Coach Chiu gets ready to jerk 275lbs which for him is a fairly light lift.  Did I mention that’s he’s over 40?

Today is one of those good news/bad news days.  The good news is Coach Chiu will now be at WCF 3 days per week.  We’re finishing up 2 and 3 day per week lifting plans for intermediate and advanced lifters.  The way it will work is you’ll have a folder with lifts based on percentages of your maxes.  You can select a 2 or 3 day/week plan which is designed to be done after the CrossFit WOD and shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, faster if you hustle.  Or if you’re like me take your time and enjoy the lifts.  For novices and beginners you haven’t actually established a true max so Coach Chiu will work with you first on technique and then on progressive loading.  We are the first and only CrossFit in Utah to have a full-time Olympic weightlifting coach and we’re blessed to have one who is especially talented at working with beginners.  We’ll be pushing out details all week on our new program.  The best news?  There’s no additional cost for members.

The bad news is we’ve lost Caleb, our Saturday coach, but on the best of terms.  He has been selected to be a sponsored athlete with Glenn Pendlay in California at California Strength.  This means he’ll basically be a professional athlete and have the resources to dedicate 100% of his time and energy to weightlifting.  Congratulations to Caleb and we’ll miss your excellent coaching.

1/May/2012 Tuesday WOD

Regionals Individual WOD #5

Every 50 seconds perform 20 double unders and one Snatch.  You then have 10 seconds to add 10lbs to the bar.

Full details on the WOD are here.  Have fun with this…get as far as you can within the time constraints and then try to keep going minus the double unders at your own pace until you reach a true max.  Record both loads to the whiteboard.

Shane shows what triple extension looks like!

If you get a chance check out the CrossFit Games site.  There were 3 Regionals this past weekend:  Canada West, SouthEast, and South Central.  We’re headed out this week to the Southwest Regionals.  Thank you to everyone for your amazing support and go WCF!

30/April/2012 Monday WOD

21 Thrusters 95/63

Run 400m

15 Thrusters 95/63

Run 400m

9 Thrusters 95/63

Run 400m

45 Pullups

Jen’s headed out on vacation for her annual sojourn to Memphis.  See you in two weeks!

Today we’ll be doing our last fundraising push for our Regionals team, a car wash from 10am until Noon at WCF.  If you’d like your car cleaned by extremely fit people then today’s your day.  Thank you to everyone who has generously donated time, money, and silent auction items already!

28/April/2012 Saturday WOD

9am – Olympic Weightlifting

10am – Free CrossFit WOD

10am until Noon – WCF Fundraiser car wash

Last Summer we did what we called “The Burly Project.”  It was several weeks of programming with one end result in mind:  dramatic increases in strength and muscle.  Mostly it involved large quantities of meat, lifting lots of heavy weight, and it finished with a grand finale BBQ.  We did have few women participate, and of course anyone is welcome, but for the most part it was an ode to all things manly.  This year’s Burly cycle will be titled “Project Silverback” and the focus will be on squatting and Oly strength as well as upper body hypertrophy.  Get stronger, gain power, gain muscle.  My personal plan is to lift heavy 5 days a week while eating Paleo foods plus at least an extra 1000-2000 liquid/ice cream calories per day.  I’ll be putting out a few versions of both eating plans and lifting plans depending on what your goals are.  In general this year’s Burly values what you see below over what you see on Twilight.  In fact, if you saw Twilight and you weren’t accompanied by your wife/spouse/girlfriend then you may not be eligible to participate and you should immediately shave any facial hair you may have.

26/April/2012 Friday WOD

50 Kettlebell Swings

50 Kettlebell presses (right or left arm, from shoulder to overhead)

50 Box Jumps

40 Burpees

40 Situps holding Kettlebell

30 HSPU’s

20 Pistols (alternating legs)

1 Rope climb no feet

Yesterday was fun the same way almost dying on the way up to the summit of Mt Everest would be fun.  I thought I’d hit my limit, then I got back on the bar.  Then back on pullups.  Then push press.  Finally it was over and my next thought was “I’m going to do that again in 2 weeks.”  What was awesome about today was the fact that this WOD was not sandbagged.  We had a huge day for attendance as people decided to rise to the challenge rather than stay home and hope something easier was coming on Wednesday.  Good work!

25/April/2012 Wednesday WOD

Run 800m then:




Double Unders

then  Run 800m.


Gameslab:  30 min of swimming, biking, or rowing @ 70% pace.

Cassie shows what a perfect lock0ff on the rope looks like

Today’s workout is not for the faint of heart.  It’s the 4th workout from this year’s Regionals and is just plain mean.  However, like all CrossFit WODs, it can be scaled if needed.  Be smart, protect your hands, and have fun.  The bar must be taken from the floor on all squats…there are no racks.

24/April/2012 Tuesday WOD

50 Back squats (135 / 95 lbs)
40 Pull-ups
30 Shoulder-to-overhead (135 / 95 lbs)
50 Front squats (85 / 65 lbs)
40 Pull-ups
30 Shoulder-to-overhead (85 / 65 lbs)
50 Overhead squats (65 / 45 lbs)
40 Pull-ups
30 Shoulder-to-overhead (65 / 45 lbs)



Team Practice at 10am.  Please text me if you can’t make it.

When I’m working with athletes I’m often reminded of the Hippocratic oath:  First, do no harm.  This is the basic principal that underlies our training.  The CrossFit mantra is mechanics, consistency, intensity.  You should be able to perform a movement safely before adding heavy loading or high intensity.  It’s our job to both get you better and keep you safe on the path to “Rx”.  Another way is our programming.  One of the criticisms of CrossFit is that it can be tough on shoulders.  It’s easy to program a week in which shoulders are loaded every single day.  Over the long term this leads to overuse injuries and various maladies ending in “itis.”  I make sure to program at least 2 days a week in which your shoulders get a rest.  In addition throughout the year we’ll post periodized strength programming which is designed with the purpose of getting you stronger in an organized rather than random fashion.  This is one of the reasons we have a reputation for producing strong athletes.  In general a stronger athlete is better able to handle the demands of a tough workout.  Last but not least is joint prep and pre-hab.  Some coaches think a warmup is a mini workout before the workout.  It’s not.  It should be simply designed to get you ready to move well while preparing your muscles and connective tissue for the rigor of a CrossFit WOD.

If you can’t Rx today’s workout you should work on one of two things:  Squatting strength and attending O-lifting class.

Announcement:  Olympic Weightlifting will be on Thursday this week.

23/April/2012 Monday WOD “Isabel”

Snatch 135/95lbs 30 reps for time.

Power Snatch is accepted.



Strength:  3×10 Deadlift 275/205 & HSPU’s.  Move smoothly through sets, attempt all unbroken.

WOD:  21, 15, 9 Kettlbell Swings & Box Jumps

Endurance:  Row 3x500m with 3 min rest.  Guys sub 1:40, girls sub 1:50

Practice:  Pistols or 1 armed snatches

Bam!  Amy C!

Today our O-lifting coaches are lifting at the Utah State championships.  We’ll have open gym from 9-10am if you want to come work on your lifting but no lifting coaches doing a formal class.  10am is on as usual.

21/April/2012 Saturday

9am – Open Gym

10am – Free WOD

154lb women crush my 1 rep max clean & jerk.  Strong is beautiful!

Summer time is coming and it’s getting to be time to go play outside.  We have a great community and I’d like to get together and do some fun stuff outside.  Here are some ideas I’ve heard so far:  Run the Spartan Race and/or Tough Mudder, Run the Wasatch Back, do a beach day at Pineview reservoir, do a “learn to shoot” day with expert coaching from some of our well-trained members, do some Friday bike rides, trail runs, etc.  Please post your suggestions to comments and we’ll make it happen.

20/April/2012 Friday WOD

Run 800m

10 Rounds of

10 Double Unders

5 Burpees

Run 800m



Rest day if you’re lifting Saturday.  I’m going to do a light workout and then do some mobility work.  Text me if you want in.