We started in Kaysville in what we called “the dirty warehouse.”  What you can’t see in this pic is our awesome purple and yellow color scheme.


WCFHQ.  Year’s of great memories here.


 North.  The new WCFHQ.  11,000 square feet of CrossFit awesome.

The transition to North is starting.  What does that mean for you?  2 things:  1st, you’ll be getting assigned your personal coach.  1 coach will be your main point of contact for all of your questions regarding training, eating, body composition, getting stronger, faster, or better.  We’ll suggest one for you and you’re also welcome to choose who you’d most like to work with.  Second, we’re adding classes and a new type of class.  We’ll have two levels of programming:  CrossFit Unloaded – Complex movements will be practiced as a skill but won’t show up in the workouts.  Second is “Classic CrossFit.”  Tight couplets, fast paced AMRAPs, be ready for anything and everything.  How do you know which class you should be in?  We’ll work with you and guess who you can ask?  Your personal coach.

1/Aug/2014 Friday WOD – Coach’s Choice

Practice Snatch Balance

12ish Minute WOD involving Power Snatches.


If there’s one thing that would be a hallmark of WCF athletes it’s mental toughness.  Amy U won the Bairgutsman (the race up to the radar towers.)  Adrian is one of the most disciplined people I’ve ever met.  Amy D has shown a depth of character and poise in times of duress that I can only hope for.  Andrew C has won multiple awards for his work ethic.  Zach B scarred his leg for life on a rope climb so he wouldn’t let his team down.  This year at the Games there was a “WCF moment” for Tiffany that was inspiring in a terrible and dangerous way.  She demo’d the event we did yesterday with Dean Connett, who ran collegiate track, and he told her “If you’re ever comfortable during a race you’re not pushing hard enough.”  She took that to heart at the CrossFit Games and ran harder than she’d ever run before.  The result?  Nearly passing out at the finish line and taking a fall. (Watch it here).  But then something awesome happened.  She got back up.  She finished.  She competed in another event that day and delivered a gutsy performance the next day.  And realized that her limits weren’t where they thought she was.  While most people were concerned about her health (I knew she was ok) I was excited and proud that she had been able to push to a threshold that she’d never pushed to before.  That’s what this crazy CrossFit thing is all about.  Not the Games, not the glory, but the quiet moments when we know our self imposed limits are a lie and we are capable of far more than we ever thought possible.

31/July/2013 Thursday WOD  “Midline crawl”

3 Rounds for Time

35 abmat sit ups
Hs walk x 15 yards  (falling is ok, must restart where you come down)
OH stationary lunge x 12 steps (6L/6R)  155#/115#
**scale HS walk with 45 yards of bear crawl each round**

The CrossFit Games wrapped up this weekend and several of us attended.  Tiffany competed and finished up 11th worldwide including a 1st place finish in the Muscle-Up biathlon.  Adrian attended and represented his sponsor Progenex.  I worked the CrossFit Games as a volunteer from Saturday through Thursday on what was called the “Special Assignments Team” and got to be a big part of setting up the beach workout then coached Tiffany on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Last of all, several of us attended as fans of what feels like a huge CrossFit festival.

While the Games are about finding the fittest what I took away from it is that CrossFit is about changing lives.  There were kids there who have never known anything but parents living healthy lifestyles, people freed from addiction and obesity, and literally ten’s of thousands who are healthier and more fit.  While the fitness of side of CrossFit is important the palpable sense of community is what it’s really all about.  Studies show that we live longer when we’re an active part of a community and tend to be happier and healthier.  So CrossFit hard, make friends, and have fun this week doing the 2014 CrossFit Games workouts.

30/July/2014 Wednesday WOD

Row 1000m

100 Double Unders 0r 300 Singles

Run the Loop

29/July/2013 Tuesday WOD – From the 2014 CrossFit Games

10 Minutes to Establish max Overhead Squat then

Muscle-Up Biathlon

18 Muscle-Ups

Run 400m

15 Muscle-ups

Run 400m

12 Muscle-Ups

Run 400m

Every time you break up a set of muscle-ups run 200m

Silver:  C2B Pullups 30-24-21  Bronze:  Pullups 30-24-21


The CrossFit Games ended with an 11th place finish by our very own Tiffany Hendrickson!  Tomorrow I’ll write a long blog post about the Games but after working 12 hour days volunteering Saturday through Thursday then coaching long days for the last 3 I am tired!  I just want to say this: The biggest shift in Tiffany’s performance this year was her giving herself permission to believe she could win.  Instead of competing not to fail she decided to go for it.  That’s what we can all do – go for it.  Go after your dreams, sometimes succeed, sometimes fall short, but more than anything take joy in striving to live your best life.

28/July/2014 Monday WOD “2014 CrossFit Games Final”

Double Grace

60 Reps for Time

Ground to Overhead 135/93

5:30pm testing out those L-sit holds!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the amazing athletes from around the world, today is the day to watch. Tune in online or tonight on ESPN or ESPN2. I’m in awe every time I watch these dedicated athletes! Here for some motivation, check out these master finals…

25 / July / 2014 Friday WOD:

“coaches choice”

Warm up with and practice
“snatch balance” (15-20min)
Include power snatch in metcon

Welcome Kion to WCF!

For all you newbies joining WCF,  there is a must read article giving you 10 tips on CrossFit. The 10 tips are below, read the article through this link…

1. You’re Competing Against Yourself, Not Others
2. Don’t Be Too Proud To Scale
3. What You Eat Is More Important Than What You Lift
4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Clarification, Over and Over and Over Again
5. CrossFit Isn’t Everything
6. It Doesn’t Get Easier, It Just Sucks Less
7. You Won’t PR Every Day
8. Have Fun
9. You Are All Firebreathers
10. Respect Rest and Recovery

24 / July / 2014 Thursday WOD:

10 min bar muscle up skill/practice


30 weighted burpees
5 bar muscle up
20 burpees
7 bar muscle up
10 Burpees
9 bar muscle up
For time
*burpees done with 25/15lb plates for men and women. Plate to floor, chest to plate, plate ends over head arms locked out.

**Combined Crossfit Kids today 6+ can attend either 9am or 10am. $5 drop in fee**


There will only be A.M. class Thursday July 24, so make sure you hit one of those classes. 5:30am, 6:30am, 9am and 10am.  There will be childcare 9am and 10am as well!

23 / July / 2014 Wednesday WOD:

L-sit practice

For time:

Row 300 m.
30 front squats (95/63)

Rest 5 min

Row 300 m.
40 back squats (135/93)

Rest 5 min.

Row 300 m.
50 air squats

*total time is score, every second counts.


You’ve got it, the games are here and we all have access to watch them live. We also get to watch and cheer on Tiffany as she represent our local community, Wasatch CrossFit. Here’s an article posted on the Games page…

“When she tried CrossFit, it was like she found herself again.”

Four years ago, something awakened in Tiffany Hendrickson.
Growing up, she was always active, competing at the collegiate level in gymnastics. But after getting married and having three children, she began to lose herself.
“When we got married she kind of lost her identity,” said her husband David Hendrickson. “She tried kickboxing and tennis, but they weren’t doing it for her.”
After living overseas for four years, the Hendricksons returned to the U.S., settling in Utah. David saw a local CrossFit gym, Wasatch CrossFit, and suggested his wife try a class.
“When she tried CrossFit, it was like she found herself again,” he said. “I saw her wake up and become the girl I dated and fell in love with.”
“I was kind of doing CrossFit without knowing it,” Tiffany recounted. “After my first class, I was hooked. I’m very competitive and I liked chasing the fastest people. It was fun and satisfying.”

Since then, she’s been chasing the top athletes. In 2013, she earned a spot to her first CrossFit Games. After qualifying for her second Games at the 2014 South West Regional, she’s leaning on the lessons she learned to improve upon her 31st-place finish. Finish reading the article…

Good luck Tiffany we all wish you the best!!

Watch the Games live…

22 / July / 2014 Tuesday


Max rep strict press (135/93)
Max rep pull up strict
Max rep strict press (115/83)
Max rep chin up
Max rep strict press (95/63)
Max rep Kipping pull up (no butterfly allowed)
Max rep strict press (75/43)
Max rep Kipping chin up

*score is total reps
**go from pressing right to pull ups, then rest 2:00, no more!


Congrats to Zach B for some great lifts in his first national meet!  Both him and Michaela lifted this weekend.  Zach PR’ed his clean and jerk on his final attempt but was called for a press-out (straightening his elbows after the lift).  400lbs will be here before you know it.  Michaela had a great meet, she finally broke the 200lb mark on the clean & jerk with her twins still less than 1 years old.  Great job you two!


21/Jul/2014 Monday WOD  “Hurry up!”

Cleans @60-65%1 rm
Run 200 m.
Sit up (abmat)
Run 200m.
*30 min amrap
**with a partner 1 athlete runs, while they run, their partner does as many cleans as possible. When athlete running returns, they switch. On the next round they do the same but with sit ups. For 30 min continue this. Score is total reps for each athlete. The faster you run the less reps your partner gets.

Good luck Michaela and Zach in Nationals this weekend!

The muscle clean removes the pull under the bar while keeping all other mechanics the same—the bar is pulled as it would be in the clean, but the athlete continues lifting it to the rack position without re-bending the knees. Like the muscle snatch, the movement can be helpful as a strength exercise to improve the lifter’s power in the third pull. It can also be helpful to correct crashing of the bar on the shoulders by allowing the athlete to practice racking in a more controlled manner and without the distractions of surrounding movements. -Catalyst Athletics

18 / July / 2014 Friday


Coaches Choice:
Build to heavy muscle clean
2×5 min AMRAP with 5 min rest

Welcome Danielle to WCF!

After yesterday’s deficit dead lifts I am sure most of you are feeling it in your hamstrings, butt and a little in the back.  How often do you finish a WOD then walk right out of the gym?  I am sure all of us have done that and probably more than once.  What happens to us then, you don’t stretch one day, then the next, maybe the next you throw in a roller here and there.  After this cycle of a lot of hard heavy work with little stretching, you start to notice a little pain here and a little pain there.  Your muscle are getting shorter and stronger but are not being stretched out to their full range of  motion.  They start to pull on your knees or your pelvis and start to cause all kinds of havoc.  Make it a priority to stretch and roll after each WOD!  So if you didn’t yesterday now is the time to work that mobility!  Get strong, get limber and keep a happy balanced body!

17 / July / 2014 Thursday


Overhead squat (115/83)
Toes to Bar


There really is something to jumping high, more than having natural spring in your leg, or being tall and so on. If you watch the last jump Ryan does on this video, you will see most of the work is done by lifting his legs up high and quickly under his chest. His whole body does rise, but not even half as much as his feet do. Also, in an interview Ryan talks about how he prepares mentally. He said, 1st tell your mind to shut up ,2nd see white in front of you, meaning your mind is a blank, 3rd see your task at hand and 4th perform your task. Sounds simple right? Alright lets put it to use tomorrow, good luck 🙂

16 / July / 2014 Wednesday


Build to high box jump (10 min)


Deficit deadlift (stand on plates, each set is a working)

Rest 2 mins between each set record all 5 sets on whiteboard

Run the loop at 70%


Many of you know Dave Chiu, but several of you do not. For those that don’t, let me introduce you to our Olympic Weight Lifting coach. He coaches at WCFHQ Wednesday’s at 4:15 and 5:15 and Saturday’s for beginners at 8 and regular class at 9. we are lucky to have him teaching our coaches and members how to correctly, efficiently and effectively perform very technical Olympic Lifts as the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. Dave is an expert Olympic Lifting coach and can help any coach/athlete into better movers in these two key llifts. Both lifts are very dynamic, being proficient in the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch can improve overall athletic performance. Dave has coached several competitors who are national and state champions and record holders. If you have not tried out a class with Coach Chiu you should get your butt in there. You would be amazed with how help it can be to improve your PR’s and WOD times!

15 / July / 2014 Tuesday

4 rounds for time:
200m row
:30 sec handstand hold
15 abmat situps

Rest 2 mins

3 rounds for time:
10 burpees (jump over bar)
1:00 min bridge

Rest 2 mins

For time:
100 push press (45/33)


 CrossFit 101 has a simple principal driving it:  First mechanics, then consistency, then intensity.  Put simply:  Good technique, then good technique most of the time, then then good technique even when the load is heavy or you’re moving fast.  Today’s strength movement is an opportunity to establish great position at the bottom of your squat.  How are you going to do that?  By hanging out in “the hole” for 3 seconds.  The athlete who can squat a heavy load with perfect technique and pause with it is the same athlete who can do heavy thrusters with perfect form.  Today mobility matters, strength matters, technique matters, and all of these things combine at the bottom of your squat.   The athlete pictured below is pause squatting over 500lbs at a bodyweight of approximately 170lbs.  The goal is to move light weight perfectly, medium weight perfectly and and heavy weight perfectly.  Have fun today!


14/July/2014 Monday WOD

Strength:  10 Minutes to establish heaviest 3 second pause front squat

WOD:  “Nicole”  – As many rounds & pullups as possible in 20 minutes

As many pullups as possible

Run 400m


Complete as many pullups as possible.  Each time you drop off of the bar run 400m.

That’s what you call max effort! Love it!

Just a little health tip for those that are aging and want to keep their eyes strong along with their body 🙂
We’ve all heard that carrots are great for the eyes, but spinach and salmon are actually two of the most beneficial foods for your eyesight. The combination of antioxidants in the spinach and the Omega 3 fats in the fish can strengthen and protect your eyes.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

11 / July / 2014 Friday


Coaches Choice
Build to heaviest snatch
Sub 10 min WOD


If you have been around Wasatch CrossFit more than a few days, chances are you know who Tiffany Hendrickson is. If not here is a blip from her bio on

One of the reasons I love CrossFit so much is that it includes so many training aspects from different sports. It’s an A.D.D person’s heaven, there is no time for boredom.! Last year was my first year competing in CrossFit. I participated in the open and qualified for regionals with our team WCF, but that was the end of the road. After a short reprieve in training this past summer I decided I really wanted to make it to the 2012 games and started signing up for every comp I could. I’ve had a lot of growth as an athlete and with each competition I come away feeling more and more confidant in my abilities I think fitness should be unique for everyone, finding whatever it is that you love to do. I also am a big believer in goal setting! It definitely helps whether it’s how many days a week you’re going to make it in to the gym, an increase in strength, or getting ready for a specific competition. Our goals are powerful and can pull us through the obstacles in life!

Tiffany qualified for the 2014 CrossFit Games In Carson CA, July 25 – 27 this year, placing second in Regionals. Along with many sponsors helping her financially we can help as well on her road to success! I Am Beastmode has created a shirt with Wasatch CrossFit’s Logo on the sleeve or on the back of the tanks. Check it out…

Hendrickson TEE or TANK is $30 and is available at for purchase. This is a pre-sale item and will not ship until July 24th. We are trying to generate as much revenue as possible to help Tiffany with her expenses for the CrossFit Games. A generous portion of the proceeds goes directly to Tiffany.


9 / July / 2014 Wednesday


In 10 mins build to heaviest Squat Clean

EMOM for 10 min.
1 squat clean with 10 sec pause in the “catch” (@ 60% of 1RM)

4×10 weighted sit ups AHAP


It’s hot outside, I know many of you are not drinking enough water. What is the key amount? I will tell you, it’s simple, 1/2 your body weight in oz. So if you weigh 140lbs then you should be drinking 70 oz of water a day. That is one thing I recommend that you will feel the most difference the quickest. Your skin, your muscles, your brain and the rest of your guts will thank you when you drink enough water! So drink up…water that is!!!

8 / July / 2014 Tuesday


In 5 min build to heaviest weighted chin up possible


EMOM for 10 min.

2 strict pull up
4 kipping pull ups
2 C2B pull up (kipping)


row 12 x 100 m post slowest and fastest time


Image courtesy of Life magazine.  Distance vs Sprinter

Most people want to be lean.  In CrossFit our view on body composition is simple – be at the bodyfat that allows for maximum performance and wellness.  Nutrition is going to be the primary factor in getting lean but what you do in the gym is also a big part of it.  Contrary to every crappy fitness magazine out there doing cardio is not the answer.  In fact study after study has shown that intense intervals, resistance training (weightlifting), and sprints are by far the best fat burners available to us in the gym. Workouts like today’s training.  Pressing followed by sprints.  Classic and brutally effective.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s a great article referencing several studies which comes to this conclusion:  “In the long run, aerobic exercise is useless for fat loss.”

Now that you’ve decided to show up and go hard, how exactly should you go about doing 10×50 yard sprints if you don’t sprint on a regular basis?  Since you like your hamstrings unpulled you’re going to build up to maximum intensity.  I recommend 2×70%, 2×80%, 2×90%, 2×95%, 2×80%.  These are all perceived exertion.  Have fun & be safe.

7/July/2014 Monday WOD

Build to heavy strict press in 5 minutes then

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:

1x strict press

2x push press

3x push jerk

Post heaviest successful load then rest as needed before:

10×50 yard sprints, rest approximately 1:00 between each