Pregnant with perfect form! 

Tomorrow (July 4) we’ll be doing a Hero WOD at 7am to celebrate Independence Day.  If you’re not an early riser WCF Race will be doing their Hero WOD at 9am in Centerville, you’re also welcome to head over there.

3/July/2013 Wednesday WOD

7 Minutes to establish a max Hang Power Clean then:

AMRAP 12 Minutes

3 Hang Power Cleans @ 80%

200m Sandbag Run

Rest :30


Optional Gymnastics:  30 Chest to Bar Pullups (performed as 1 rep then drop off bar) & 30 HSPU’s (kick into handstand, complete 1 rep)


In celebration of “Merica” I’m posting this video of a great example of the American Pioneer spirit