Registration for the Retro Games is live at  This year will feature both a team and an individual comp.  The team competition will be teams of 4 and are the team workouts from the 2009 CrossFit Games.  If you look at the pictures in our lobby you’ll see our original Games team doing them in Aromas, California at the 09 Games.  Our of of all the CrossFit Games these were still my favorite.  The events are very beginner friendly and are good for CrossFitters of all levels. I highly encourage you to register and have fun competing with friends!  Teams are 2 guys and 2 girls.

1/June/2012 Friday WOD “Michael”

3 Rounds for Time

Run 800m

50 Hip Extensions*

50 Situps

*We only have 2 GHD’s so you can substitute kettlebell good mornings (2 pood/1.5) for Hip Extensions.  Another good sub is rubber band good mornings.  Last but not least would be “Super-mans.”

You’ve got to love any workout that starts with the words “Death By.”  As sinister as it sounds it’s actually not that bad.  Every minute on the minute you’ll do a rep.  Then you’ll increase the reps or the load each minute until you can’t go up any more.  If you’re still new and finish before 10 minutes then you can go back down the ladder so you get a decent amount of training volume.  These are the kinds of days that people tend to sandbag but actually need more of.  So have fun and get your butt in the gym!

Coach Chiu will be here today at 1045am, Noon, 3pm, 430pm, 530pm

Wondering about how much Protein you need?  Read this study or check comments to get the cliff notes version.

 31/May/2012 Thursday WOD

Do one pullup the first minute, two pullups the 2nd minute, 3 pullups the 3rd minute, and so on until you cannot do any more.


Do one deadlift the first minute.  Increase load by 20lbs and do another deadlift the 2nd minute.  20lb increase, another single on minute 3.  Continue until you cannot go up any more.

Men’s Starting Loads:  Gold 240lbs  Silver 200lbs  Bronze 160lbs

Women’s Starting Loads:  Gold 140lbs  Silver 100lbs Bronze 60lbs


Burly:  Do today’s WOD as deadlifts then pushups.  Do pushups as 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, etc.

Most of you are entering week 3 of the Burly.  Project Silverback is coming along nicely but there’s also a physical adjustment to be made if your body hasn’t adapted to squatting and pulling 3-4 times per week.  Don’t ignore your body, if something aches or feels a little bit tweaked ice it, stretch it, and if needed rest it.  Week 4 will be very low volume:  On Tuesday we’ll max your snatch, on Thursday max FS and Clean & Jerk, and on Saturday your back squat.  A few of us are a week ahead and today was a great day with some big PR’s like Carson’s going up on the board.  Carson is our first High School athlete to snatch over 200lbs.  Congratulations!  I can’t wait to the PR’s rolling in next week for the rest of you.

30/May/2012 Wednesday WOD

Row 30 calories immediately followed by:

3 Rounds of:

30 Box Jumps

30 Air Squats

30 Kettlebell Swings (1 pood)

We had a great Memorial Day WOD yesterday at Letrono in Syracuse and WCF athletes traveled to CF SLC and to Sugarhouse Park to workout with several Affiliates there in honor of Memorial day and Lt Michael Murphy.  When I send my kids to school I wonder why the story of Paul Revere is the only tale of American valor they’ll ever learn about and there’s no mention of Audie Murphy (the most decorated soldier in US history), any Medal of Honor winner, or the incredible courage and service of our men and women in uniform.  I remember going to the Vietnam Memorial wall in Washington, D.C. as a teenager and seeing grown men sobbing as they located the names of their friends and family.  It was the first time I realized on any visceral level that a sacrifice had been made so I could enjoy the level of freedom and privilege we have in America.  So thank you to our veterans, men and women in uniform, and their families for the sacrifices you make and the dangers you face.

29/May/2012 Tuesday WOD

6 Rounds for Time

5 Squat Clean & Jerks

Run 200m

Rest :30

Gold:  165/133  Silver:  135/103  Bronze:  115/83


Burly:  Monday’s pressing will be posted Friday for those who want to catch up from Monday.  For today’s WOD do 3 rounds AHAP.  Be a Silverback!

Article of the Day:  6 Keys to being excellent from the Harvard Business Review

We’re doing “Murph” today at Letrono CrossFit in Syracuse. They’re located at 1754 S 750 W in Syracuse. They’re a couple miles down Antelope drive (towards the lake) on the lefthand side in a pale green metal building. We’ll be doing Murph at either 730am or 830am.

Bob.  Veteran, badass, box jumper.  Love you Bob!

We’ll have a normal schedule tomorrow and Saturday but on Monday we won’t have any classes at WCF.  We will be traveling to Letrono CrossFit in Syracuse to do “Murph.”  They’re running 730am and 830am heats.  If that’s too early for you Ute CrossFit in SLC will also be doing “Murph” at 10am and we’re invited.

Today’s workout is a hero workout. posts these in honor of our men and women who are killed in the line of duty.  Today’s workout has a ton of different movements in it, if you’re not familiar with some of them be ready to scale, it’s not feasible for our coaches to cover every single movement.  This one is one of my favorites and is in honor of the soldiers killed at Fort Bragg.  Have fun!

25/March/2012 Friday WOD


20 Deadlifts (275lbs/185lbs)
Run 400m
20 KB swings (2pood/1.5pood)
Run 400m
20 Overhead Squats (115lbs/83lbs)
Run 400m
20 Burpees
Run 400m
20 Pullups (Chest to Bar)
Run 400m
20 Box jumps (24/20″)
Run 400m
20 DB Squat Cleans (45/30lbs each or scale as needed)
Run 400m

On Nov. 5 2009 at 1:34 p.m., a terrorist named Major Nidal Hasan attacked fellow soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood, TX. He killed 12 soldiers and one civilian and wounded 43 others.

SPC Frederick Greene, 29, of Mountain City, TN, PFC Aaron Thomas Nemelka, 19, of West Jordan, UT, PFC Michael Pearson, 22, of Bolingbrook, IL, and SPC Kham Xiong, 23, of St. Paul, MN, along with eleven of the wounded were active CrossFitters in the 20th Engineer Battalion, home to Lumberjack CrossFit.

I’m not sure by I think that might be pink nail polish.  Awesome!

Goals.  It’s common knowledge that people with goals substantially outperform people without goals but how many of us have written goals?  If you don’t have written goals take a minute right now and set a few for yourself.  Here’s how I do it:  I write them down.  They’re clear and specific.  They have a deadline.  Then I either carry them around with me or I use a free software to email me reminders.  The Marine Corps believes that people can’t focus on more than 3 objectives at a time so that’s how I do my goal setting.  3 Family/Spiritual goals, 3 fitness, 3 financial/business.  When I’m really motivated I will put them on my bathroom mirror, in my car, in my wallet, I’ve even made a poster before and hung it over my bed so it was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes.  For me goals stem from a clear vision of what I want in my life and a belief that if I can do anything that I’m willing to work for.  Tomorrow I may ask you what your goals are, be ready.

Memorial Day Murph:  We’ll be teaming up with Letrono CrossFit in Syracuse on Monday for our annual tradition honoring Medal of Honor winner Lt Michael P. Murphy and the valiant sacrifices of all our military members and their families.  There will be a 730am and 830am heat.  We’ll be joining them at their location for this WOD.  This is one of my favorite traditions at WCF and I hope to see you there.

24/May/2012 Thursday WOD

100 feet of walking lunges*

Then 3 rounds of:

5 Back Squats @ 70% of 1RM

30 Double Unders

Then 100 feet of walking lunges*

*Walking Lunges:  Our rubber flooring comes in 4 foot rolls.  If you walk East/West then all you have to do is cross 25 “cracks” and you’ve got your 100 feet.


Burly Cycle:  Either do this WOD or Sprint 4x400m with 5:00 rest.

Travis & Monika are headed to Poland for a couple weeks.  Thank you for everything you bring to our community and have fun, we’ll miss you guys!

For people participating in Project Silverback:  If you haven’t taken a moment to weigh yourself on the gym scale hurry up and do it.  I’m up 5lbs already and will be breaking the 180lb mark for the 2nd time in my life sometime next week.  How are things going for you so far?  Are you keeping up with volume?  Post your thoughts to comments.

23/May/2012 Wednesday WOD 

Row 750m then:

5 Rounds for time

21 Kettlebell Swings

21 Box Jumps over the box (You can clear the box in one jump or pause on the top)

then Run 800m


Burly Project:  Do hypertrophy work posted to whiteboard.  Get as far into the WOD as you can get in 12 minutes.

Tonight’s the night at the Family Fun Center in Syracuse.  You and your kids are invited for a couple of hours of bowling, laser tag, mini-golf, and more.  Official start time is 6pm but we’re good to go starting at 4pm.  Please make it if you can!

Burly Cycle today:  Today’s WOD is Burly friendly, feel free to do before or after.

Olympic Weightlifting:  Coach Chiu will be here from 2-6pm.  Be ready to go on the hour, if possible have your squatting done before you start doing drills with Dave.

20/May/2012 Tuesday WOD:

For Time complete all of the following.  Your score will be your total time from the first 200 until the last rep:

Sprint 200m

Rest 2 min

Run 200m with 2 kettlebells (1.5/1)

Rest 2 min

Sprint 200m

Rest 2 min

Run 200m with 2 kettlebells (1.5/1)

15 Hang Power Cleans (185/123)*

10 Hang Power Snatch (135/83)*

5 Rope Climbs


*Use one barbell for WOD, strip weights after cleans.

Congratulations to all the WCF athletes who competed in and completed the Ogden Marathon and half-marathon.  Send me some race pics so I can feature you on the blog.

Tomorrow night (Tuesday)  is Family Night at the Family Fun Center in Syracuse starting at 6pm.  Thanks to Lance P’s generosity it’s only $5 per person for unlimited activities.  Hope to see you there!

21/May/2013 Monday WOD

10 Deadlifts then 3 Rounds of

21 Thrusters (75/55)

21 Knees to Elbows

Deadlift Loads:  Gold 355/223  Silver:  275/183  Bronze:  Scale as needed.  Use one bar and unload it as quickly as possible.  WOD time is total to complete all deadlifts, strip bar, and do 3 rounds of Thrusters/K2E’s.