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1/Feb/2011 Thursday WOD

Run 1 mile

30 Knees to Elbows

Run 800m

30 Toes to Bars

Run 400m

I know it’s cold but today is the warmest day of the week.  Feel free to sub rowing if you want.  30 Minute time cutoff.

GamesLab:  Rest day.  Optional slow 30 min of any modality.

This video is one of the original ones that inspired me to start Crossfit.  The part where Nicole starts crying and then finishes the WOD is awesome.   The 3 athletes pictured are Nicole Carroll, current head of training for Crossfit HQ, Annie Sakamoto, who qualified for the Games last year as a Mom of 3 kids and well over age 35, and Eva T, an Olympic skier who has medaled at Worlds.  Things have changed a lot since this was filmed…no more butt balls for Rx’ed workouts, 95lbs is no longer heavy, and the range of motion standard for Muscle-ups is much more strict.  It’s interesting to see where things have evolved and what our “Crossfit Roots” are.

31/Jan/2011 Tuesday WOD “Nasty Girls”

3 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
135 pound Hang power cleans, 10 reps



Strength:  Do Olympic Weightlifting with Erin at 5pm or Oly is posted to comments.  If possible do after the WOD + do HSPU progression on whiteboard.

Endurance:  30 minutes any modality < 70% HR, 4 hours before or after WOD

Watching Matt fight to finish Thursday’s WOD Rx’ed was one of the gutsier things I’ve seen at WCF.  Some people lack the ability to quit. 

30/Jan/2011 Monday WOD

Complete 4 Three Minute rounds with 1 minute rest between of AMRAP

5 Pushups (Hands on DB’s)

10 Kettlebell Swings (CFG Standard)

5 Box Jumps



Strength:  Bench Press 10, 10, 10 & Weighted Pullups 5, 5, 5.  Then 30/30 on the GHD

Endurance:  Run 1.2miles as fast as possible.

No double today, warm up with run and strength work then head straight into WOD.

7:30am Team Practice today.  Today’s session will focus on range of motion, team transitions, and end with some skills and mobility work.  The WOD will be a 2 person partner WOD.  If you plan on competing in the Open or are looking for a slot on the Regionals team then haul your butt out of bed and be there at 7:30am sharp.  We’ll have a special “late vest” you can wear to help you out if you arrive late and miss the group warmup.

We’re going to switch to a new format with gymnastics and rowing since we’ve found that 30 minutes isn’t really enough to cover everything.  They’ll now be an hour long and will alternate Saturdays.  This Saturday is gymnastics, next Saturday is rowing.

28/Jan/2011 Saturday WOD

8am – Gymnastics

9am – Olympic Weightlifting

10am – Free Crossfit WOD

When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe…that’s when you’ll be successful.

Saturday morning will be our first team practice.  Any WCFer is welcome.  If you plan on competing in the Open or want to try for a team slot you should definitely make it.  Practice starts at 7:30am sharp.

27/Jan/2011 Friday WOD  – AMRAP 15 Minutes

This WOD is about quality of movement rather than intensity.  Focus on perfect range of motion, great mechanics, and smoothly roll through from one to the next.

5 Muscle-Ups

15  Toes to Bars unbroken

5 HSPU’s

10 Lunge with Plate Overhead (5R/5L) 45/25

5 Pistols (5R/5L)

15 Hollow Rocks



Strength:  Strict Press 10, 10, 10.  Ring Row 10, 10, 10.  Alternate exercises.  Then do WOD.

Endurance:  Row 20 min TT immediately following WOD.  Record meters to whiteboard.

Sandy & Lori wrap up a personal training session with a little GHD “Fun”

Today’s workout comes to us courtesy of Crossfit.com.  If you’re passionate about Crossfit you should definitely check in daily at what is affectionately called “The MainSite” in the Crossfit community.  The WODs at Crossfit.com have progressed and in general are loaded for competitive level athletes these days.  When I started out everything was 95lbs, 135lbs, and 225lbs.  Nowadays loads are more like 155, 185, and 315 for the same movements.  What hasn’t changed is the great community and passionate people who are really the essence of this crazy CrossFit movement taking the fitness world by storm.  Today’s WOD is courtesy of MainSite, have fun with it!

Coach Chiu is here for Olympic Weightlifting today:  10:45am, Noon, 3pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm.  All WCFer’s are welcome!

26/Jan/2011 Thursday WOD

Seven rounds for time of:
165/115.5 pound Front squat, 7 reps
7 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Jason Khalipa 3:23, Neal Maddox 3:48.


Strength:  Do Olympic weightlifting with Coach Chiu prior to WOD.  Do WOD immediately after.

Endurance:  Weather permitting run 6x400m.  Run with a friend and race!  Today is fast.  Rest as needed between.  Do at least 4 hours before or after WOD, preferably after.

Gymnastics:  Warmup for Oly with any one of the HSPU progressions on the Oly whiteboard.

The History of the Crossfit Games

Registration for the Crossfit Open is just days away.  The Open is an online qualifier and is the first step of the Crossfit Games season.  This year I expect well over 100,000 athletes worldwide to register and compete.  Last year it was only $10 to register, this year should be similar.  Every week CFHQ will announce a workout with judging and ROM standards and then we’ll do it here at WCF.  Your scores will then be input and you’ll see where you rank both worldwide and against all the athletes in our Region.   Spend some time on Games.Crossfit.com and then get ready!

25/January/2011 Wednesday WOD

“The Animal”

150 Kettlebell swings for time


100 Air squats


GamesLab:  Rest