There aren’t any classes today, just our New Year’s Eve fun comp.  It’s not too late to sign up and I’ve got a few guys  looking for partners if you want to jump in.  We’ll be running at 9am, 11am, and 3pm tomorrow.  So far we’ve got over 100 people across Utah joining us in sending 2012 out with a bang.  If you’d just like to come in and do something but not compete you’re welcome to come do the rowing workout I posted to comments anytime we’re in the gym tomorrow.

On New Year’s Day we’re celebrating the Grand Opening of Wasatch CrossFit North!  Please come check out Carol’s hard work and have some fun with us at Noon.  We’re on the east side of the Peterson Farm Supply building on Hwy 193.

Coach Chiu will be coming in to WCF from 3-5pm on New Year’s Day and running a “PR clinic.”  This is your last chance in 2012 to get that new 1 rep max snatch or clean and jerk!


If you’re like me you’ll have friends who are interested in getting fit in 2013.  We’re going to be offering a deal which we’ll announce on Wednesday that will give you a chance to do something special for a loved one.  You’ll get one voucher only but it’s pretty danged sweet.  Check in Wednesday for deatails.

Image courtesy of EliteFTS

Today Priscilla and I were fortunate to lift with 3x World Team member and US Olympian Kevin Winter at CrossFit Shifted.  Whenever we travel if I’ll seek out private lessons with the best coach in the area.  From a technical standpoint Kevin’s cues were simple:  He simply emphasized timing by making sure that your feet hit the platform aggressively in sync with your lockout.  That part was good.  The next part was a huge breakthrough for me:  I was snatching 135lbs like it was 135, 185 like it was 185, etc.  He wasn’t having that.  He said:  I want you to hit every single snatch with the same intensity you would a PR.  Throw that damn bar through the roof if you can!  Next thing you know I was PR’ing.  His point was that in WODs we often regulate our intensity to be as efficient as possible.  Weightlifting is different:  Rather than being efficient we want to be as explosive as possible.  It made me wonder if there were other areas that I had gotten in the habit of doing just enough rather than killing it!  I think so and if you’re the same way then I encourage you to PR today on your snatch and your row.

There are still a few slots left!  Sign up for our New Year’s Eve Comp.  Full details here, registration here.

Wasatch CrossFit North’s Grand Opening is on New Year’s Day at noon!  Be there!

28/Dec/2012 Friday WOD

Take 10 Minutes to establish a 1RM Hang Power Snatch then:

Rest as needed

Row 500 meters for time

Rest as needed

Do 30 Ring Dips for time

We get two kinds of people in January at Wasatch CrossFit.  The first group is people who want to get serious about their fitness and the second group is usually from Gold’s gym and is trying to get away from people who think they’re in the first group.  New Year’s resolutions are rarely kept but written goals are what get sh$t done!  This is a great time of year to set goals as opposed to easily broken New Year’s resolutions.  The picture above shows a useful format for goal setting.  Different things work for different people but here’s what I do: I set SMART goals and put them into the yellow notes app on my iPhone.  Every single morning when I wake the first thing I do is turn on my phone and read my goals.  This way they’re burned into my consciousness all day long.  Some of my goals are CrossFit related, others are about family, career, or faith.  Whatever your goals are until you write them down they’re more like wishes.  I challenge you to spend a couple hours reflecting on the kind of life you want to look back on when you’re old and as Bob H says “ready for a dirtnap.”

Forbes Magazine 10 Things to do before you die

27/Dec/2012 Thursday WOD


Kettlebell Swings (Break parallel to ground)

Air Squats


If you’re doing the New Year’s comp I highly recommend spending some time practicing split jerks from behind the neck.

I hope you guys all had a Merry Christmas!  Mine consisted of hanging out with friends and family in 70 degree weather out here in Priscilla’s home town of Palm Desert, CA.  Rumor has it that Utah finally had a white Christmas after a few disappointing years.  As the New Year approaches I wanted to encourage you to register for our New Year’s Eve GrassRoots comp.  It’s by far the most low-key comp of the year and a great way to have fun with your friends and finish the year with a PR and a bang.

Here’s the registration link from the Fitness Elevated:

Schedule:  Today we’ll only have class at 5:30am, 9am, and 5:30pm.

26/Dec/2012 Wednesday WOD

AMRAP 15 Minutes

15 Deadlifts

10 Bar Facing Burpees

5 CTB Pullups

Rest :30

Merry Christmas!  Thank you to everyone for a great 2012 and we’re excited about what the New Year will bring.

On Christmas Eve our only workout is at 9am.  We’re closed on Christmas day and then for the rest of the week will have class at 5:30am, 9am, and 5:30 pm.

24/Dec/2012 Monday WOD

Coach Amy’s Choice

Some people make excuses, others make progress.  Gabe finds a way.

We’ve got two great news items today.  First and foremost, it’s better late than never with our new hoodies and t-shirts.  I’m headed to Provo at noon to pick them up and we’ll have them available from 3-6pm during Open Gym as well as Saturday.  The hoodies are from Alternative Apparel and are by far the most comfortable hoodie I’ve ever worn.  They’re $49.  Shirts are super-sweet, we ordered a ton and they’re $15 before Christmas, $20 after.

Next up is the limited edition Progenex Peppermint Bark.  They only made 1000 bags and we got 20 of them.  They donate $5 toward free protein for our soldiers deployed in the Middle East for each bag sold.  This batch of #thesauce is delicious and could be served with a little rum just as easily as with water!  Here’s the link to the info from Progenex, get ’em while you can at the front counter.

Last of all, here’s our Holiday schedule:  We’ll do one WOD on Monday at 9am.  Closed on Christmas.  On Wed, Thurs, and Fri we’ll have a 5:30am, 9am, and 5:30pm WOD only.  Saturdays will be our normal schedule.  We’ll be doing our Grassroots comp on New Year’s eve which all of you should find a partner and do then on New Year’s day we’ll all be at Carol’s Grand Opening.

21/Dec/2012 “Ling’s Evil Creation”

100 Double Unders

150 Wall Ball (20/14)

100 Double Unders

We’ve got two big events coming up next week!  On New Year’s Eve we’ll be hosting our annual Grass Roots couples comp.  I’ve got 3 guys who need a partner right now so text me if you’re still in need of one.  Click the link below for full details and to get registered.

On New Year’s Day we’ll be doing our North location Grand Opening!  Come celebrate with us and see what Carol’s hard work has done.  We’ll post more details but it’s going to be fun and a little crazy packing a couple hundred people in for a workout.

19/Dec/2012 Thursday WOD – Courtesy of CrossFit Iota’s “Cold War” competition

3 Hang Power Cleans & 1 Jerk every minute on the minute until failure.

Start at any load you want, female athletes increase 10# per round, males are 20#.

18/Dec/2012 Wednesday WOD

7 Rounds for time
20 Walking Lunges with plate overhead (45/25)
20 Double-Unders

Lunges are 10 per leg each round.

True Grit right here!

I’m reading a book by a favorite author right now and he introduces a concept makes sense in the context of CrossFit and especially the human body.  The concept is a term called “Anti-Fragile.”  Things are anti-fragile when they get better during adversity, disorder, chaos, variability, etc.  Robust things are hard to break but anti-fragile things benefit from whatever force is trying to break them.  The human body in many ways is anti-fragile.  You’d think that the best way to to go through life injury free would be to lay on the couch and protect your body from harm.  We all know that this leads to weakness, obesity, and coupled with the good old American diet metabolic syndrome.  Instead take CrossFit + Paleo.  Doing constantly varied workouts.  Trying new & different things and preparing for the unknown and unknowable improves our fitness in more ways than just getting stronger and faster because the human body is anti-fragile.  Adversity makes us stronger and the WOD is a form of adversity that forces us to adapt, overcome, and get better.

If you’re interested in the book check out Anti-Fragile by Nicholas Nassib Talem.

If you’re interested in the roots of CrossFit read “CrossFit Foundations” by founder Greg Glassman.

If you’re just interested in the WOD keep reading.

18/Dec/2012 Tuesday WOD “Hansen”

Five rounds:

  • 30 reps, 2 pood/1.5 Kettlebell swing
  • 30 Burpees
  • 30 sit-ups

Gold:  5 Rounds   Silver:  4 Rounds     Bronze:  3 Rounds

40 Minute cutoff, scale accordingly

HANSENDaniel Hansen
Marine Staff Sgt Daniel Hansen died February 14th in Farah Providence, Afghanistan when an IED he was working on detonated.

Daniel is survived by his mother Sheryll, his father Delbert, his younger sister Katie, and his twin brother Matthew (also a Marine).

First posted 2 May 2009

Jeremy is shown with “man-weight” on his Front Squat.

When I first started CrossFit it was fun to run fast, rock out HSPU’s, and do the things that lightweight people can do well.  After about two years of congratulating myself for how dang fast I was I finally came to the accurate conclusion that I was weak.  Weak is a relative term:  I was strong compared to just about everyone walking around the mall on any given day but weak compared to a decent athlete.  The good thing is that there is very little mystery to getting stronger.  The process hasn’t changed a whole lot since Milo lifted a calf every day until legend has it he lifted a full grown bull.  Lift heavy, lift a little more, rinse, cycle, repeat.  If there’s one lift I’ve seen drive performance it’s the front squat.  The magic number in CrossFit seems to be 300# for guys and 185# for women.  Once you can do this 20lb wallball get easy, 95lb thrusters aren’t remotely heavy, and your clean and jerk probably doesn’t suck either.

In the month of January we’re going to start a simple strength cycle which will run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with the option of Saturday.  It will consist of squatting, pressing, and deadlifting.  If you stick with it I can guarantee that you’ll be a better athlete, have more fun CrossFitting with your newfound strength, and look even better naked than you do now if that’s even possible.  Be sure to get your name and poundage on the whiteboard because your lift today will form the foundation of our January strength cycle.

17/December/2012 Monday WOD

Take 10 Minutes to Establish a 3 rep max Front Squat then:

21 Front Squats 95/63

10 Strict Pullups

15 Front Squats 95/63

10 Strict Pullups

9 Front Squats 95/63

10 Strict Pullups