strength:  Rest.  We’re starting a gym-wide bench press and 20RM squat cycle in November.

Endurance:  Row 2k the immediately run 1mi.

Sometimes when we’re tired our burpies or pushups turn to floppies meaning that instead of maintaining a rigid torso we snake up off the ground like an 80’s break dancer.  The real issue with the floppy is described this way by Mobility guru Kelly Starrett: 

When athletes are getting up from being prone (think pop up in surfing or getting up after the pushup portion of a burpee) and they are tight in the front of the hip, they tend to create and extra “hip” joint right in the middle of their low backs.  Think about it.  If your hip is tight going into extension, its way easier to extend one of your pinche little spinal joints that that monster hip capsule.  You get the extension you are looking for and poof, two million extension episodes later (or one burpee challenge) and you’ve got a wicked case of brohken-itis.

The second issue with the floppy is that it show a lack of ability to stabilize your mid-line.  Mid-line stabilization is the Crossfitters definition of core strength.  Keep your pelvis rigid while loading and moving dynamically and in general your lower back is safe.  Let the pelvis/spine flex under a load and eventually you’ll have problems, whether they’re cumulative or occur in a single episode.  Here’s a mobility workout to help fix some of the issues with the floppy.  Click here to view.

27/Oct/2011 Thursday WOD 

7 Rounds for time

 7 Power Cleans (135/93)

 7 Burpees

Then:  30 Knees to elbows

(only 1 round of KTE’s, after completion of 49/49 reps above)


Oly:  Snatch High Pulls @ 110% of Sn Max 8×2 or come to Coach Chiu’s class at 1045, Noon, 3:00, 4:30, 5:30

Rowing:  8x200m with Damper 0, rest :30 between

I was finishing up a heavy split jerk session last week and jokingly said “This last rep will determine how I feel about myself for the rest of the day.”  Except it wasn’t a joke.

When we PR or feel like we performed well we walk out of the gym on top of the world.  You feel like a million bucks, post your new PR on Facebook, mentally write your Nobel prize acceptance speech, and in general life is good.  How about those days where you know you could have done more but….your kids kept you up all night, or you ate like crap yesterday, or for some reason you’re just not firing on all cylinders?  Do you get to feel good on those days too? 

Sometimes as athletes we have to accept that our best performance is our best right now.  In an ideal world I would PR every single workout, get stronger every month, run faster weekly, and in general just dominate life like a Viking conqueror.  Life isn’t always ideal.  Instead, the  measurement I have for myself and the athletes I coach is “Did you do the best today you could have done today?”  Over time your performance should consistently improve but that improvement isn’t always noticeable on a daily scale.

So today, just give it 100%.  Sometimes you’re up a little, sometimes your down a little, but only you know when you’ve given it your all.  And on the way out the door?  Tell yourself you were a total badass today and know that tomorrow you’re going to attack the WOD like a Honey Badger biting off a Monitor Lizards face.

26/Oct/2011 Wednesday WOD

21, 15, 9 Wallball & Box Jumps (20″)

Run 400m

21, 15, 9 Wallball & Weighted Situps (1.5/1pood)

Run 400m

21, 15, 9

Wallball & Pullups

Gold:  20lb/14lb  Silver:  14lb/10lb 15, 12, 9’s  Bronze:  10lb/6lb 15, 12, 9’s


Strength:  Glute Ham Raises 3×10, Ring Rows 3×10

Endurance:  Run 4x400m, rest 50% of run time


Skill – Handstand push ups


12 Deadlifts

12 Push Press

12 Sit ups


Skill – Push Jerk


5 Push Jerks

10 Wallballs

15 Sit ups

Fun with last week’s challenge

25/Oct/2011 Tuesday WOD

Press 5-5-5-5

Push Press 3-3-3-3

Bench Press 5-5-5-5


Oly:  Power Snatch 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 ME then Snatch 5×1 with heaviest double.  Or come to Erin’s class at 5pm

Endurance:  Row 5K

Challenge:  Walk from the wall to grey pole & back on your hands.

We were invited onto a team for the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay and it was so much fun.  If you haven’t run one I recommend finding 11 friends and signing up.  Due to my recent focus on Olympic weightlifting I had done a total of about 8 miles in training but was hopeful that Crossfit plus a several year training base would carry me through.  For me Ragnar’s aren’t about beating other teams but are for getting together with friends, suffering a little and having a lot of fun. This one didn’t disappoint!  While we were out there we saw people from WCF on no less than 5 teams and met Crossfitters we knew from all over.  The best part for us were the costumes and while I’m not willing to post a pic of mine I’ll just say it was epic and quite sexy if you’re into bearded ladies.  Next year’s Wasatch Back is already sold out but Vegas 2012 is open!

24/Oct/2011 Monday WOD

2 Rounds for time

40 Walking Lunges (BB on back)

30 Pushups (chest to barbell)

20 Deadlifts

1 Rope Climb

Rx is 95/65.  You’ll be tempted to go heavier.  Don’t do it unless you want your glutes to feel like they’ve been blasted with a shotgun, weighted walking lunges are POTENT!


Strength:  20 Back Squats @ 70%, ME Chinups, ME Ring Dips

Endurance:  4x800m Rest 1/2 to 1

Today’s WOD is all about developing mental toughness.  It’s been a long week.  You’re still sore from Monday.  You squatted yesterday.  Squats again?  WTH, this guy is trying to kill me.  This week you’ve back squatted heavy, overhead squatted heavy, and now you’ll complete the trifecta with thrusters which consist in part of a light front squat.  A workout like this is all about smart strategies for dealing with the workload and painload.  Choose a thruster weight that you can do 21 in a row of, but just barely.  Then put your hands on the bar for your 15 & 9 and don’t let go till you’ve went unbroken.  It reminds of an old wrestling saying:  Champions do what they don’t want to do when they don’t want to do it.  Happy squatting!

21/Oct/2011 Friday WOD

Build to a 2RM deadlift within 7 heavy doubles then:

21, 15, 9


Run 400m after each set of thrusters

Gold:  95/63  Silver:  75/53  Bronze:  Scale as needed


Strength:  Deadlift the weight above.  Then 2x ME pullups & dips on GHD

Endurance:  Run 1mi x 2.  Try to negative split every 400m.  Rest 1:1