Embracing the suck on Monday!

This is probably not news to you.  You suck.  At something.  There are days where you see the WOD and think to yourself “I’m going 1980’s Mike Tyson on this poor bastard.”  And then there are the WODs where you know you’re going to suck.  That every minute will be hard and the people you usually finish ahead of will spank you.  There is a simple choice on day’s like that:  Embrace the suck or stay home and wait for something more to your liking.

Embrace the suck.  Make it your friend.  Hammer your weakness until you start to notice that it’s not so weak anymore and now people are asking you how you got so good at running/HSPU’s/heavy deadlifts/etc.  Better than yesterday every day.  That’s how it should be done.

Or stay home.  Maybe you’ll like tomorrow’s workout better.  Give yourself a participation award for the workouts you did do.  And next month and year?  You’ll still be skipping WODs and wondering why people who started after you are progressing so much faster.

1/Aug/2012 WOD

Run 4 x 800m

Rest 1:1


Strength:  HSPU’s & 8-count GHD Situps 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

High level coaching 3 days a week.  Get your butt to Olympic weightlifting class!

Fitness is important.  We all love the feeling of a PR, getting our first muscle-up, getting faster/stronger/better but there’s more to this CrossFit thing than results inside the gym.  Many of you know Miranda Oldroyd, formerly owner at CrossFit 801 and now full time with CFHQ.  Recently she was in a car accident, broke her hand, and spent a week or so training with a broken neck!  Here’s her story of how her fitness saved her life:

Miranda’s Story

Olympic Weightlifting 2-6pm today

CrossFit Endurance 9am

31/July/2012 Tuesday WOD

21, 15, 9

Wall Ball 20/14

Double Unders

Rest 3 Minutes

50 Pullups

There is one time for today’s WOD…the time it takes you to complete all the work above plus the pullups.


Strength:  Back Squat 5, 5, 5 AHAP then 3×10 box loaded box stepups per leg

Endurance:  CFE of 10x100m and/or Row 5 x 1K @ Max 500 + :40 pace

Doing a Retro Games walk-through

The Retro Games are a little under a month away and I think you should do them even if you don’t think you’re ready.  Virtually every weekend in America people run marathons and do triathlons who have no chance of winning or placing.  But they still have a blast!  What do they know that you might not?  That competing is fun!  That training for an event adds sharpness and focus and you go from exercising to being an athlete.  Out of everything I’ve done with CrossFit in the last 8 years the most fun by far has been competing on a team with my friends.  The individual competition will be tough and if you’re ready to Rx all the workouts then it’s the one you should do.  But the team events are scalable and accessible to just about anyone who’s been CrossFitting 6 months or more.  If you’re still not sure we’d still love to have you as a judge or volunteer.  So head over to FitnessElevated.com and get involved today!  Here are all the details you need:  http://wasatchcrossfit.com/the-2012-retro-games/

CrossFit Sport at 9am and 5:30pm today!

Olympics News:  123lb lifter Clean and Jerks 370lbs, triple his bodyweight

Kazakhstan’s Zulfiya Chinshanlo wins Gold by Clean and Jerking over 290lbs at a bodyweight of 117lbs

30/July/2012 Monday WOD

10 Intervals of:

Every 1:30 complete 2 Front Squats and 1 Jerk

Increase weight as desired, your heaviest weight is your score



Strength:  Strict Press 10, 10, 10

Gymnastics:  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 3 Hollow Rocks and Pushups.  If pushups easy for you double them.

Jackie B going head to head with Christy on her surprise Fran on Pioneer Day

28/July/2012 Saturday Schedule

8am – CrossFit Sport (Open to everyone)
9am – Olympic Weightlifting
10am – Free CrossFit WOD

Today we’re saying goodbye to a couple of my favorite people.  First of all, Chris & Laurie Davis are moving to Florida.  They’ve been with us since back in our dirty warehouse days in Kaysville and will be sorely missed.  Laurie wrote me possibly the most inspirational letter I’ve ever received from an athlete and their whole family always shows up and works hard with a smile.  Here’s what they have to say:

We are going to make our final WOD’s at Wasatch Crossfit tomorrow.  Chris is going to the 0530 and Laurie is going to the 9 or 10.  No need to program anything special for us – we’ve always liked your programming for its variety, challenge, and scalability (we do like WOD’s where we all end at the same time though 🙂   We know we’ll never find another crossfit like Wasatch.  We’ve both made great progress (especially with the Paleo eating) because of the wonderful coaches and team atmosphere you maintain.  We’ll still never forget our first workout in Farmington, neither of us had acclimated to the altitude and we did tire flips around the building.  Somebody threw up, we wanted to!

We’ll miss the friends we’ve made here and will remember WCF with every clean, double under, or box jump 🙂

– Chris and Laurie Davis

Also, tonight we’ll be wishing Evan well at Roosters in Layton at 7pm.  At the end of next week he’ll be headed off to grad school which in some weird way will be the end of an era.  I know Ling and Jen at least will have something to remember him by….they’ve kept their mustache clippings close by for when they need an extra boost in WODs.

27/July/2012 Friday WOD “Every muscle will be sore”

AMRAP 4 Minutes

10 Pushups

10 Pullups

Rest 1 Minute

AMRAP 4 Minutes

Weighted box Step-ups

20/12 box, 95/65 on a barbell

Rest 1 Minute

Max Air Squats in 1 minute

Welcome back Travis!

Today’s guest blog post is from Dave K, SERE instructor and former WCF coach, who is now deployed to Korea.  It’s long but worthwhile read about a different motivating factor.

The internet is full of fluffy happy thoughts about motivation, determination, bad grammar, and selling t-shirts. (cough, rxstar,cough cough) Usually I don’t care to add to the flood. However, I just read Adrian’s article about increasing an athlete’s performance. He has technical examples to back up his hypothesis. He believes that analysis and correction of subtle nuances in form will have an immediate impact on performance. I believe he is correct. I also believe there is another factor that will also have am immediate impact on performance.


Many of you may think I’m full of myself (true), or I’m different than the average person. The only difference is that I have had choices presented to me in a format with more contrast. I’m not trying to puff my own chest. The examples I’m using are only that, examples. Scientific methodology has a huge place in the world of sport.  Particularly in a time when winning can be measured in tenths of seconds.

My pool of experience does not draw from that. I have been trained in a world where the outcome is determined solely by the depth of your determination. Most people will hit their mental limit long before their body gives out. I have been driven to the edges of my capability, and I have been the driver as well. I have been to the place where the only thing pushing you to succeed is your fear of failure. Whether that emotion is derived from fear of judgement, loss, pride, or determination, everyone has some kind of motivation buried inside of them. You need to go to “The Bad Place” to find your fear. And when you find it, you may be surprised.

 I have pushed others to those limits as well. My students had to pass my course to get their job. For some, it was just another course it get through, but others had never been exposed to the rigors of the outdoors, or been hunted by another person with a penalty more severe than “Tag, you’re IT” When a person is confronted with a life changing pass/fail choice, they will dig in and do what they need to, or they will crumple. You learn a lot when you see them in that dark place, and see the thing that drives them.

Once you have found your Fear, you don’t have to go to the depths of your soul to use The Fear. But at some point you do have to find it. Everyone has it. Some people won’t admit their fear to themselves. But it’s there. Fear can drive you beyond what should be possible. Fear taps the reserves that allow you to keep going, no matter the cost. Fear can also cripple you. It can show you the things you know, but don’t want to admit, that you’re ashamed of.

It takes time to be comfortable with your terror. The first time you see it, you will rightfully fill your pants, curl up in a ball, and suck your thumb until someone pulls you out of it. Once you have seen your fear you have a choice. Bow to it, or beat it. Come back and visit. Learn it. Get comfortable with it. You will never get rid of it, but you can use it. The better you know it, the faster you can choose to use it.
Know your Fear. Master it. Use that power to drive you.

Two Announcements:  O-lifting today with Coach Chiu 1045am, Noon, 3pm, 4:30, 5:30.  Also we’ll be doing a going-away party for Evan Friday night at Roosters in Layton at 7pm.  See you there!

26/July/2012 Thursday WOD

Take 15 Minutes to establish a max 3 Position Power Snatch (High Hip, Knee, Floor) then

Run the loop for time (1.2 Mile)

Hard work works! Ask Samantha how her 1000 KB challenge and nutritional discipline is paying off, she’s created some amazing results for herself with hard work this month.

Treadzilla. What is the point of that huge treadmill in the southwest corner of the gym?  Here’s what this week’s guest blogger Coach Adrian has to say:

Our treadmill is huge. I get comments from people such as “sports aren’t played on a treadmill, I need to move faster”, (which I obviously am a firm believer in, especially reaction agility). I counter that statement with explaining the different angles as a trainer that the treadmill provides me with. Not only do I get to view the athlete from the side as they move, but with our treadmill we can literally have them operating at full speed to break down their mechanics appropriately. Without the treadmill trying to break down an athletes arm pump, torso angle, foot strike, hip alignment, head posture, etc. can be a very difficult thing.  Often after just 1 or 2 sessions athletes see significant differences in running form and technique! As a coach the primary advantage is to actually be able to communicate with the athlete as they run! There is a tremendous difference when I can correct an athlete amidst a training movement as opposed to once one is over. So when I have athletes doing 50 or 60 yard bursts on a field, I can only really correct their form after they’ve run. As opposed to on the treadmill in the middle of a 10-15 second sprint I can correct them as they run, they can truly feel the differences made with small corrections of their form and they are not just guessing at what it is I am talking about and hoping they are doing it right, the treadmill gives us direct feedback!
Other advantages of our treadmill is the fact that we can actually get an athlete operating in over speed. They would be sprinting at speeds greater than they are capable of, increasing their rate of turnover (how often their foot strikes the ground) without forcing them to run down hill! Many coaches and athletes simulate this by having athletes run on a down grade which actually absolutely has no correlation to sprinting because it is necessary for their mechanics to change so much. We also do quite a bit of incline training, where we set the treadmill at a series of different heights throughout a workout which require the athletes to work on hip flexion, driving the knee upwards, which in turn helps elongate their stride.
25/July/2012 Wednesday WOD
5 Rounds For Time
Run 400m
7 Hang Squat Cleans
7 HSPU’s
Gold:  185/133  Silver:  155/103  Bronze:  Scale as needed

Congrats on a Front Squat PR!  (not shown here…although that’s a perfect front rack)  Angela works hard and the hard work is paying off!

Here’s a guest post from Adrian on proper running technique:

It is very common for me to see athletes and clients who have developed the habit of running, or thinking they are running, by striking the ground with their heel! This is actually something that occurs very frequently and we can thank our choice of footwear over the years. There are many different books that talk about foot striking and how humans were developed to run for example, “Born to Run”.

In regards to proper sprinting mechanics, unless you are trying to decelerate your body, there should be no point in which your heel meets the ground! When breaking down an athletes mechanics on a treadmill it is evident to see the violence in each collision the foot has with the ground when they first meet it with their heel. Not only does striking with your heel create damage over time to your knees, lower back, and ankles but it also slows you down! Essentially each time we strike with our heel, we are decelerating our body, which……I’m pretty sure if your sprinting, your defeating the purpose of your motive.
With all of that being considered,  when we have properly taught an athlete to run they are striking with not the toes, but the front ¾ of the shoe. The goal is that the athlete is never leading the toe pointed at the ground, but pulled up toward the sky (dorsi flexion) and timely striking the ground as it cycles down just in front of the plane of the hips. One cue that we can ensure helps most athletes achieve the proper foot strike is having them emphasize more of a forward lean from their torso. Many times, athletes develop a habit of what we refer to as “sitting in the chair” which creates an absolute erect poster and causes them to pull the ground underneath their body as opposed to pushing it underneath their body when the foot strikes the ground. We always want to push, we are more powerful and explosive from that position. It also will help us avoid over use or pre fatiguing of the hamstring!
24/July/2012 Tuesday WOD
7am – CrossFit Benchmark WOD # 1
8am – CrossFit Benchmark WOD #2
9am – CrossFit Benchmark WOD #3 (Child care is happening today at 9am)

Michaela competing at last year’s Retro Games…6 weeks after she started CrossFit

Today is your chance to try out our new “CrossFit Sport” program for free.  If you like it, you can enroll in the Retro Games mini-camp.  There will be two classes on Monday and Wednesday at 9am and 5:30pm as well as one class Saturday morning at 8am. The cost is $49 for members and $99 for non-members, payable directly to Adrian Conway. What can you expect? More than results. You’ll gain strength, power, work capacity, but above all the confidence of going into this competition and the rest of the comp season knowing that you’re fully prepared for the challenge ahead of you. From September forward the CrossFit Sport program will be included in your WCF membership but will require a one-time private assessment ($25) in which Adrian will review your goals, test you on several benchmarks including vertical leap, 40 yard dash, broad jump, and several other performance metrics.

Here’s what Adrian has to say about the new program:
Our new Crossfit Sport class will add a new dynamic for any athlete who is interested in enhancing their performance in the daily WOD’s, preparing for a local competition, or even training for 2013 regionals/games to do so by doing more than just the daily WOD. The class will include interval based training that will benefit athletes in a competition setting, help emphasize gymnastics strength and skill as well as barbell strength and skill training. The class will be for anyone that enjoys hard work and improvements. The goal will be that each athlete grows and improves both physically and between the ears. Being prepared to do your very best in a competition is much more than just physical preparation.

Our emphasis over the next month will focus on the Retro Games competition quickly approaching on August 25/26th! The programming will be geared to help those wanting to reach some personal best performances in the workouts that will be included from the 2008 Crossfit Games. Which means we will be having a healthy dose of running/treadmill intervals, front squats, thrusters, pull ups, dead lifts, burpees, and a lot of skill work with a barbell to help develop smooth and efficient squat/clean/thrusters. (Everyone’s favorite! OK, maybe just mine.)

Pioneer Day Schedule:  7am, 8am, 9am.  No Olympic Weightlifting. 

23/July/2012 Monday WOD

Front Squat – Quickly work up to a max effort double.  Then:

“Lungs of Fire, Legs of Jello”

2 Rounds of:  21, 15, 9

Double Unders

Box Jumps (20″)


The Olympics are almost here!

21/July/2012 Saturday WOD

9am – Olympic Weightlifting

10am – Free CrossFit WOD