Barbells for Boobs is coming up soon!  It’s going to a fun day with friends raising money for a great cause.  You can do it individually or in teams so get signed up and come have fun.  http://wasatchcrossfit.com/b4b/

30/Nov/2013 Saturday Schedule

7:30am – Open gym

8:15am – Beginners Weightlifting

9:15am – Olympic Weightlifting

10am – Free CrossFit WOD


We’ll have two classes today:  6am and 9am.  I’ll be in the gym around 11am lifting if you want to come in and do your own thing.  Last but not least, we’re going to run two Black Friday to Cyber Monday deals, check your inbox.  One is a great deal on WCF gift cards and the other is an amazing deals for friends and family at our North location.  I’ll post both deals on our weekend and Monday blog posts as well.

29/Nov/2013 Coach Choice Friday

Any single movement for load (cleans, row 2000m,  squats, 150 wallballs, bench press, 3 million double-unders, etc.)

Any single movement for time


Happy Thanksgiving!  Our annual Turkey Burner WOD will be at WCF North today at 7:30am.  Come join in the fun.  This workout can be done individually or with a partner.  For scaling info on workout loads, directions, and address information visit WCFNorth.com.

28/Nov/2013 Thursday WOD


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
225 pound Front squat, 5 reps
Run 200 meters
11 Chest to bar pull-ups
Run 400 meters
12 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood


Enlarge image

U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Wade D. Wilson, 22, of Normangee, Texas, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Pendleton, California, died on May 11, 2012, while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his mother and step-father Cindy Lee and Ward Easterling, father and step-mother Mitchell Boyd and Tammy Wilson, brothers Chad, Alex and Curtis, and sister Layne.


Today we’ll have class at 6am and 9am here at WCF, then one big 5:30pm class here with the North crew.  At 10am we’ll be having a free Yoga class (with child care open).  On Thursday we’ll be doing our annual Turkey Burner WOD at North at 7:30am, come join us then go eat some pie!  We’ll be doing this Hero WOD from CrossFit.com on Thanksgiving and it can be done individually or as a team of 2.


27/Nov/2013 Wednesday WOD

Build to Max effort clean + FS (not pwer clean + FS) then:

5 Rounds for Time

10 Push Press (115/83)

10 Knees to Elbows

10 Walking Lunges with bar racked in front


Thanksgiving is almost here!  It’s time to eat, celebrate, and express gratitude.  If anyone at WCF doesn’t have family in the area please text me, Priscilla is making a traditional Cuban Thanksgiving dinner and you’re invited to join our family.

Remember that our annual Turkey Burner early morning Thanksgiving workout will be at WCF – North this year.  Most year’s we have 50+ people come, join us and then go eat pie guilt free!

Last but not least, we’ll be emailing out details on two Black Friday deals.  One is a great deal on WCF merchandise and Progenex, the other is a great way to introduce friends and family to CrossFit at our North location.  Check your inbox on Wednesday.

26/Nov/2013 Tuesday WOD

7 Rounds for Time

10 Deadlifts 200#/150#

30 Double Unders


Congratulations to all the Wasatch CrossFit athletes who competed at Fitness Elevated this year and a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered!  Here’s the event wrap-up including a link to the scores:  http://www.fitnesselevated2013.com/2013/11/24/fitness-elevated-2013-wrap-up/


Monday – Regular Schedule

Tuesday – Regular Schedule

Wednesday:  6am, 9am, 5:30pm

Thursday:  7:30am Turkey Burner workout at Wasatch CrossFit North on Hwy 193

Friday:  6am, 9am here at WCF only (no classes at North)

Saturday:  Regular Schedule

25/Nov/2013 Monday WOD

3 Minutes to max Fitness Elevated Snatch Complex:

Max Snatch + Hang Snatch (any version: full, power, split)

then Fitness Elevated “Good News/Bad News Run”

Run 800m

Run 800m with two kettlebells (35/26)

Run 800m with 40# sandbag


Fitness Elevated is today and tomorrow.  We’ve got a big crew representing WCF!  Friday’s not the most fun day to watch but Saturday will be a blast!  They’re going to run, carry, snatch, lift logs, atlas stones, ski, jump, and push/pull a heavy sled.  Oh yeah, and climb.  At the end of two days 10 grueling events we’ll be crowning the Fittest in Utah.

Here’s the schedule and some details:  http://www.fitnesselevated2013.com/info/

22/Nov/2013 Coach’s Choice

Gymnastics Skill Practice

12ish Minutes of Fun


Wall Squats – Part of daily mobility for our competitors

After nearly 8 years of programming CrossFit WODs I’ve come to a simple conclusion:  We share one thing with doctors – the mandate to do no harm.  Good programming and good affiliates don’t hurt people.  Sure, there are tweaks and muscle sprains but if a Crossfit is doing a brisk referral trade with orthopedic surgeons something is wrong.  At WCF we strive to program in such a way that you continue to get better, stay injury free, and get to go long, short, light, heavy, and really to get good at life.  If you have any feedback let us know how we’re doing sometime.

21/Nov/2013 Thursday WOD

Every Minute on the Minute for 15 Minutes

Min 1:  :30 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1)

Min 2:  :30 Dumbbell Snatch (No Rx’ed load, shouldn’t feel light, shouldn’t feel heavy)

Min 3:  :30 Lunge Jumps

Your Score is total reps completed.  One score.


The Filthy Fifty – Tears were shed.  Hug this guy next time you see him.  (love you Chad!)

Sorry for the late blog posts this week, it’s 12 hour days getting ready for Fitness Elevated 2013.  This year will be the biggest comp of this type ever held in Utah and WCF has a big crew competing. I highly recommend you come out to either volunteer (Sign up at FitnessElevated2013.com) or just come out Saturday to the Salt Lake Equestrian Center and check it out.  There’s no charge for spectators although parking is $5.  The main events will be from 9am to 1:30pm and then the final at 3:30pm.

20/Nov/2013 Wednesday WOD

Fitness Elevated Event 2a:  Snatch Complex

Snatch + Hang Snatch heaviest load possible then:

3 Rounds for Time

10 Power Snatch + Overhead Squat

7 HSPU’s

3 Bar Muscle-Ups


Tonight we’ll be hosting a Paleo Medicine/DoTerra class at 6:30pm.  In 7 years of being a CrossFit affiliate we’ve carried two only products:  Progenex and DoTerra.  We feel that part of a healthy lifestyle involves minimal pharmaceutical intervention and have experienced amazing results using plant based medicine from everything from tendinitis, the flu and common cold, all the way to things like anxiety and sleep issues.  Come check it out and get ready for flu and cold season, you’ll be glad you did.  Or you could always get a flu and cold shot…oh wait!  No such thing.

19/Nov/2013 Tuesday WOD

12 Minutes to establish to a max hang power clean then:


Hang Power Cleans

Run 200m After each set of Hang Power Cleans