Congratulations are in order for a lot of WCF athletes this weekend.  First of all, congrats to everyone who finished the Spartan Beast!  It was long, hot, steep, and fun!  It was even more fun than I thought it would be and I’m excited to go with an even bigger WCF crew next year.  The obstacles were challenging in a fun kind of way:  Stinky mud pits, rope climbs, walls to scale, and sandbags, rocks, and other carries.  Special thanks to John P and Brandy for helping our crew prepare for the challenge of a trail half marathon with obstacles.

Next up was our crew who competed at in Logan at Crossfit Iota’s “Leave No Survivors” competition.  For many it was their first Crossfit comp ever.  Ally finished atop the podium for the women’s division.  Nelson was 25th and Dean 32nd for our men’s individual competitors and Bruce competed in the Masters divisions against “masters” 20 years his junior.  On the team side we had Danny & Camille in 7th and JMost was with an Iota athlete.  His team placed 12th.

We are doing repairs to the floor at WCF this week.  Please bear with us.

30/June/2013 Monday WOD 

2 Rounds for time

20 Ground to Overhead 95/65

30 Wallball

40 Situps

50 Kettlbell Swings (1.5/1)

Run 800m


I’ve been doing CrossFit for nearly a decade and I’m still working to rack the bar this well

Using your Discontent by Lisbeth Darsh

It’s a sad truth of the world that the discontented achieve more. Frustration breeds progress. Pissedoffedness powers the world.

“Pshaw!” you say, “Love powers the world.” Well, both answers would be graded as correct. You have to have love, but you got to have unhappiness too. Some part of you (however contented and fulfilled you might be) is probably hungry, yearning, almost mournful for the lack of perfection that you see. Some part of you wants more. Some part of you must be so dismayed by the status quo that you simply cannot live with it anymore. Some part of you wants to fight for excellence, fight like not only your life depends on it, but like all our lives depend on it. Fight like the gods themselves will return and destroy the world if you fail.

But — and this is key — when you will fail (and you will, get used to the idea), don’t you dare give up. Pick up your guidon and march again. Always again. Find your happiness, but keep your restless soul; it’s more important than you realize.

Some people think that life is the good times. But life is the bad times too. And the in-between times.

If you’re only happy, you’re probably not doing all you can. Find your discontent, and use it.

28/June/2013 Friday WOD

AMRAP 5 Minutes

20 feet walking on hands or 30 second handstand hold

20 Air Squats

Rest :30

Complete the 5 minute AMRAP then Rest 2 Minutes

AMRAP 5 Minutes

10 Toes to Bars

10 Lunge Jumps

Rest :30

Complete the 5 minute AMRAP then Rest 2 Minutes

AMRAP 2 Minutes

95/65lb thrusters


Today is a fun day.  It’s always a great feeling to establish a new 1 rep max and the deadlift gets more weight off the ground than any other lift.  As always when establishing a max the most important things is to not hurt yourself.  This means having great form on the way up:  Lock in that midline, lean your weight back, and push the ground away hard with your heels.  The heaviest weight you can lift with a great back isn’t always the heaviest weight you can yank off the ground.  Remember to have great mechanics and if the weight is heavy we have rubber weights and floors for a reason:  drop from the top if needed.

27/June/2013 Thursday WOD

In 20 minutes establish a 1 rep max deadlift then:

5 rounds for time

2 Deadlifts @ 80%

6 Bar-facing burpees


CrossFit is still relatively in it’s infancy compared to sports like triathlons or marathons.  7 years ago it was a counterculture fitness movement that was storming out of people’s garages into the world.  Everyone still trained in board shorts and the 21-15-9 were just 3 random numbers to most folks.  Fast forward to now:  We have more athletes at WCF than even did CrossFit in the state of Utah in 2007.  Most of our coaches have been with us since were in a dirty little warehouse in Kaysville and are still going strong.  We still have at least 10 people from our original 50 that made the move from Kaysville to Layton.  Over 125,000 people did the Open this year and next year it’s expected to top 200,000.  The CrossFit Games sold out in less than 10 minutes this year and there are over 6,000 CrossFit affiliates worldwide.  What does this mean to you?  Have fun, enjoy the ride, and know that you’re part of a fitness movement that is changing the world!

26/June/2013 Wednesday WOD

Every minute on the minute for 24 Minutes

Minute 1:  10 Push Press

Minute 2:  10 Front Squats

Minute 3:  10 Pullups

Gold:  135/93  Silver:  95/63  Bronze:  75/45


Workouts like yesterday remind me of what I consider the first and most important principle of coaching:  First, do no harm.  That may sound familiar, it’s the Hippocratic oath and something that CrossFit trainers should also take note of.  Now how does that pertain to yesterday’s workout?  When programming the day after a day like yesterday it’s important to consider simple things like shoulders.  Shoulders are easy to tweak and hard to heal.  When I see bad programming it usually involves programming shoulders 6 days a week.  It’s easy to do in CrossFit.  Thrusters Monday, some pullups on Tuesday, maybe a few HSPU’s on Wednesday, then some burpees, maybe we’ll overhead squat next.  Before you know it people are walking around rubbing their shoulders and talking about how great CrossFit is while they gobble ibuprofen like candy.  What’s the point of this rant?  Enjoy your running today and be wary of doing shoulders 6 days a week.

22/June/2013 Tuesday WOD

4 Rounds for Time

Run 800m

Front Rack Hold:  :60, :45, :30, :15

Rx:  225/135

Front rack hold is the top of the front squat.  Just unrack the bar bar and stand there. Simple, right?  So run 800m then hold the barbell in the rack for 1 minute.  Run 800m then hold the bar in the rack for :45.  Continue with the :30 and :15 round.


We’re moving closer to our “Grand Re-Opening” of Wasatch CrossFit North into 11,000 square feet of CrossFit greatness.  Please join us on the 4th of July from 11-1pm for some fun.

Some people love big chippers i.e. WODs with a ton of different movements.  Today’s workout is one from that has affectionately been called “The Kitchen Sink.”  Have fun and be prepared to scale movements you’re unfamiliar with.  We’ll be subbing kettlebell swings or 40 air squats for any movement that’s you’re unable to perform with great mechanics.

24/June/2013 Monday WOD

20 Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball
20 Sit-ups
20 Box jump, 24/20″ box
20 Push-ups
135/95 pound Clean, 20 reps
20 Double-unders
20 Thrusters, 35/20 pound dumbbells
20 Pull-ups
95/65 pound Overhead squat, 20 reps
20 Kettlebell swings, 1.5/1 poods
95/65 pound Push press, 20 reps
20 Dips
95/65 pound Sumo deadlift high pull, 20 reps
20 Burpees
135/95 pound Back squat, 20 reps
20 GHD sit-ups
20 Walking lunge steps
135/95 pound Deadlift, 20 reps
20 Knees to elbows
135/95 pound Front squat, 20 reps


What is success?   The progressive realization of a worthy goal.  Every day at WCF I get to hear people talke about setting PR’s and exceeding their limits but the best moments are when someone gets that muscle-up, pullup, or _____ that they’ve been working on for a year, two years, maybe even more.  Setting goals for yourself and then plugging away day after day is the difference between training and merely working out.

Today I’m headed down to Cedar City to pursue a goal I set when I first started training with Coach Chiu over 3 years ago.  The goal itself isn’t as important as what I’ve gained along on the way:  Discipline, hard work, having fun with friends in the Oly area, and how to be a better coach.   Will I accomplish it?  Who knows.  Sometimes great things happen in competitions, sometimes you drop the barbell on your head and go home with stitches.  (I did this 2 meets ago.)  What I do know is I’ll feel good about having gave it 100% in training and knowing that whatever I do will be my personal best.  I’ll feel even better if I come home with the 77kg statewide snatch record too.  Set a goal this year, passionately pursue it, and have fun along the way.  That’s what makes this crazy CrossFit thing satisfying.

21/June/2013 Friday WOD “Train like Tiff”



Box Jumps (20)

Rest 1 Minute


Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1)

Rest 1 Minute

Lunge Jumps

Knees to elbows

Rest 1 minute

50 Wallballs (Unbroken)



What muscle does the deadlift use?  Look at the diagram above and try to find a few that it doesn’t.

20/June/2013 Thursday Workout

AMRAP 12 Minutes

5 Deadlifts

Run 200m

rest :30

 Gold:  315/225  Silver:  250/173  Bronze:  Scale as needed


Most athletes at WCF have great form on their back squat and pretty good form on the front squat.  When the barbell goes overhead things change fast.  The overhead squat isn’t just a test of strength:  It requires balance, flexibility, excellent midline stabilization, AND strength.  Back in the good old days of CrossFit every day started with “The CrossFit warmup” which included 3 rounds of 15 overhead squats with PVC or an empty bar.  Today we’ll be doing heavy overhead squats before the WOD and lightweight OHS during the WOD.  If you’ve got serious form issues a great way to get better would be to add that 3×15 to your warmup or cooldown and address your strength and mobility issues.  How do you know if you’ve got a good OHS?  Bodyweight x 15 reps is the gold standard.

19/June/2013 Wednesday WOD

In 7 minutes build to heavy OHS single then:

3 Rounds for time

30 Overhead squats x 45/33

20 Box Jumps

10 HSPU’s


Optional challenge:  Attempt 15 OHS @ bodyweight


Thanks to Steve Rossi for this great photo of Jackie B at Regionals this year!

Today we’re welcoming a new coach onto our staff, Camille.  Camille is a former collegiate athlete and competed in track and field for Weber State.  She’s also a junior high teacher who holds a masters degree in education.  She has a great attitude, tremendous work ethic, and we’re excited to add another coach to our roster who has competed at high levels and who loves connecting with people and helping you be your best.  We’re excited that so many of our coaches were collegiate athletes:  Michaela, Camille, JB, Amy C, Jackie B, and Adrian.  Many of them have degrees in Sports Exercise science, education , or fitness related fields.  Why do we think this matters?  Because they’ve had years of coaching from both good and bad trainers and can bring a wealth of experience to your training so that WCF is the best it can be for you.  After being coached from junior high through college they’ve got a pretty good idea of what goes into a great training session and how to bring out the best in their athletes.  If you ask around you’ll notice that most of our coaches bring significant life experience to their job outside of CrossFit:  marathons, triathlons, military experience, firefighters, SWAT, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and some have coached CrossFit longer than 90% of the boxes in Utah have been in business.  This translates to passionate people who are also highly competent doing what they love every day:  training you!

18/June/2013 Tuesday WOD “AMRAP Helen”

As many rounds of “Helen” as possible in 15 minutes

Run 400m

21 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1)

12 Pullups