The base of my food pyramid:  Lean protein

I highly recommend a great book called “The Slight Edge.”  The author talks about the compounding effects of habits:  Doing things that are easy to do but also easy not to do.  While it’s great to eat Paleo for a four or six week challenge it’s your daily habits that will determine your health and wellness.  Being healthy isn’t a big push that gets done in a couple of weeks or even months.  Wellness is a lifelong journey.  It’s like money in the bank.  It grows slowly at first, then you pick up some momentum, and then before you know it you’re Warren Buffett.  Our problem is we’re more like Warren’s little brother , Warren “AllYouCanEat” Buffet.  Rather than plan on a big push for the Holidays why not just focus on a few small habits:  Anything bad you’re going to eat cut the serving size in half.  Drink mostly water.  Treat all bread like cake…eat a small serving only if you must.  Last of all, follow a rule the Okinawans are famous for called “Hara Hachi Bu.”  Instead of stuffing yourself eat every meal to 80% full and then stop.  January will be here before you know it and your resolutions could be about getting muscle-ups rather than shedding pounds.  Do it.

29/Nov/2012 Friday WOD

Accumulate 2 minutes in the L-Hang position then:

For Time

Row 750m

15 Hang Snatch* (135/93)

10 Pistols per leg


Since you don’t see the word “Power” in front of the snatch it means full squats baby!


Yesterday’s WOD was a good test to see where we stand with our training right now.  I was proud of the handful of athletes who were able to Rx the 30 muscle-ups or who were able to front-squat bodyweight.  Both are tough and meaningful benchmarks.  If you don’t have muscle-ups yet there’s a simple thing you can practice that will move you towards one quickly, assuming you can do a strict pullup and a ring dip.  Sit in a rubber-band below the pullup bars and do 3 sets of “pull-throughs” 3 days a week.  Easy to do, easy not to do.  If you practice this skill consistently the next time a muscle-up workout comes up you’ll be excited to write that little “Rx” next to your name.  There’s another simple thing you can do to help your muscle-ups:  Be lean.  Every extra pound of fat that you pull up holds you back.  More on this tomorrow…

29/Nov/2012 Thursday WOD

5 Rounds for Time

3 Deadlifts

6 Bar-facing burpees

Run 200m

Then:  Not for time – 100 reps of any abdominal strengthening movement, 100 reps of any lower back strengthening movement.  Ideas:  Weighted situps, zercher good mornings, rubber band good mornings, GHD Situps, Hip Extensions, Back Extensions, Toes to Bars, Knees to Elbows, Hollow Rocks, Super-mans.


Gold:  315/223  Silver:  255/183  Bronze:  Scale as needed



Happy Birthday Bruce!  Bruce just celebrated his 60th birthday and will be competing for a slot in the CrossFit Games this year.  Bruce is a personal training client and is one of my favorites.  He always shows up, works his butt off, and I’ve never heard him complain.  Best of all is the progress he’s making towards his goals.  If you want to challenge yourself and see how you stack up with our fittest 60 year old try this simple test:  Max calories on the Airdyne in 1 minute.  Bruce’s score was 38!

28/Nov/2012 Wednesday WOD

30 Muscle-Ups for Time

Rest 5 Minutes

Max consecutive Front Squats at bodyweight (1 attempt)

If you’re not a CrossFit Journal subscriber it’s $25/year that’s well spent.  Here’s a recent article about something we’re all familiar with: the way life gets better in every area as we tackle our fitness.

CrossFit Transference

By Chris Cavallerano

In Rest Day/Theory

November 23, 2012

Chris Cavallerano looks at how the benefits of the box extend to the rest of your life.

According to CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman, the psychology and emotional benefits of CrossFit are “hard to measure and difficult if not impossible to prove.”

That’s certainly true, but the field of psychology suggests several reasons why the things that happen during a CrossFit workout have such an effect on life outside the gym.

People join CrossFit for fitness and health benefits. Yet, in that pursuit people experience a holistic transformation that extends beyond the physical. Coach Glassman has described this as the “transference effect.” Traditionally, this psychological phenomenon has been defined as unconsciously redirecting feelings from one thing to another. You have a bad day at work, you go home and kick the cat.

Conversely, in the unique case of what we’ll term “CrossFit transference,” the same effect occurs but with a positive outcome. The stories are endless: the mom who says she makes partner in her law firm because of the determination she experiences doing CrossFit, the addict who finds an outlet to overcome his demons, etc.

To better understand the “how” behind CrossFit transference, take a closer look at the relatedness between CrossFit and motivational psychology.

Download the PDF article for free.

27/Nov/2012 Tuesday WOD

Bench Press 10, 10, 10 AHAP then:

As many Kettlebell swings as possible in 5 Minutes

Rest 5 Minutes

As Many Double Unders as possible in 3 Minutes


Rx is 1.5/1 on KB Swings.  Kettlebell must be swung higher than your head.


The CrossFit Open is just a couple of months away and our programming is going to start shifting to reflect the upcoming comp season.  For the uninitiated The CrossFit Open is an online qualifier for Regionals and eventually the CrossFit Games.  This year it’s likely 50,000+ will participate.  CFHQ will release one workout a week for 5-6 weeks and we’ll act as judges for each other and then enter our results into the worldwide standings.

What’s different about comp season?  Realistically we’re looking at two things:  AMRAP’s for the Open and heavier loading for Regionals.  For the Open this means you’ll see bigger works sets (10, 15, 20, reps) and time domains from 5-20 minutes.  If you’re really nerdy like myself you can read this statistical analysis of the CF comp programming and assess frequency of movements programmed versus where your strengths and weaknesses fall.  What if you don’t care about competing in CrossFit at all?  Then enjoy the fruits of being stronger, faster, and better in every way.

26/Nov/2012 Monday WOD

Establish a heavy clean (daily max, not 1RM)* then:

AMRAP 6 Minutes

15 Cleans (full squat)

15 Pullups

Rest 3 Minutes

50 Burpees for Time


Gold:  115/83  Silver:  95/63  Bronze:  Scale as needed

*What is a daily max?  On rare occasions it can be a new 1RM but it’s typically going to be 90-95% of your 1RM.  We want to train success so rather than going to failure:  Stop at the last heavy challenging load that you make rather than going all the way to a missed attempt.