Every CrossFit BootCamp Class Includes the Following:

  • Coverage of the 9 Basic Movements of CrossFit
  • Learning in a small group with other beginners
  • The Basics of Olympic Weightlifting
  • Nutrition 101 and the resources available to all WCF members
  • How to use our free online results tracking software
  • Your choice of a free karate lesson with Chuck Norris or 1 small vial of magic unicorn pee*
  • Every class is guaranteed to have some fun!


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When are the Boot Camp Classes?

Tu/Th/F 6am
M/W/F 9am
M/Tu/Th 6:30pm
You are also encouraged to attend our Saturday beginners weightlifting class at 815am and are always welcome at our free Saturday 10am workout.

Why do I need a month of Foundations?

Everyone needs the basics.  You won’t be an expert when you’re done but you’ll have a working knowledge of what it is you need to do to get the fitness you deserve.  Some people have even found they can now leap a tall building in a single bound after just 1 month.  Amazing!

How long is a Foundations class?

Typically 45 minutes to an hour

How much does it cost?


I’m ready to get started, now what?

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Or you can call us:  801-593-8400.

I want to try it first, is that possible?

Yes!  You can try for free Crossfit with a certified trainer in a private session.  You can check out our facility, coaching, and experience the intensity Crossfit is famous for while being coached every step of the way.  Schedule it now.