Leah, Jeremy, Banu, Miray and Safi

If you don’t know Banu, then you probably do not work out at WCF. She is the heart of the gym, and wears several hats. She takes care of customer service, billing and other gym manager responsibilities. She also is the CrossFit Kids coach and coaches group classes when needed. If you have any questions pertaining to your membership or billing she is the go to girl. She gets it done! Honestly, I don’t know how the gym would run without her. We are very grateful for her hard work and dedication for helping the gym run smoothly! Here’s a little blurb about Banu…

Banu attained her Lvl 1 CF and CrossFit Kids certification in April of 2010. She has been a lifetime swimmer including collegiate and Masters Utah Summer Games competition. Until CrossFit, swimming was her only sport/exercise and as a full time mom of 3, that wasn’t always practical – not to mention the plateau that came from a monotonous sport. She absolutely loves the variety, intensity, and convenience of CrossFit and the amazing community of Wasatch CrossFit specifically.

30 / May / 2014 Friday


Coaches choice:

*must include split snatches
and box jumps

REMINDER: No class Saturday, due to Regionals


Brooke, one of our newest athletes, welcome to WCF!

I could not agree more with this article!!!

When To Use Mixed Grip Or Double Overhand
Written by Hank Lopez

”Which grip should I use?” is a question I’ve been asked often during our deadlift sessions. To answer this question, I have put together some reasons to train both mixed grip and double overhand.

The Mixed-Grip
With this setup, one hand is placed overhand (pronated) while the other is underhand (supinated). This setup keeps the barbell from rolling out of the lifters hands and is often used at maximal weights, such as going for a PR.

The Pros for the Mixed-Grip

  • First, there comes a point where our grip cannot support the weight on the bar. Utilizing this grip style will ensure that you can keep moving the bar with less fatigue on the forearms, resulting in more reps and/or heavier weight on the bar!
  • Second, this grip is beneficial during most CrossFit workouts where high reps and fatigue are common. Less attention can be focused on the grip and more  thought can be put into the technique of the exercise.

The Cons for the Mixed-Grip

  • First, there are many resources that state that mixed-grip deadlifts do not increase grip strength. This may be true, however, we don’t always perform deadlifts for improving grip strength. Our grip gets taxed in many other ways – i.e. power cleans, pull-ups, rowing, snatches, etc. So this con may only partially apply to what we do in CrossFit.
  • Second, the mixed-grip does not transfer over to the Olympic lifts. These lifts are done double overhand. This could mean the weight on the bar during the clean may feel much heavier than you think it is, resulting in missed attempts.
  • Finally, those of us who suffer from chronic back pain or injury to our backside may want to avoid this grip. The hand setup will place your hips, back, and even the biceps out of correct positioning. Sticking to the double overhand grip is recommended to help protect the back.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 1.50.08 PM

The Mixed-Grip

The Double Overhand
This grip is common in everything we do in the gym – and probably even outside the gym. Both hands are set up pronated over the bar; lifters may or may not hook grip in this setup.

The Pros for the Double Overhand

  • First, grip strength will be the limiter while using this grip, which is great. I like this for a number of reasons. Failing reps resulting from grip fatigue rather than mechanical breakdown tends to be much safer.
  • Second, the more you test this grip, the better off your grip strength becomes.  Grip strength will only benefit from this setup, especially when the reps schemes are manageable.
  • Finally, with this setup, your hips, back, and biceps are in a good place. This should offer you some protection if you’re suffering from back discomfort.

The Cons for the Double Overhand

  • Our hands can only hold so much before the bar slips out. Furthermore, this grip offers no security to hanging onto sub-maximal loads.
  • Unlike the mixed grip, your transition to other movements in a workout, such as rowing, pull-ups, toes-to-bar, etc. will be more difficult due to extra fatigue placed on the forearms.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 1.50.26 PM

The Double Overhand Grip

As you can see, there are benefits to using both type of grips. In CrossFit, we are constantly varied and always changing the stimulus. To answer the question of what grip should be used is simple……USE BOTH! The next time deadlifts come up in the programing, I encourage you all to warm up with double overhand. Once the weights get heavier, and you feel the need to switch grips, do so. Doing this will guarantee that grip work was tested. Train hard!

29 / May / 2014 Thursday


In 10 mins,
Build to 3 rep max Dead Lift


For time:
50 KB swings (2p/ 1.5p)
50 Burpees (onto a plate)

*KB swings are American!

NOTE:  No class Saturday, We will be at Regionals, get down there for some fun!


Why should I back squat?
As CrossFit coaches we field questions from current and potential athletes all the time. Sometimes the questions are out of pure curiosity, sometimes there are asked because the athlete questions the programming and/or reasoning behind an exercise, and sometimes they are asked due to a lack of knowledge. Literally, there are hundreds of questions. Over the years, I have gotten the same questions over and over again. One from the men, “I would really like to get bigger and RX WOD’s. How can I do that?” From the women, it’s more like, “I would really like my butt and legs to be tone, no more cheese on them”. The two questions may seem to be asking different questions, but have the exact same answer: Back Squat. I found a nice article by Lori Reilly, that I think would be helpful. This is what she has to say…

Now, before we get into all the good stuff about a back squat, let’s debunk a few myths first.

1. Back squats widen the hips (ladies…). MYTH. There is no scientific evidence that supports this theory. Take a peek at Olympic Lifters. They typically spend upwards of 25% of their training on the squat. Unless they’re lifting in the heavy class, I don’t see any too wide.
2. Squats are bad for the knees. SUPER MYTH. Not only are squats not bad for the knees, every legitimate research study on this subject has shown that squats improve knee stability and therefore help reduce the risk of injuries. This of course is if they are done properly: LISTEN TO YOUR COACH!
3. The high bar is better than the low bar. The low bar is better than the high bar. You should only box squat. You should never box squat. You should never do more than 5 reps. You should always do more than 5 reps. Blah blah blah. There’s no 1 way to do back squats. They’re all beneficial!
4. Squats are bad for my back. MYTH. In fact as long as the squat is performed correctly, it will help strengthen the mid-section and posterior chain as effectively as any other movement.
5. Back Squats will give me man thighs. Men – sweet. Ladies – probably not what you are looking for? Here’s the catch. Men, if you want man thighs, we can build them. Ladies too. However, the more likely result is a tight ass and firm, strong legs. In order to build those man thighs we would need to get you under the squat bar multiple (4+days) days/week and build a program designed specifically for that. Men, lets get started. Ladies, see, you have nothing to worry about!

Now we can focus on the good stuff. Why are back squats so good?

1. According to Mark Rippetoe “The back squat is literally the only exercise in the entire repertoire of weighted human movement that allows the direct training of the complex movement pattern known as hip drive.” ‘nough said.
2. Back squats will help you run faster. One can simply apply more force to the ground when running with a stronger squat – beneficial to both short distance runners as well as long distance runners.
3. More mobility and less pain. Doing squats correctly can help increase mobility and strengthen areas that typically deteriorate as we age, such as the knees.
Back squat can help develop power. Read: I will get better at WODs because I’m more powerful.
4. A strong back squat translates directly to your deadlift, clean, and snatch. Again, this boils over into your daily WODs. If doing a WOD prescribed is your goal, squatting can help.
While the Back Squat utilizes a wide array of muscles, it’s main players are the quads, hamstrings, glutes (butt), and the spinal erectors & abs. You can see the picture I’m painting here folks. We’ve just listed some of the biggest muscle groups in our body, all used by a single exercise.
5. Back squats cure cancer. Well, not really, but they’re almost that awesome!

Bottom line guys and gals: Let’s back squat.

28 / May / 2014 Wednesday


Back Squat

5-5-5-5-5 AHAP

*All 5 sets posted as scores

Max Singles in 6 mins

IMG_3389 IMG_3408 IMG_3369 IMG_3397

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day.  Murph was a great success with a lot of you athletes pushing through that “dark place” and finishing Murph successfully!  Nelson did it RX with a 20# vest on, Erin split it with her husband via Skype, while he is in Afghanistan and Jackie and Aaron enjoyed the WOD with both their kids. It is so much fun watching all you dedicated, driven, beat down, tired athletes, push yourselves to the limit, all in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.  Great job everyone!!

Regionals is coming up this weekend. It’s a great chance to come out and support our own gym athletes, Adrian, Tiffany and Michaela. Check out the link for the schedule of events. It will be a ton of fun, get you competitive juices flowing or at least put you in udder amazement with the talent right before your eyes.

27 / May / 2014 Tuesday


“4 Moves, 1 Bar”

6 Rounds for time:

5 Bent Row (115/83)
7 Push Press
9 Power Clean
11 Deadlift


I love the Facebook meme going around about today not being national BBQ day.  Today is a day to honor our men and women who have served and at WCF we traditionally do “Murph” on Memorial Day.  If you’ve seen the movie “Lone Survivor” or read the book then you know what this WOD is about.  If you haven’t then be sure to come at 9am and listen to our oldest surviving veteran read Lt. Murphy’s Medal of Honor citation prior to kicking off the workout.  This workout can be complete solo or with a partner.

CrossFit Kids is right around the corner and today your kids can come try it out for free!  We’ll also have child care for $1/kid during the workout.

25/May/2014 Monday WOD “Murph”

Run 1 mile

100 Pullups

200 Pushups

300 Air Squats

Run 1 mile


JB is a coach that fills in when he can, but most of you evening athletes see JB working his butt off.  He always has a smile on his face and keeps people laughing.  Here’s more about JB…

George aka “JB” aka “Jmost” Boulware J – Coaches Bio

I was raised in Chester, Pa which is on the edge of Philadelphia, Pa. Growing up I was involved in numerous sports, yet by the time I made it to high school there was only two that grabbed at me. I played football, and ran indoor and outdoor track, specializing in the 110 high hurdles and 400 meter intermediate hurdles.

After high school I chose to join the Air Force and bypass college. My job deals with Cyber operations. Come August I will have been in the military for 20 years. My hobbies are riding my motorcycle, playing golf, bowling, and spending time with my family. I love  watching my son play for his school’s sports team and watching my 15 month old daughter run up and down the streets with my wife.

I started crossfit by chance; I was playing professional football in the German Football League, when one of my friends told me I should try this program during the off season. He told me it would get me ready for the up and coming season. After my first butt kicking doing Helen, I was hooked, it took me a fast 23:18 to finish…lol!

I love coaching and enjoy more than ever helping people reach their goals or surpassing them.

23 / May / 2014 Friday


Coaches Choice:

weighted chin up max (can kip)


Include a pull up toes to bar combo


According to Wikipedia this is what Aerobic exercise is:
Aerobic exercise (also known as cardio) is physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process.[1] Aerobic literally means “lrelating to, involving, or requiring free oxygen”,[2] and refers to the use of oxygen to adequately meet energy demands during exercise via aerobic metabolism.[3] Generally, light-to-moderate intensity activities that are sufficiently supported by aerobic metabolism can be performed for extended periods of time.[1] The intensity should be between 60 and 85% of maximum heart rate. As much as that is true…blah blah blah this is what I think of when I think of Aarobic exercise…

You know you were thinking the same thing…okay maybe not…you may be thinking more along the lines of this…


Either way, enjoy today’s WOD!

22 / May / 2014 Thursday


For time:

Run loop
-Row 500 m
Run 400m
-Row 500m
35 Evil Wheels

10 minute stretch

Heck yeah! Great start position!

CrossFit Kids will be starting soon. I know my kids are really looking forward to it. Check out the details below…

Full Summer June 2 – Aug 21

$99 Registration includes:
-22 classes
-T-shirt (while supplies last)

Age 6 – 10:

-Mon/Wed 9 – 10am
-June 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25;
-July 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30;
-Aug 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20

Age 10 & up:

-Tue/Thur 9 – 10am
-June 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26;
-July 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31;
-Aug 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21

-Cash Drop In Rate: $5/class
-Under age 6 allowed with adult accompaniment

-Contact Banu to sign up:


All are invited to a Paleo Medicine class Thursday 6:30 at North
Come learn natural solutions for both athlete specific injuries and overall general health.
Learn how to address things like tendinitis, headaches, sleep issues, digestive problems,
acne, allergies and more.

RSVP via text to 228-424-6725

21 / May / 2014 Wednesday



Deadlift (185/115)

Bar on back lunges (each lung counts as 1)

Sit ups




WHOOT WHOOT…that’s right we are having a summer kickoff.  We want to celebrate the success of the challenge, the start of the summer and the amazing community we have surrounded ourselves with.  Bring your spouse, your kids, some yummy food, a volleyball, frisbee, croquet set, whatever floats your boat.  We would like to share recipes that we found during the challenge or that have been a staple for you.  Sign ups will be at the front desk, so take a minute to check it out.  We look forward to a wonderful time with amazing company.


June 7th from 5-9
Chapel Street Park
152 S 900 E, Layton, UT 84041

20/ May / 2014 Tuesday


“The Other Total”
10 mins on each lift to establish

MAX bench press
MAX clean

Then 5 rounds of 30 sec on 30 off
calorie row


European Regionals, image courtesy of CrossFit, inc

CrossFit takes skills????  This weekend at the European Regional two athletes who placed well at the 2013 CrossFit Games, including defending champion Sam Briggs, failed to qualify due to one poor finish in just one of the seven events.  For Katrina Davidsdottir, pictured above, it was the rope climbs.  For Briggs it was the handstand walk.  One critical skill missing and a shot at the Games gone.  While we have a few potential Games athletes at Wasatch this tough lesson also pertains to us.  It’s a great feeling to be able to move a barbell fast but in our training to not suck at life we also needs things like balance, agility, and accuracy.  To be truly CrossFit means to be ready for any physical challenge – both the unknown and the unknowable.  This is the heart of what we do.  What’s our takeaway from this?  Be sure to spend some time this Summer trying to stand up on paddleboard, walk on your hands in the grass with your kids, or go to the batting cages and hit some balls just for the fun of it.  Regularly learn and play new sports and have fun being ready for whatever life will throw at you.  After the workout don’t just work on the things you like, work on the skills you lack the most.

Our Spring Cleaning Challenge is done!  All that’s left is an epic cheat meal, a celebration, and for you to submit your final scores so we can tally things up.  I’m forgetting something…Fight Gone Bad!  See what 5 weeks of consistent training and eating has done for your performance.  This is your last chance to submit scores and then on Wednesday we’ll publish the final standings.  Thank you to everyone who participated and we can’t wait to showcase your amazing results.

19/May/2013 Monday WOD “Fight Gone Bad”

3 Rounds on a continually running clock

1 Minute Wallball 20/14

1 Minute SDLHP 75/55

1 Minute Box Jumps 20″

1 Minute Push Press 75/55

1 Minute Row (cal)

1 Minute Rest


Scoring:  Eating to your plan – 3/day, max of 21.  Training:  2 points/session, max of 10.  Recovery:  1 point per session, max of 4.  Need a refresher on the challenge rules?  Follow this link.