Happy Birthday Ling!

In honor of Ling’s birthday we have created a new position at WCF:  Ling-i-dent.  It’s kind of like being President but requires a few more special qualities than the ability to throw trillions of dollars at imaginary problems.  First and foremost, to be Ling-i-dent you have to be caring.  Ling is one of those people who literally gets out of bed at 4am because she cares about her athletes and seeing them achieve their best.  Next you have to have strength of character and unassailable integrity.  If that’s not enough to get you elected then the cherry on top is a great attitude and the ability to make a mean spicy cucumber kimchi.  So Happy Birthday Ling and enjoy your new position!  New positions involve new traditions and I propose that any time someone yells out Happy Birthday to Ling she do 10 burpees whether it’s in public or the gym.  You know, for traditions sake?

Our schedule will change next week with the advent of the CrossFit Open.  Currently we have both Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit Endurance on Thursdays.  This will change as we’ll be doing the Open WOD on either Thurs or Saturday.  I recommend structuring your training so that you’re doing Mon, Tues, Off-Wed, Thurs, Off-Fri, then Saturday if you’re planning on competing in the Open this year.

1/March/2013 Friday WOD “Happy Birthday Ling”

1 Muscle-up

10 Deadlifts

20 Pullups

30 Kettlebell Swings

40 Knees to Elbow

50 Lunges (25L/25R) with 45/25 plate Overhead

60 Double Unders

Today’s Schedule:

CrossFit Endurance:  9am

Olympic Weightlifting:  1045am, Noon, 3, 4, 5

Wasatch CrossFit North (Highway 193) – 630am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm

Wasatch CrossFit HQ AM:  530, 630, 9, 10

Wasatch CrossFit HQ PM:  330, 430, 530, 630, 730

28/Feb/2013 Thursday WOD

For time:

100 reps of


Burpee onto a med-ball

Clean the med-ball

Perform a wall-ball



Encouragement.  That’s how we do it!

27/Feb/2013 Wednesday WOD

6 Rounds for Time

3 Power Snatch AHAP

Rest :30

Then 6 Rounds for Time

5 Box Jumps AHAP

Rest :30

Then Not for time:  100 pushups/100 situps partition as needed


Your score is your load for the snatch and your height for the box jumps.  Height is calculated by 20 or 24 inch box plus x number of 45 bumper plates.  Be safe on the box jumps and remember that the penalty for a missed jump is often 6 inches of skin.


Mobility is kind of like the roadside assistance you should have on your car.  You forget about it until you really need it but if you don’t have it it’s usually too late.  In CrossFit too late is when you realize that you’re starting to have knee, back, shoulder, or some other form of pain but can’t figure out why.  Let’s pick on your hamstrings for moment.  These large muscles don’t do much when we’re walking or standing.  However, they’re very important when it comes to running, sprinting, or most of the power movements we do like jumping, deadlifting, power cleans, etc.  It’s easy for to have weak or tight hamstrings if your life before CrossFit didn’t involve any of the above activities.  Then you come in, abuse them, and then wonder why your back is tight.  Why would tight hamstrings cause a tight lower back?  When we lack mobility in one area our body will “borrow” it from another area.  A different way to think about this is upstream/downstream.  When I’m tight somewhere I tend to borrow mobility from the muscles and/or joints above and below.  For the hamstring muscle this usually ends up being the lower back but you can also see tight glutes which then contribute to IT band pain.  So what’s a Crossfitter to do?  One simple thing I’ve done at the advice of my chiro is to lay with my butt against the wall and put both legs straight up on the wall for 5-10 minutes a day.  This has done wonders for me.  Your next step would be to head over to, do a little research, maybe tape a few lacrosse balls together, and get to work on your mobility.  Do it!

26/Feb/2013 Tuesday WOD 

As Many Rounds as possible in 12 Minutes

20 Front Squats (no rack)

20 Burpees

20 Double Unders

20 Back Squats (no rack)

20 Burpees

20 Double Unders


We had a huge turnout for Friday’s muscle-up clinic.  The muscle-up’s name is a misnomer – it’s much more of skill movement than something that can be accomplished with brute strength.  At the clinic I was reminded of concept that I was introduced to through CrossFit:  Virtuosity.  Virtuosity is defined as doing the common uncommonly well.  Everything in CrossFit requires virtuosity.  An air squat can be good enough or it can be as close to perfect as you can get it.  Last week I worked with an athlete on her kettlebell swing.  Her technique was safe and it had been good enough to get her through a couple of years of CrossFit.  It also had an small inefficiency that would fatigue her grip and quads faster in any workout and which transferred the load away from her posterior chain where it belonged.  Today during the WOD you can obliterate yourself with intensity or you can be mindful of every rep and strive for perfection.  I recommend door # 2.

Speaking of skills with the Open only 2 weeks away it’s not too late to book a skill session with our coaches.  Want to work on your muscle-ups, your butterfly kip, your deadlift, or another movement?  Book a thirty minute technique session with a coach for $30.  We’ll be emailing out details this week.

We added 5 new athletes at our Highway 193 location last week!  Thank you for the referrals and for sending your friends and family our way!  More classes coming soon at the new location.

25/Feb/2013 Monday WOD

21 Deadlifts & 21 Chest to Bar Pullups (225/153)

15 Power Cleans & 15 Pullups (185/103)

9 Push Jerks & 9 Strict Pullups (155/83)


Thurday’s WOD was humbling for me.  I picked up a 44# kettlebell to demo the KB OHS and nearly dropped it on my head.  Then I tried the 35 lber.  Not much better.  I finally eked out a rep with the 26lb bell but by then my weak link had been exposed.  Poor shoulder mobility.  Today was interesting to coach – athletes who normally struggle with more complex movements could easily rep out the OHS while others like me who need to work on their mobility struggled even with light loads.  The beauty of Crossfit is that the constantly varied stimulus forces us to confront our weaknesses and to get better.

We’re going to be starting an evening CrossFit endurance class when the weather warms up.  Please let us know your suggestions for the best time.  


We now have over 30 athletes signed up for the Open, get on it!

22/Feb/2013 Friday WOD “Fight Gone Fifty”

50 Calories Rowed

50 Wallball 20/14

50 SDLHP 75/55

50 Box Jumps

50 Push Press 75/55

Today’s WOD has running. If its safe, not icy, and you feel good about it run the 400’s. If you’re in doubt then feel free to sub a row or shuttle runs.


AMRAP 12 Minutes

10 Kettlebell Swings
10 KB OHS right hand
10 Kettlebell Swings
10 KB OHS left hand
Run 400m


Big retail shopping centers don’t thrive unless they have an anchor tenant.  It’s usually something like a Barnes & Nobles, a grocery store, something that consistently draws people into the area.  Classes can have anchor athletes too who form the nucleus for that time slot.  Nicole has been around since we first started our evening classes.  In the beginning she was the only one who showed up consistently and often it was just her.  Then it was her husband.  Then she had a baby!  Nowadays we still see Nicole in the evenings but not quite as much as she balances the demands of a young family.  However, without her dedication I don’t know that our evening classes would have ever grown into what they’ve become.  Thank you for your loyalty, dedication, and the way you stuck it out when it was so often just you and the coach grinding through the WOD.


20/Feb/2013 Wednesday WOD

Deadlift x 10

Strict Chinups x 10

Burpees x 15

Rest 2:00

5 Rounds for time.  Your score is your slowest round.

Gold:  275/203  Silver:  225/163  Bronze:  185/133 or scale as needed


JB finding a way to squat just a few weeks after having his bicep re-attached after a work injury

My eyelash has a hangnail so I can’t workout today.  I’m too sore.  My _____ hurts.  Excuses.  Some people accept their own excuses, others find a way.  It really doesn’t matter what happens to you there is SOMETHING you can do to get better.  Broke your leg skiing?  Time to work on your upper body strength.  Your back hurts?  Perfect time to do some monostructural training like rowing, running, or hitting the Airdyne to develop your cardiovascular capacity.  I was dog-tired Saturday before starting the Sport workout but before I could talk myself out of it I saw JB warming up with one-armed dumbbell cleans.  I shook my head at the beatdown I was about to get but knew one simple truth after watching him:  Winners find a way!

19/Feb/2013 Tuesday WOD

10 Bar Muscle-Ups

30 Box Jump-Overs (ok to pause on top)

60 Split-Jumps

90 Push-ups

120 Double-Unders

150 Ab-mat Situps

Partition as needed, you can do this WOD in any order/combination/rep scheme.