Double unders double unders. Today if you do not have double unders, doing 3 times the amount in singles should motivate you to get them. There are many of you that have double unders, but they aren’t the best and it bothers you to take longer than you would like. I tell my classes over and over again. You will only get better at them the more you do them in WOD’s Don’t wuss out and drop to singles just because you can only do a few at a time or because you don’t want to be the last one to finish. Keep trying, keep going and yeah, you will probably keep getting whipped, but getting consistent at them will come quicker!

1 / July / 2014 Tuesday


For time:
30 KB swing (53/35)
60 Double unders
20 KB swings
40 Double Unders
10 KB swings
20 Double Unders

*KB swing OH/Vertical
*Singles x3 for rep

Post WOD:
3 rounds
Plank/Bridge 1:00 into max reps push ups (until failure)
rest 2 mins

**July 4th 9am WOD only and no daycare**


Galen Rupp is the American 5K record holder and could run from WCFQ to WCFN in 13 Minutes!  However, he’d probably struggle to deadlift 300lbs when he arrived.

Our CrossFit is like a family.  We sweat together, play together, sometimes even cry together.  And in August we’ll be moving in together to our 11,000 square foot location on Hwy 193, WCFN.  We’re very excited about this opportunity to improve and I wanted to share this with you and answer a few questions.    Most of all all we want to invite you to move with us.  It’s 3.1 miles (5K) away which for some of you translates to 5 minutes more drive time, for some of you 5 minutes less.

Why are we making the move?  As some of you know the building is owned in a partnership and I’m one of the partners.  At some point there will be a big shopping center built across the street by Winco or maybe even Costco and the space we’re in will be leasable for much more than a CrossFit would be able to pay.  For the last year this has left me in limbo – our partnership hasn’t wanted to contribute repair money for the roof, floor, etc if it’s likely that the building will sell or lease for a high amount.  And this has left me falling short of my goal to have a world class training facility.  I’m aware of it and to be 100% honest my stomach hurts on rainy days knowing that the level of excellence we’ve wanted to provide you ever since Day 1 just isn’t there.   At this point the best thing for us to do is move to WCFN where we have a long term lease and invest our money there in making the facility world class.

So what will change for you other than location?  First of all, we are in the process of assigning a “personal coach” to every single athlete at WCF.  You’ll have a trainer assigned to you who will work with on achieving your goals not just during the WOD but with things like nutrition, strength or endurance goals, or just being your main point of contact for questions.  Second, people wonder what will happen to their coach during their regular times?  We’ve always focused on maintaining a great athlete to coach ratio and one of the ways we’ll be doing this is by running classes on the half hour during our peak times.   With 11,000 square feet to spread out in we can run 2 classes concurrently and they’ll still be the same 45-60 minute classes we have now.  We’ll also be adding a new type of class “CrossFit Unloaded” which you’ll be hearing more about soon.  So our great coaches will continue to be great coaches coaching the same class times they do now.  Will our prices change?  Yes, but not for you.  Our current athletes  will lock in their current pricing for 2015 instead of paying the $145/month we’ll be going to January 1,  2015.

More questions:  What about child care?  We’ll be expanding it.  Again:)  Similar layout but with more square footage and at WCFN it also has it’s own dedicated heating/cooling unit.  What about Oly class?  We’ll still have it and a dedicated area.  What about parking?  With the parking around the building being opened up we’ll actually have more spots than we do now and we have access to 2 overflow areas.  What about the run?  It’s 200 meters around the building, we either run that or north on Fairfield.  Who will the head coach be?  Adrian will still be the head coach and Zach B will be the head coach of our new athlete program.  The crew we have coaching now is absolutely the best in Utah and that’s not going to change.

When will we move?  On August 14th.   Bob A has rented out the Layton Surf and Swim from 7-10pm on that  Thursday so we’ll be doing our last workout ever at WCFHQ and then having a swim party!  Once we do that we’ll spend the weekend moving and re-open on Monday, August 18th.

What will our name be?  Wasatch CrossFit

CrossFit is more than a business.  It’s where we’ve made our closest friends, our best memories, and put our blood, sweat, and tears into building the best community in Utah.  We are profoundly grateful that you train with us, excited to be the best affiliate in Utah, and ready to take on this next stage of life.  Thank you.

I’m always available for your questions.  Call me any time at 801-643-1504 if there’s anything I didn’t answer in today’s blog post.

30/June/2014 Monday WOD

Build to heaviest push press in 10 minutes then:

In 20 Minutes complete as many rounds as possible

Wall climb x 3 (chest to floor, chest to wall)

Knees to Elbow x 6

Pullup x 9

Pistol x 12

Brendon, Paul, Chris, Scott, Bob and Andrew…looking good guys!

I had to post this picture, it says a thousand words…that’s the saying, right? It shows box friendship at it’s best. Having fun after a hard workout with some of the people you love the most. Thanks guys for sharing! Things like this happen when you workout together and cheer your buddy on because he doesn’t feel like he can do another rep. Or when you run Ragnar together and bond due to lack of sleep and your true colors come out. Or it may be during the Spartan race and you just can’t barrel roll under the barbed wire anymore, so your whole team waits for you to jump over the fire and finish together (yep speaking from personal experience) Whatever the experience, enjoy it, make memories, live it up and try your best!

Good luck to those doing Ragnar or the Beast Spartan race this weekend.  Have fun and put your training to use!!

27 / June / 2014 FRIDAY


Coaches choice

“Include the snatch”
“Light or heavy, Bar, DB, or KB”

Hey CrossFitters do play nice 🙂

Today is a longer WOD and the beginning is very mental. 50 reps of anything can seem very overwhelming, but one thing I always tell my class is to take it one set at a time. If your goal is to go 10 reps at a time, do 10 reps at a time. If it’s 5, go 5. Set the rep scheme you want and STICK with it! That will get you through the 50 reps before you know. Get out of your head and get er done!!!

Just in case you are wondering about that bear crawl…

26 / June / 2014 THURSDAY



Burpee, chest to ball into a medball clean
into a wall ball

Rest 5 min.

3 rounds for time:

Row 200 m.
15 toes to bar

Rest 5 min.

Bear crawl 100 yards
(inside set up cones 20 yards a part, go 5 lengths)

Derick getting strong!

I really appreciated Damon’s post Monday. Why do we CrossFit? Being an athletes my whole life, competition has been engrained in me. When I started CrossFitting I loved the competitive side. It had been over 10 years since I played college ball, so to be back in a setting I could thrive on being competitive got me excited! The first year and a half I worked hard. I reached new PR’s quickly, did several local comps and loved every minute of it. Fast forward a few years…now I’m coaching, not putting in as much hard work, had a few injuries, my mind set is starting to change. I am finding my pride and competitiveness is getting in the way and causing some havoc on my body I do not like. I use to keep up with this person, I use to be this fast, I use to lift much more than this…I can still do this. Well, with not putting in the time I use to, I can not expect to be where I use to be. Many of you might find this to be pretty depressing and believe you me I have too, BUT it has also made me think about the true reason I do CrossFit. The true reason I CrossFit, is to play tag with my grand kids at 60 years old, to be able to dance at my grand kids weddings when I am 80 and to be able to wipe my own butt when I’m 90. I don’t want to be the grandparent that says, “sorry kids, I can’t play my back hurts or my knee hurts.” Like Damon said, it feels good to PR a lift or Benchmark WOD, but really, what is the true reason you CrossFit?

25 / June / 2014 WEDNESDAY


In 10 mins:
Build to heavy power clean



DL (285/195)
Box jump over (24/20)
*can land on box,
Do not have to open hip on top
*lateral jumps ok!


5 rounds:
12 abmat sit up
:30 Bridge holds

This is a pretty heavy shoulder day. Make sure to prep before and take care of them after. This K-Star video may help you in taking care of those shoulders during your pull ups. He gives you something to really work on, keeping that rib cage pulled down and tucked under, taking the pressure off your shoulders.

24 / June / 2014 TUESDAY


For time:

Ring dip
Push up
Coaches note: *scaling this is important over 15 min is not appropriate*

Rest 5 min

1 max pull up (Kipping)

Rest 3 min

1 max pull up strict

Group class schedule REMINDER:
Monday – Thursday
5:30am, 6:30am, 9am, 10am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm
Mon, Wed and Fri
add 8am
5:30am, 6:30am, 8am, 9am, 10am Open gym 3-6pm


85 years old and going strong!  Image courtesy of CrossFit, inc.

Sunday evening I took my boys to Kaysville pond to go fishing.  My cell phone was off and we were surrounded by the sounds of nature and a strange birdcall that repeated at odd intervals:  “ImboredImboredImbored.”  Once my kids realized that I wasn’t going to entertain them they settled in to being boys – playing in the mud, looking for frogs, and exploring.  As I sat there and soaked up the sweetness of moments like these I thought about how I grateful I am for my health.  Ultimately physical health is the foundation that allows us to enjoy life.  It’s nice to have this health at 37 but it will be even nicer, God willing, to have this health at 67.  Or 87.  A Fran PR is great, a new deadlift or Snatch PR is wonderful, but being able to throw and catch a frisbee with my kids and someday with my grandkids?  Priceless.  That is why I CrossFit.

23/June/2014 Monday Workout

Warmup:  10 Minutes of Jumping Skill Work

Strength:  6×2 Front Squat at 85% or 1RM (~2-3min rest between sets)

WOD:  “Carolina Shuttles”

Shuttle run to 5/10/15/20/25 yards.

4 efforts for your best time.  1 min rest between efforts.


I don’t know if I have ever heard anyone say, they love thrusters.  Actually it’s quite the opposite.  I hear how much they suck, how hard they are and so on.  Well, today will change your opinion.  Thrusters are a full body workout, combining two movements, front squat and push press.  The front squat doesn’t only strengthen your, quads, hamstrings and gluts, but also your core and many more fine muscles.  The push press also strengthens your core along with your shoulders, triceps, lats and much more.  You want that fine beach body, well here you go.  Today you are on your way to just that… Ok so this may not have changed your opinion on thrusters, but do remember they are a full body “good for you” movement!

20 / June / 2014 Friday


Coaches Choice:

must include:
*thruster of some sort


Catching a snatch in the perfect overhead position can make all the difference in making a lift, hitting a PR or adverting injury. Take the chance before you start your workout today, to work the drills given to you by your coach. Be aware on how you receive the bar overhead…is it over your mid line, too far in front, too far behind? Are you arms locked out? Are your shoulders pulling forward? Are your armpits open? Be aware of your body and the bar, listen to your coach and these snatches will go well!

For of those with tweaked shoulders, check this mobility WOD out…

19 / June / 2014 Thursday


In 10 mins,
Build to heaviest OH Squat possible


EMOTM for 12 mins

1 snatch DL
1 Snatch Pull
1 Snatch

Build bar to heaviest successful snatch. When miss, come down 10lb. and try to stay consistent.
*Goal is get as heavy as possible.

Tabatta Sit ups to finish.

Great job Aaron on your WOD!

Are there times you just don’t think you can go anymore. You can’t do one more pull up or another push up or you just can’t pick that bar off the floor one more time. Then you take a few breaths and somehow manage to get back on it. Not only do you get one more done, but 10 more. At the end you feel so good and accomplished. It feels good, right? That is the hopes for every WOD, you feel good, you did it, you feel accomplished…then…there are those other times you are moving just a little slower, things feel heavier than usual, it’s just not your day. I hope those days are far and few! If those “not your days” are happening more often than not, you need to reevaluate what’s going on. Hows your eating? How much sleep are you getting? Are you taking rest days? Lucky for you, you are a part of an amazing CrossFit community with well trained and experienced coaches. If you are having any issues, talk to your coach. We are here for you! We would love to help in any way we can and if we don’t know how to help we will find out how.

18 / June / 2014 Wednesday


3 rounds for time:

50 medball cleans
Run 800m


I am often asked how I feel about lifting belts, so here is an exert from an article by Nike Horton that I found to be helpful, explaining the pros and cons of wearing a lifting belt.

Depending upon who you ask the question, “Should I wear a weightlifting belt?” you can end up getting an emphatic “yes”, a condescending “no”, or an uninterested “I don’t care.” For instance, powerlifters obsessively use specialized weightlifting belts while CrossFitters are proud they never do. Bodybuilders are split with some believing belts essential for both safety and performance reasons and others believing them to actually INCREASE your risk of injury over time. Olympic lifters don’t really care either way.
Given all of that, it can be hard to parse out an easy answer to what seems like a simple question. I’m going to lay out the pros and cons.


Belt Pros:
May help prevent injury to the low back during heavy lifts.
Can increase performance.

Belt Cons:
Might inhibit motor learning in the abdominal muscles.
Lower Back might not get as strong.

Should You Wear a Weightlifting Belt? Pros

All of the upsides to wearing a belt come down to the idea of intra-abdominal force or pressure. A study done by Miyamoto, et al. found that “Intra-muscular pressure of the erector spinae muscles increased significantly by wearing the abdominal belt during Valsalva maneuvers and during maximum isometric lifting exertions”. In short, if you increase the pressure in the abdomen, then you better stabilize the whole area which makes for a safer environment for the spine and can increase your ability to lift heavier weights.
Another study by Kingma, et al., showed that, “Wearing a tight and stiff back belt while inhaling before lifting reduces spine loading. This is caused by a moment generated by the belt rather than by the IAP (intra abdominal pressure)”, which suggests that there may be even more reasons why belts are beneficial.

Should You Wear a Weightlifting Belt? Cons
There are two major arguments against the use of a belt. Below I go over each, and my response to them.

1. Belts Mess With Motor Learning
The first concern is the belt might inhibit proper motor learning. Many of the best exercises in the gym require a correct pattern of recruitment of the abdominals (including the obliques and transverse abdominals). With beginners, weight belts circumvent their learning of how to “squeeze” their abs tightly and in the right ways during a heavy lift. The belt just takes over.
This issue, however, is pretty easy to get around if you have a good coach or you are paying attention. You should never use a belt in place of proper core work, stabilization, and technical learning. But that should be obvious.

2. Belts Make Your Lower Back Wimpy
The second concern is that wearing a weightlifting belt is going to cause your lower back to be weaker than it would have been without it. Why? Because it will take stress off the back and stress is what drives adaptation.

Let’s think about this for a second. The strongest deadlifters in the world nearly all wear belts all the time in training and competitions. Do you really think they have weak lower backs because of their obsessive use of a belt? Putting on a belt MIGHT lower the amount of stress on the low back by some amount, but that difference is more than made up for by the additional weight you will lift via a boost from internal pressure or even just the psychological boost you get when you feel safer.

Here is the link if you would like to read the whole article:

17 / June / 2014 Tuesday

Gymnastics strength:
15 min cap:
2 rounds of 6,5,4,3,2,1
Ring dips
Strict handstand push ups
Strict ring pull ups


11 min AMPRAP

7 split lunge jumps (total)
7 push ups
7 box jumps(24/20)
7 pull ups (kipping ok)


Agree or Disagree?

On August 2nd and 3rd we’ll be hosting the CrossFit Level I Trainer Certification.  I first attended an L1 back in 2007 in Valencia California.  Back then it was a laid back affair and Coach Glassman got up and rambled for about 2 hours about the early days of CrossFit.  It was priceless to hear from the man who started it all but to be honest the quality of the L1 these days blows the 2007 cert away.  If you’re interested in getting certified the link is up at or you can click below.

REMINDER:  Olympic Weightlifting with Coach Chiu has been moved to Wednesdays for the Summer as well as his normal Saturday times.  I’ll be in tonight from 4-6pm if you want to lift today.

16/June/2014 Monday WOD “unBEARable”

Build to heaviest “Bear” complex in 10 Minutes

(Deadlift, power clean, front squat, jerk, back squat, jerk)


20 Bear Complex for Time

Gold:  185/115

Silver:  155/95

Bronze:  135/75



WOD, AMRAP, EMOM, BWT, HSPU, KB, AHAP, PR, RX and the list can go on and on.  With all the acronyms in CrossFit, you might find yourself wondering what the heck is written on the whiteboard.  How do you do a T2B – oh Toes to Bar, I can do that.  Who is E-MOM, that just a WOD that you do Ever Minute On the Minute.  It can seem quite confusing sometimes.  No worries I am here for ya.  Lets clear a few up…

WOD: Workout Of the Day
AMRAP: As Many Rounds (reps sometimes) As Possible
BWT: Body weight
HSPU: Handstand Push Up
KB: Kettlebell (NOT Kettleball!!)
AHAP: As Heavy As Possible
PR: Personal Record
RX: as prescribed, not modifying the WOD

We could go on with several more, but when there is something in the WOD you don’t know what it is, get friendly with your coach and ask!!
Today, your coach will be programming a Metcon for ya. There is another one. What is a Metcon? Metcon stands for Metabolic Conditioning. It is a WOD that is geared more towards the glycolytic pathway or that middle of the road (Metabolic) energy. It usually is a WOD with higher reps and lower weight, which you will hear stated as a CrossFit marathon, but it also can be short and painful like Fran. Today plan for anything something fun that will include burpees:)

13 / June / 2014 Friday


Coaches Choice:
Strict Press prior to Metcon
Metcon must include burpees

Ashley doing a great job breathing during her KB swings!

We are doing some running today. Wondering how you should breath. Today will give you a good chance to notice how you breath and concentrate a little more on it. Who knows, maybe you will recover a little quicker and do better on those front squats. Check out this link on breathing during running!

12 / June / 2014 Thursday


With 20 min. running clock: Run the loop for time, & establish the heaviest front squat possible in remaining time.
*Those that run faster have more time to rest and recover before time cap. Two scores.





At WCF we are privileged to be able to do some personal training.  When we have these 1 on 1 sessions we get a front row seat on the transformation of these athletes.  Today, we are celebrating the 50# weight lose of Aaron. He has not been with us long, but in the time he has through his personal dedication and great coach, Lindsay, he has been very successful!  Here is what Lindsay has to say about Aaron…
When I first met Aaron Melville, he struggled to complete one push up on his feet.  Even from his knees, his arms would burn out quickly.  Now, 50 pounds lighter, I can program pushups for him in a WOD,
and he can do them consistently, all on his feet!
It has been such a privilege to work with Aaron.  I have been working with him every week since February, and have enjoyed every training session.  Aaron works HARD and pushes himself every single time he trains.  And he always does it with a smile on his face (even when I say, “Today’s workout has your favorite movement:  Burpees”).
I have seen such a dramatic change in Aaron’s abilities over the last 4 and a half months.  His flexibility has improved immensely, specifically in his squat depth.  We started out squatting to a 20 inch box for air squats and back squats, and he definitely does not need the box anymore.  Oh, and his 1RM back squat is 405lbs.  NICE.
Not only has Aaron been working hard in the gym, he works hard in the kitchen too.  Aaron was on my team for the Spring Cleaning challenge. Did I mention Aaron had a PERFECT score for that challenge?
It has been an honor to work with Aaron, and I look forward to seeing the changes he continues to make in his fitness!
Congratulations on your first 50 pounds Aaron!! 

If you see Aaron around be sure to give him a high five!

11  / June / 2014 Wednesday
“Bye Bye 50 lbs”
200 m farmer carry (2p/1.5)
5 rounds
10 burpees
10 wall balls (20/14)
10 box jumps (24/20)
10 situps
10 Russian KB swing (1.5/1)
200m run


Travis with his game face on!

There are so many good pictures taken at WCF that I would love to post, but just don’t have the space.
Make sure you check them out on flicker or Facebook. Go ahead and tag yourself in them while you are there.

10 / June / 2014 Tuesday


“Pump Session”

EMOTM for 20 min

Odd Min:
20 double unders
7 strict chin ups

Even Min:
7 KB swings (1.5/1) American
7 diamond push ups

Finish: 3×5 behind the neck DB sit ups



This Summer we’ll be offering our 11 Week Pierce Program for anybody who wants to get focused on strength and Oly.  It will culminate with a weightlifting meet on August 16th.  The  program is $50 for non-members, free to members, but there is a catch:  I highly, highly, highly recommend you lift in the meet.  If you register now to lift in the meet I guarantee you won’t miss sessions and you won’t quit.  Sometimes fear of failure is just as powerful a motivation as the desire to succeed and it’s one of the big reasons I like to compete in any sport I play.  If you’re signed up for a competition you’re training and you don’t miss sessions. If you’re not then you’re working out and missing a workouts once in a while can turn into a habit.  If you want to do the Pierce program hit me up on Facebook and I’ll invite you into the closed group.  If you want to sign up for the meet here’s the link:     DO IT!

9/June/2014 Monday WOD 

10 Minutes Muscle Up skill practice then:








Oh is that tonight?  YES it is!  Come one, come all, bring some games, food and don’t forget the kids!

WHEN: Saturday June 7th from 5-9
WHERE: Chapel Street Park
152 S 900 E, Layton, UT 84041

Saturday Schedule:

Beginner Oly – 8:15am

Oly – 9:15am

FREE group WOD – 10am

Brandy and Angela getting their training on!

Last year we got together as a gym and did Spartan Race, it was hard, fun, dirty and created so many memories. This year we have the same group plus more signed up to do the Spartan Race once again. We also have the coolest athletes and coaches that put together fun “Spartan” trainings. Doing the race or not all are welcome to enjoy a good workout or a beat down, whichever you prefer, and best of all hang out with the coolest people! This is what John put out on facebbook…

Spartan training this Friday! Meet at Grounds for Coffee on Hwy 89 at 3 PM. Anyone is welcome. This training will be structured to keep the entire group together so all abilities a encouraged to come. Be able to take water with you, preferably something like a Camel Back, you will need your hands. Prepare to get wet. Dogs welcome!

Have fun everyone!

6 / June / 2014 Friday


Coaches Choice:

Involve hang cleans and rowing


Happy 37th birthday to the man that can pull it all off…even the blue man! Damon has had a crazy last few months, putting together and pulling off a very successful Southwest CrossFit Regionals. Now that, that stress is over he can enjoy celebrating his birthday. If you don’t know Damon, he has a huge heart and is always willing to help anyone out that he can. If you do know him, I am sure you have experienced first hand the heart he has. Damon, from all the coaches and athletes we wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope you can sit back, relax and enjoy all the hard work you have done!

5 / June / 2014 Thursday

“Damon’s Birthday Bash”
surprise surprise…check it out at the gym