Our youngest team included four of our Junior High and HS athletes!

Today was one of those rare days when I didn’t even make it into WCF.  I was out visiting.  My goal is to visit every single CrossFit in Utah in the next month and today I made it to four.  CrossFit Cache Valley, CrossFit Iota, CrossFit Southtown, and CrossFit North Ogden.  When I started CrossFit there were less than 25 Affiliates nationwide and now there are 50 in Utah!  This month I want to meet everyone, learn something everywhere I go, and bring home some cool ideas to WCF so we can continue to improve.  Today I saw a great pullup progression permanently posted on the whiteboard to help athletes get strict pullups before they move on to kipping.  At CFCV they program 3 different WODs a day depending on what your goals are do and a client assessment that includes mobility.  At Southtown they had a unique wallball target setup that we’re going to imitate at WCF.  And finally CF North Ogden is one of the best organized gyms I’ve been to and that is something I always want to do better.  I’m taking notes and can’t wait to keep learning everything possible to make WCF better.

31/Aug/2012 Friday WOD

Accumulate as many seconds as possible in 15 minutes of overhead holds:

Run 400m

Hold 135/93 Over head as long as possible

Gold:  Rx’ed  Silver:  95/63  Bronze:  Scale as needed but if you can hold it more than a minute it’s too light.


Each time you drop the bar run 400m.  This WOD starts with a run.

Good athletes get better when they have great coaching.  It’s no surprise that Tommy has PR’ed his Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and OHS since he started working with Coach Chiu 3x/week.  Get to Oly class!

For us September is our New Years.  The kids all go back to school, people start to think about getting in shape again after a busy Summer, and our classes start to get big.  Our first commitment is always to the quality of your training experience and we feel a big part of that is coach to athlete ratio.  With that in mind it’s time to roll out two changes we’ve been planning for quite a while.  The first is that we’ll be adding assistant coaches to our busiest classes.  If you’re interested here are the details:  In return for assisting on 10 classes per month you’ll get your membership for $50/per month.  If you assist on more than 10 classes you’ll be paid per class.  Assistant trainers must have their CrossFit Level I certification, have been at WCF for AT LEAST 6 months and more than likely 1-2 years, and have completed 50 hours of shadowing and plus a practical test with Damon.  If you’re interested you can text me or post to comments and I’ll get in touch with you.

That brings us to the 2nd change.  We’re going to be instituting a system where athletes sign-in for the classes they want each week.  So on Sunday evening you’ll go online (or on your phone) and sign up for Mon, Tues, Thurs, etc.  At this point capacity isn’t an issue so you’ll get 100% of the class times you want.  However, this will allow us to add coaches on the bigger classes so we can keep our coach:athlete ratio where it needs to be for you to get the attention you deserve.  You may have noticed that some mornings 5:30am will have 20 people and then the next day it will have 8.  By adding a sign-in system we’ll be able to put the right people in the right place so you continue to get great coaching.  If you have any questions please post them to comments.

CrossFit Endurance:  9am

Olympic Weightlifting:  1045am, Noon, 3pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm

Nutrition challenge details coming soon!  It will start September 10th and signups will be next week.  For this challenge we’ll be giving away a week’s vacation, stay tuned!

30/Aug/2012 Thursday WOD

Every Minute on the Minute for 20 Minutes

Even Minutes:  As many Front Squats as possible in :30

Odd Minutes:  As many kettlebell swings as possible in :30


Strength, Endurance, and Gymnastics accessory work starts back up next week.  CrossFit Sport class is also now open to all WCF members included in your monthly membership.

This is rad!

Before you read the write-up from Team Beast Mode head on over to Flickr and check out the amazing pictures that Austin uploaded from this weekend’s competition.  Here’s the link, the 3RM OHS pics start on page 19:

What an awesome weekend!! Team Beastmode had a complete spectrum of athletes.  From Christy, a very experienced crossfitter, to Esteban who has been crossfitting 5 weeks, to Carson, a 17 year old Olympic lifter.

What a great experience! Really what more could you ask for?…great competition, wonderful fans cheering you on all the way, fellow crossfitters encouraging you to get one more rep, even the volunteers and judges were pushing us and encouraging us to keep going. You can’t find that kind of atmosphere in any competition. Thank you to everyone who put in many tiring hours to make this such a success and positive experience for everyone!! The only regret we have is not taking a team picture 🙁 …next year!!!

29/Aug/2012 Wednesday WOD “Happy Birthday Jen T and Amy O”

Row 750m

30 Hang Power Cleans (135/93)

40 Jumping Split Lunges

30 Burpee Pullups

Here’s the write-up from The Early Risers:  We aren’t seasoned CrossFit competitors. This was the second competition for Danny and Cindy and the first for Kristin and Gabe. After the fun we had, we’re all ready to compete again. Even though we weren’t quite in contention for the win (I think Tommy’s overhead squat was heavier than Gabe & Danny’s combined), we all understand better how much fun it is to push yourself just a little bit harder to try not to let down your teammates. We’re all proud of each other and happy that we took the leap to sign up and go for it. It’s basically just like a really great WOD but on a team and with more people standing around cheering or, in some cases, screaming at you to pick up the bar and finish those deadlifts. If you’ve thought about it, don’t let the thought that you’re not good enough stop you. Just go ahead and give it a shot. We can’t thank Damon and all the volunteers and judges enough for all their work to make it happen. It was a fantastic event.

28/Aug/2012 Tuesday WOD

AMRAP 12 Minutes

5 Deadlifts (225/133)

10 Air Squats

20 Pushups

This is it right here.  Love it when a picture captures a feeling perfectly

Team Captains please send me your pics or tag Wasatch CrossFit into them on Facebook.  I’d love to do a write-up on every single team that competed but will need your help to do it.  After 11 hours of sleep Saturday night followed by 3 naps on Sunday I’m almost recovered from this past week.  Thank you again to the volunteers who helped so much, we truly could not have done it without you.  I’ll have more to say tomorrow but for now congratulations to our dual champions Adrian & Tiffany and to every single team who competed.

27/Aug/2012 Monday WOD

Establish a 2RM Thruster in 10 Minutes then:

12, 9, 6

Heavy Thruster (135/93)*

Run 200m

Gold:  135/93  Silver:  115/83  Bronze:  Scale as needed but it should be heavy for you.

*If you put the bar down before completing all the reps in a set there is a 3 rep penalty for that round.

We’re closed today for group classes due to the Retro Games.  Please come by to cheer us on!

Captains, we have so many teams going that I need your help.  Please take some pictures and some time over the weekend to send me a write-up of your team experience.  I’d love to feature your awesomeness on the blog next week.

Congrats to our individuals, both are in first place!  Dave Stefl would be 1st in the Masters division if they had one, he’s doing a great job so far as well.

Travis will be competing in his 2nd consecutive Retro Games today!

Hey guys, it’s on like Donkey Kong!  Today’s the big day.  First of all, we’ll be having class today at 530am, 630am, 9am, 10am, and 1130am.  After tha we’re closed for the day.  If you’d like to come by in the afternoon and help set up we’ll be getting on it from 2pm on with most of the volunteers checking in between 3 and 4pm.

24/Aug/2012 Friday WOD



Hang Power Snatch Empty barbell (45/33)*

*Please don’t drop the empty barbells, the vibration will bend them.

So when we installed the floors in the new area of the gym we did it exactly like we did the in the old area.  There was one critical difference.  The sub-floor in the new area is wood.  The adhesive in between the mats stuck to the wood and instead of the floor “floating” it was stuck down in narrow strips.  Summer came, the rubber expanded, and we were left with little floor mohawks.  The picture you see above is Carson fixing the mohawks.  Just wanted to let you guys know that we notice the little things, we care, and we improve them as soon as we can.  If you ever experience something at WCF that’s less than stellar let me know so we can take care of it.

It looks like Wasatch will have 10 teams in the Retro Games!  Please come cheer us all on.  Here’s the list:  The Early Risers: Kristin B., Cindy F., Danny E., Gabe C.  Lower-Middle Bracket: Jeremy G., Mike M., Zully, Carrie P.  Retro Silverbacks – Teresa D, Amy C, Garrett B, John Pettijohn.  Team Beastmode: Matt G, Carson W, Christy P, and Amy U.  2009 Aromas Originals – Damon, CW, Priscilla, and Carol.  Better Than Yesterday – Travis T, Monika T, Josh M, Erica.  Caseys +1 – Kasey G., Kayce L., Casey (from CFH), Trevor (from CFH)  “That’s not Paleo?” – Ben N, Rick S, Banu F, Anne M.  Wannabees – Cassie S., Amy O., Christian, and Nate S.  The Teen Sensations:  Mikayla, Dylan, Alicia, and TBD.

Thank you to everyone who has offered to come help out!  We definitely can use you Friday afternoon and evening and of course Saturday.  The heat schedules are up at FitnessElevated.com, check it out to see the full schedule.

Olympic Weightlifting:  1045am, Noon, 3pm, 4:30, 5:30

CrossFit Endurance:  9am

23/Aug/2012 Thursday WOD

3 Rounds of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


Toes to Bars

Pistols (1R + 1L = 1)


Supplementary strength and gymnastics will resume after the Retro Games.


Everyone needs a role model.  Mine is LU Xiaojun of China.  169lbs of obscene strength and power.

Today was a long day so this will be brief.  First, thank you to Keith W and Ben N for generously donating their time to help get the pullup rig secured.  Both of these guys have full time jobs, young families, and still took the time to work until after 10pm helping out.  Please thank them when you see them.

Next:  We currently have 9 teams registered for the Retro Games!  That is amazing and you guys are going to have a great time.  If you’re not competing come cheer on your friends, volunteer, or judge.  It’s going to be epic.

Last:  Tomorrow night is our Paleo Medicine presentation at 7pm.  Please check out yesterday’s blog post to reserve your slot.

P.S – If anyone’s child grabbed our camera battery by mistake please bring it back.  If anyone has an extra Canon Rebel battery we could use until our new one arrives we’d greatly appreciate it.

22/Aug/2012 Wednesday WOD

AMRAP in 10 Minutes

21 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1

21 Box Jumps 24/20

Compare your score to January 9th on SocialWOD

Love this!  Notice the base of the pyramid:  Nutrition.

The Retro Games is coming up quickly and we need more volunteers.  Please let us know if you can help out either Friday evening or on Saturday.  The Saturday shifts are 7am-Noon or Noon-5pm.  You’ll get sweet shirt and be more inspired than you thought possible.

We’re now in our 6th year of being a CrossFit affiliate and in that time we’ve only offered two products.  One is Progenex protein and we’re getting in a huge order for the Retro Games which will include nearly every flavor offered plus their new Krill oil.  The other is a Paleo-based approach to medicine which we’ll be sharing on Thursday evening at 7pm.  Please sign up below if you’re interested in learning more and are open to natural health solutions.

If you’ve got a Retro Games team post your team name and members to comments!  It would be cool to profile some of our teams on the blog and I want to make sure I include everybody.

Olympic Weightlifting in our sweet new Oly area: 2pm-6pm today on the hour

CrossFit Endurance:  9am at WCF

21/Aug/2012 Tuesday WOD: Courtesy of CrossFit.com

For time:
135 pound Thruster, 15 reps
Run 200 meters
95 pound Thruster, 20 reps
Run 400 meters
65 pound Thruster, 30 reps
Run 800 meters


Email Address:
Phone number you can receive text updates on (For this Thursday only, we never Spam)
Thanks for reserving your slot. Please let us know if anything changes, we’re limiting this to 10 people. See you Thursday at 7pm! Let us know if there are any specific physical conditions you’d like to learn about natural alternatives for. All information shared here is confidential.

Yep, those delicious critters in the background will be steaks soon!

As you start to clean up your eating and upgrade your health and wellness you may become more and more concerned about what you’re putting in your body.  If you’re like me you may be a little bit skeptical about “Wal-Mart Organic” and other designations which I think are mostly designed to keep us shopping for the same old unhealthy crap with a different label.  I love beef but for the past 5 years have bought it from a local rancher, Dee Staples, rather than a grocery store.  Dee has a small herd of less than 50 cows, only medicates them when they’re sick, and doesn’t use any hormones.  The cows are grass-fed their whole life and then finished on grain the last 2 weeks.  After trying several local suppliers of Grass-fed beef we feel Dee’s is the best tasting and are a loyal customer.  You typically purchase a 1/4, half, or full cow and it’s quite cost-effective compared to buying it at the store.  If you’re interested, give Dee a call.  We don’t make anything off of you buying his beef but feel that it’s the best in town and well worth a try.

The Retro Games are this week!  It’s not too late to put a team together, volunteer, or offer to judge.  Please sign up at FitnessElevated.com.

Event:  This Thursday at 7pm we’ll be offering a class on Paleo-based medicine at WCF.  Slots are limited, we’ll be putting up a link to RSVP on tomorrow’s blog post.

20/Aug/2012 Monday WOD

5 Deadlifts and 15 Burpees every 2:00 for 5 intervals

Increase load by 25lbs each interval for gold, 20lbs each interval for silver, and  10lbs each interval for bronze.

Starting Loads:  Gold 225/153  Silver:  185/133  Bronze:  135/93


Strength:  Back Squat 10, 10 AHAP.  3 Sets of pushups to failure.

Endurance:  Row 15 Minute cool-down after WOD on 1/1 breaths.


Thank you Josh B for the shout-out on Facebook!  We’ll miss you guys.

Today was fun, we had a big Friday turnout, thank you to everyone who came in and went hard.  First of all, congrats to Kristin B of the early am crew for being the fastest female of the day including all of our coaches.  She was the only one to beat Michaela’s time of 11:54.  On the guys side Adrian was just a few seconds ahead of Danny E but Danny, Keith, and Matt A all came in ahead of me.  I’m thinking that if I do some kind of Samoan/Painting/Engineering lower back tat I should be able to get it all dealt with in one sitting.  After all, there’s really not much they could do that would be worse than this collection of amazing unicorn tattoos.  It will be fun to see what Kristin B dreams up for her signature WOD.

18/Aug/2012 Saturday WOD

8am – CrossFit Sport (open to all)

9am – Olympic Weightlifting

10am – Free CrossFit WOD

Go Jodi!

We’re going to have a little fun today.  Today is “Beat the Coach day.”  The coaches will be putting their WOD times up in the bottom right hand corner of the whiteboard plus we’ll all be updated on our SocialWOD site.  I’ll also do a few Facebook updates throughout the day.  If you beat all the coaches you get a free t-shirt and you get to design a WOD that will be named after you.  If you just beat me (which is probably a much lower bar) then I will shave your name into the side of my head, tattoo your family crest onto my lower back, and name my next child after you.  Or give you a $5 gift card and a shout out on the blog.  So come in, have fun, and go hard today!  Although, doesn’t “winning” in a WOD feel a little bit like this?

funny gifs

17/Aug/2012 Friday WOD Courtesy of CrossFit.com

Three rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
Run 400 meters


Strength:  Overhead Squat 7 x 2 AHAP then 3×10 weighted box stepups AHAP

Gymnastics:  30 HSPU’s, partition and/or scale as needed

Friday we’re going to do a “Beat the coach” day.  It will all be in good fun but we’ll have some prizes and other tomfoolery planned.  The workout is a simple couplet of rowing and running that anyone can do.  Better get your carb load on!  Today’s a great day to check out CrossFit Endurance or Olympic Weightlifting.  If you haven’t tried those classes yet you’re missing out.

CFE – Meet a 9am at WCF to carpool to Adam’s Canyon lower trailhead for Tabata Hill Climb.

Olympic Weightlifting – 1045am, Noon, 3pm, 4:30, 5:30

16/Aug/2012 Thursday WOD


Power Cleans (135/95)

Double Unders x 2 (20, 18, 16, etc.)




Mechanics, consistency, intensity.  That’s the formula.

Should I choose a load that I can do with good form or a load I can do with intensity?  The answer is yes.

The way to maximize the rate of return of of exercise is to go hard.  It’s also a good way to hurt yourself if you can’t move a load with safe mechanics.  There’s a balance between intensity and form.  Any sport that involves speed will also include crashes.  If you never challenge yourself by going harder than you think you can, or doing a load heavier than you think you’re capable of, you won’t know where your limits lie.  On the other hand, if you go as heavy as you can, compromise good form for heavy loading, and get that weight over your head any way possible, you may have a trip to the ER in your immediate future.  So be intelligent in how you push that threshold.  Is your form perfect every single rep?  Push the loading.  Do you look like a deer on ice when you try to receive a snatch in a full squat?  Swallow your pride, lower the load, and get it right before you load it up.  Today’s workout is a Retro Games qualifier and good chance to find out where you stand.  If you can go heavy with good form you should.  If you can’t, don’t.  It’s that simple.

15/Aug/2012 Wednesday WOD “1 Round of Heavy Fight Gone Bad”

On a continuously running clock do as many reps as possible in 1 minute at each station

Wall Ball (20/14)

Sumo Deadlift High Pulls* (95/65)

Box Jumps (24″) – CFG standards, must pause on top

Push Press (95/65)

Row (Calories)

*SDLHP’s can be tough on shoulders, especially if you have impingement issues.  Feel free to substitute Kettlebell swings or slam balls if you’re not trying to compete as an individual in the Retro Games.


Strength:  Front Squat 5 x 3, do 10 Hollow rocks between each set

Strength Part B:  Do 5 x 3 strict muscle-ups.  Scale as needed.  NO KIPPING!

Well played Sir!

Let’s just say that the interwebz had a lot to say about this pic

Unlike the picture above, Monday was everything that is right about CrossFit.  All day I heard people cheering each other on as they went hard, had fun, and gave the workout 100%.  Really…where else could every day people get to be cheered for while they workout.  Nothing against the whole watching TV while you workout in front of mirrors and stare at your biceps crowd, but what we do is amazing compared to that experience.  A great culture like ours comes from the community and I hear over and over again how welcoming you guys are, how people get greeted more times in a week than they did in a year somewhere else, and how they feel like WCF is a special place.  Thank you!  Oh…and a quick note for the members of the 6:30 PM class.  Aaron B, pictured up top, is a firefighter.  If you get confused again about the difference between a chair and a fire extinguisher he’ll happily explain it to you!

Olympic Weightlifting Today:  2-6pm on the hour

CrossFit Endurance:  9am at WCF.  Bring road shoes, music, and a tempo timer if you have one.

14/Aug/2012 Tuesday WOD

Run 1200 M

50 Pushups

Run 800m

50 Air Squats

Run 400m

50 Burpees


Strength:  Accumulate as much L-sit time as possible in 2 minutes.  Accumulate 2 minutes of handstand time on the wall.

Endurance:  CFE or Row 20 min TT

Say goodbye to the old pullup configuration!  Please stay off the new one today while we get it anchored down.

First of all, thank you to everyone who showed up Saturday to help.  Ling & Kevin, Chris & Carol, Keith & Rowena, Nate S, Camille, Matt A, Jeremy G, and everybody else who lent a helping hand.  We tore down a wall, hauled it out back, moved the Olympic weightlifting area, and got the pullup structure tore down and reassembled in it’s new home.  We think you’ll be impressed with how much more spacious the gym looks and feels.

With that in mind, we are doing a referral deal in the month of August if the new space inspires you to send a few folks our way.  We appreciate you guys trusting us to train your friends and family and wanted to give a little something back when you help us grow.  For this month, if you refer in a new athlete you get half off your tuition next month.  If you refer in 2 people then September is $1.00.

13/Aug/2012 Monday WOD “Sho’Nastay”

This workout is designed to be done in heats of 5-7 people and should be just a few minutes of “fun.”  No pacing on it, just a sprint to the finish.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Squat Clean Thrusters

Shuttle Run with Sandbag

Gold:  155/113  Silver:  135/93  Bronze:  95/63

Men use big sandbags, women use the small


Strength:  Back Squat 5, 5, 5 heavier than last week.  3 sets of pushups to failure with different hand widths.

Endurance:  Run 4 x 400m, rest 1:1.