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31/Jan/2014 Friday Coach’s Choice 

Gymnastic Strength

Tabata Intervals

Short & Mean Met-con


The CrossFit LX crew in Lisbon, Portugal

It’s amazing to me how the CrossFit movement has spread across the globe.  I spent the last week traveling around Portugal teaching Paleomedicine classes to local affiliates and then coaching a WOD at each box.  CrossFit is relatively new there but people are enthusiastic and eager to learn.  The vibe reminds me of what it felt like 5 years ago in the US – everyone knows what everyone else is doing and things like getting your first muscle-up are cause for a huge celebration!  Ironically when I got home one of my early am coaches called and said she’d heard a rumor that I was selling WCFHQ, a rumor that we were moving to a new location on Gentile st, and a rumor that all our coaching would now be done by vampires (ok I made the last one up.)  I don’t know where any of that came from but we’re in our 10th year of CrossFit and our 8th year of owning our affiliate and still going strong with no plans to sell or move.  We will be having a PaleoMedicine class Friday at 5:3opm at WCFHQ if you’ve heard the buzz and are interested in natural alternatives.

30/Jan/2013 Thursday WOD

Overhead squat practice + Mobility for 10 minutes then:


Overhead Squats (95/63)

Lunges with bar in front rack

Knees to Elbows

I just walked in from the airport this evening and it’s good to be back in the USA!  Had a great trip to Portugal, I visited several CrossFit’s there, did some training, and was a fat lazy tourist for at least one day.  I’ll post some cool pics and a quick recap tomorrow!

29/Jan/2013 Wednesday WOD

Deadlift 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 then:

AMRAP 7 Minutes

10 Dumbbell Snatch

10 Box Jumps (24/20)

10 Pullups

I’ll be in beautiful Portugal for the next 8 days.  I’m posting the workouts for when I’m gone and you’ll be in great hands with the all star trainers we have.  I’ll be back to updating pics and daily blog posts when I return.  Remember that the CrossFit Open registration is open and that now is the time to make a final push to make your strengths stronger and to train your weaknesses.  Here’s a great analysis of the CrossFit Open, since it’s inception there have only been 14 movements.  If you’re weak at one of them get strong!

This year for the Open we’re going to do something fun – intramural competition.  We will be selecting 4 team captains at WCFHQ and 1 at WCFN and then competing weekly.  Team captains will be chosen for 3 criteria:  Ability to write a witty application, capacity to have fun, and the commitment to input team scores into a google doc weekly.  Let’s have some fun with this:  uniforms, costumes on the Open day, smack talking, and going hard!  This super cool idea came from Chris Cooper, here’s the link:

21/Jan/2013 Tuesday WOD

3 Position Clean practice (high hang, hang, from the ground) up to a heavy single then

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Double Unders for Time.  Must complete each set unbroken then pause briefly before moving on to the next set.

22/Jan/2013 Wednesday WOD

With a partner complete 150 reps for time, alternating partners each rep.

1 Deadlift + 1 Power Clean + 1 Burpee

Rx:  135/93

23/Jan/2013 Thursday WOD

Max Effort Front Squat then:

Tabata Med-ball cleans + Tabata Coach’s Choice of any movement

24/Jan/2013 Friday WOD

Coach’s Choice – Monostructural + Core (front) + Core (back)

Optional Cash-out:  30 HSPU’s for time

25/Jan/2013 Saturday WOD

No Beginners Weightlifting (It is now 1st and 3rd sat of month 7:30-9am)

8:30am – Weightlifting

10am – Free CrossFit WOD

27/Jan/2013 Monday WOD

10 Back Squats + 2 High Box Jumps + 1 set of max reps muscle-ups

5 Rounds not for time.  Rest 1:30 between sets.  Score is load, height, and total MU’s.

Optional Cashout:  20 Ring Dips + Max effort L-hold

28/Jan/2013 Tuesday WOD


Chest to Bar Pullups

Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

Box Jump Overs (20″)

Rest :30 after completing each set of all 3 movements.


In CrossFit we often do Hero workouts to celebrate fallen soldiers and the courageous sacrifices of our service members.  Today is a different kind of Hero workout but for me it’s the same.  We’re doing Triple Fran today, which is something we do about once every two years, in honor of Martin Luther King and both his sacrifice and the impact he’s had on America.  There are plenty of writers who will say it much better than I ever could today so rather than repeating platitudes I’ll reference Bob Marley’s take on racism:  “Racism will be over when the color of a man’s skin matters as much as the color of his eyes.”  I’m grateful to MLK for his dream, his courage, and for the America I live in where my multi-racial family has freedom and equality.

20/Jan/2013 Monday WOD “Triple Fran”

Complete Fran every 10 minutes

Start at 0:00, 10:00 and 20:00


Thrusters 95/63


Gold:  As Rx’ed  Silver:  15, 12, 9  Bronze:  12, 9, 6 pushups subbed for pullups and scale load as needed

17/Jan/2013 Coach’s Choice

Coach’s Choice Workout Today

Must include power cleans

No movements involving hands going over the head (no pullups or load overhead)

Must be fun

You’ve got 2 days left to start the 10 day sugar challenge.  Remember the rules are simple:  Do it with a friend, no sugar or artificial sweeteners, and the buy-in is 100 burpees.  Do it, you’ll feel great!

16/Jan/2013 Thursday WOD

100 Burpees*

75 Kettlebell Swings

50 Med-ball Front Squats

25 Pullups

Cashout:  10 Muscle-ups, not for time.  If you don’t have muscleups do band-assisted or work with your coach on a scaling option.


*Coincidentally, today’s 100 burpees DO count as your buy-in for the sugar free challenge

Congratulations to Coach John P!  John has accepted a position with Air Med and in addition to being a Layton City Firefighter will also be a flight medic in the medical helicopters we see over head.  Unfortunately this means we’ll be seeing less of him as a coach but as you can see in the pic he’ll still be training hard and bringing his positive vibe and encouraging attitude to WCF. Good luck with your new endeavour, we’re sure you’ll bring the same excellence to it you do to everything you do.

Sorry early AM’ers, there aren’t too many days where the air quality and temperature permit running in the winter and with a high of 41 degrees and decent air today’s the day to strap on your running shoes and enjoy some 400’s.

15/Jan/2013 Wednesday WOD

21 Deadlifts

Run 400m

15 Deadlifts

Run 400m

12 Deadlifts

Run 400m

Cashout:  :10 hollow rocks x 10 rounds

Gold:  225/153  Silver:  175/123  Bronze:  135/93 or scale as needed

14/Jan/2014 Tuesday WOD

AMRAP 5 Minutes

10 C2B Pullups

20 Thrusters 45/33

Rest 1 Minute

AMRAP 5 Minutes

20 Wallball 20/14

10 Toes to Bars

Rest 1 Minute

AMRAP 5 Minutes

10 Push Press 75/53

20 Wallball Situps


Congrats to Coach Adrian for his 6th place finish at the OC Throwdown in California this weekend.  If you look at his finishes you’ll see one that doesn’t match up with the others – he persevered through terrible cramps on the run and while it cost him a slot on the podium he beat several Games athletes and definitely showed that he’ll be force to reckon with in the Southwest and then on to the Crossfit Games this year.  Great job and we’re proud of you!  Check out the scores and events here:

With that in mind we’re going to do one of the OC Throwdown WODs today.  Your goal is to try to beat the coach.  The Rx’ed load is 210lbs for men!  Pick a load that’s heavy but challenging and let’s see what you can do!  Adrian’s time was 7:37 with a 210lb load and I’m guessing deficit HSPU’s.  Let’s see what you can do.  One way to challenge yourself would be to do bodyweight on the cleans, 210lbs isn’t too far off from what Adrian weighs.

SUGAR FREE CHALLENGE!  We’re going to keep this simple:  Go sugar free for 10 days this week.  There are 3 rules.  No sugar, sugar like substances, or artificial sweeteners for 10 days in a row.  You must start this week and you must do it with a partner.  Last but not least the buy-in isn’t money.  It’s 100 burpees. Do it with your accountability partner and then put your name on the whiteboard so we know you’re in.  DO IT!

13/JAN/2013 MONDAY WOD – “A New Era from the OC Throwdown”


Squat Cleans

Handstand Pushups

OC Throwdown loads:  210/130.

Saturday Schedule

8am – Open Gym with Reggae

9am – Olympic Weightlifting

10am – Free CrossFit WOD


Sugar!  Sugar is the two-horned devil that derails so many nutrition plans and it’s surprisingly addictive, even in much smaller doses than you’d expect.  Cutting it out for short periods of time is hard but rewarding – your cravings will go down and you may be surprised how much better you perform, look, and feel.  Here’s a little suggest reading to get you ready for the 10 day sugar detox we’re starting on Monday:

Mark’s Daily Apple

Psychology Today on Sugar Addiction

On Monday we’re going to start our 10 day sugar detox with a buy-in workout.  It may have a few burpees.  Just a few.  If you’re looking for some good resources on how to go sugar free be sure to check out and  Get ready!

10/Jan/2013 Friday WOD “Coach’s Choice”

Light Load Long Distance Quickly


Any choice of movements with lightweight or an empty barbell.  Kettlebells, sandbags, and bodyweight movements also fine.

Many of you know I’m from Virginia.  One great thing about the South is some of the things they say down there.  If I tell somebody in Utah “That dog don’t hunt” or “You didn’t know cotton grew that high” they’ll look at me with a puzzled expression and then offer me a pop or some funeral potatoes.  One saying in Virginia is “It ‘aint braggin’ if you’ve done it.”  At WCF we work hard every day to be the best CrossFit and the best fitness facility in Davis County.  Really this is about serving our athletes better and better.  As you know we offer a 1 month long Foundations class, 3 hours of free child care, showers, Olympic weightlifting, meal planning, body-fat testing, and some of the most experienced coaches in the state.  We strive to offer a fair price but we’re far from the cheapest gym around.  With that in mind we have decided to try something new for Jan/Feb.  For any of your friends and family we’ll price match what they’re currently paying if they want to come give us a try.  Our rates are fair but we know there is cheaper out there.  We don’t want to be the Wal-Mart of CrossFits, we want to be the best.  We also know that people have to come in and experience that quality first hand.  So if you’ve got friends who want to give us a try let them know that we’ll match whatever they’re paying for their first month.  After that it’s up to us to show the value that comes with being the first CrossFit facility in Utah with the best coaching staff and the strong community that you’ve built.

9/Jan/2013 Thursday WOD

5 Rounds For Time

9 HSPU’s

9 Ring Dips

9 Pushups

Cash-Out:  Row 1K for time


This Donut needs a little more chalk and it will be ready to PR

This post is courtesy of CrossFit Invictus.  We couldn’t have said it better:  Written by Nick Hawkes

We, as a community, have a substance abuse problem. It may be uncomfortable for some of you to hear this and some of you might find it shameful. In fact, some of you may even get angry and lash out in denial. But it is true, and it is time we have an intervention. I am not talking about bacon or recovery drinks (but we might need to cover this later) or “paleo” goodies. No, the substance that you all cannot get enough of is CHALK! Chalk, chalk, and more chalk.

We spent a small fortune on chalk just the other month that should have lasted us through the end of the year. However, as you can probably guess, that supply is gone. It really is not that surprising, given how people go about using the white powdery goodness. On any given training session you can find people using the chalk in a number of different ways including:

  • chalking their hands
  • chalking the bar
  • chalking their chest
  • chalking their gloves
  • chalking the floor around their bar
  • chalking their neck and face
  • chalking their friends
  • group chalking
  • chalking for long runs and rows
  • chalking as a reason to stop and rest
  • chalking Lebron style, to address humidity perhaps
  • chalking their mouth to help with excessive drooling

Ok, I made that last one up, but my point should be clear  (or pasty in this case) – chalking has become excessive and is no longer being used for recreational purposes. The purpose of chalk is to act as a drying agent by absorbing your sweat. Due to this drying agent, chalk can actually increase your callous build up, and be a contributing factor to your continues hand ripping. So, you might try to ween yourself away from the magic powder by using wrist bands and/or headbands. Wearing bands will not only make a courageous fashion statement, they will also stop the sweat from running in your eyes as well as dripping from your arm to your hands.

When you absolutely need it…keep it in the bucket! Upon chalking, place your hands in the chalk bucket, chalking your hands, and dusting off the excess while your hands are still INSIDE the bucket. This will help eliminate waste and the crazy white mess around the gym. If you find that you are at a critical point in the workout and that chalking is essential for you to achieve your next pull-up or Kettlebell swing, please take the 3 seconds to walk over to bucket and chalk up properly. Please do not take chalk out of the bucket and place it next to you on the floor, to be stepped on or smashed.

By implementing these simple suggestions, hopefully we can get this substance issue under control. It is ok to use the chalk, let’s just make sure we use it properly and for its intended purposes.


8/Jan/2013 Wednesday WOD

Every Minute on the Minute for 24 Minutes

Minute 1:  Power Clean + Front Squat + 10 Situps

Minute 2:  Clean + Front Squat + 10 Pushups

Minute 3:  2 Cleans + 10 Air Squats

Go as heavy as you can go with good form.  Suggested load for men is 205, women is 133.

Jeffrey Knight, D.C

We want to extend a warm welcome and thank you to Dr. Jeffrey Knight of True North Chiropractic and Wellness Center for accepting the opportunity to serve as the Wasatch CrossFit Team chiropractor.  Dr. Jeffrey Knight is a chiropractor in Kaysville, Utah located at 1188 Sportsplex Drive and will be treating Tiffany Hendrickson and our other team athletes as they train for the 2014 Games.

I started with A.M.I.T founder Craig Buhler in Kaysville over 7 years ago when it was known as muscle activation therapy.  The thing I liked best was that I didn’t feel like I was on the “forever plan.”  I’d go in, have my problem solved, and then if I wanted to go in for maintenance I would but I didn’t need 10,000 appointments to get better.  From there I started working with standout Joshua Christensen.  Due to the popularity of A.M.I.T. and both of these chiro’s are either completely full or booked weeks in advance.  We’re excited to now be working with Dr. Knight.  As an A.M.I.T. certified practitioner, Dr. Jeffrey Knight uses advanced muscle activation techniques to help eliminate pain, increase your range of motion, improve your athletic performance and ultimately, help you function and feel your best.

Dr. Knight is also offering all Wasatch family box members a free consultation so be sure to schedule yours. And also keep your eyes peeled for various tips he will be providing us about : How to Improve Your Squat Depth, Exercises to Alleviate Low Back Pain, Getting Rid of Shoulder Impingement and more.  Last but not least:  I’m not getting any kickbacks etc for recommending this.  We only recommend things we believe in and the experiences we’ve had with A.M.I.T. have been convincing.

7/Jan/2013 Tuesday WOD

Part 1:  3 Heavy Back Squats immediately followed by 2 Broad Jumps for max distance.  Do 5 sets, 3 of which need to be 80% or more of your 1RM

Part 2:  12 Minute AMRAP
21 Kettlebell Swings (Russian style – finish swing at eye level)

15 Box Jumps

9 C2B Pullups


Congratulations to the WCF women!  This weekend at the comp in Logan, “The Cold Wars”, our athletes swept the female team podium finishing up 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  The naughty nurses (Jodi & Sam) weren’t far behind and also made the final WOD.  Hoping to see some great pics from this weekend, tag WCF on Facebook into all the photos so we can recognize all our competitors.

Hoodies have been ordered and along with the B4B reprint shirts should be here early next week, possibly even the end of this week.  We’re going to order 50 hoodies at $40 each and once they sell we’ll re-order specific sizes for any one who still would like one.

6/Jan/2013 Monday WOD “JackAnnnie”

Row 1000m

50 Thrusters (45/33)

30 Pullups



Double Unders

Teresa D pulling 300lbs!

3/Jan/2013 Friday WOD

Coach’s Choice – Any chipper of their devising

Buyout – Hamstring assistance work


We had a great turnout yesterday, thank you to everyone who showed up and started their year off in support of a worthy cause.  We raised over $500 for Jack and Autism, thank you!

Now it’s 2014.  This is traditionally a time of year when people think about fitness.  We’re going to kick it off with a 10 day sugar detox which will start on January 10th.  It will be a simple challenge with a minimal (so long as you love burpees) buy-in and the simplest of rules – no sugar, artificial sweeteners, honey, imitation sugars, just clean healthy food. Stay tuned for more details.

At WCFHQ we won’t be running any Holiday deals other than providing great training, trainers, and the welcoming community you all have created.  After nearly 8 years of CrossFit we don’t feel the need to discount and at well over 250 members we’re happy with the level of growth that comes from doing our best to serve you.  North on the other hand is new and we’d like to fill it with the same culture and amazing vibe we have here at WCFHQ.  We’ll be doing a fun deal for January – Train the entire month for $1.  Yes there’s a catch (of course). Any one who signs up on this deal has to make 15 training sessions.  If they don’t, they just pay the $99 for their first month that they would have any way.  More details and sign up links to come but feel free to spread the word.


2/Jan/2014 Thursday WOD

Strict Press 5, 5, 5 with 5 strict chinups between each set then:

AMRAP 12 Minutes

10 Dumbbell Snatch (challenging load with good form)

10 Dumbbell Lunge (1 DB, alternate legs)

10 Dumbbell pushups (1 DB, hand on the DB)

10 Dumbbell Situps (Hold on chest as close to chin as possible)