Marion Gorder is our December Athlete of the Month!


What is your occupation?


Data Analyst at McKay-Dee Hospital


Skiing and I’m trying to learn snowboarding to keep up with my boys – it’s been hard!  I like to hike and camp and I’m required to mountain bike (again, to keep up with my boys).  At home I do paper crafts and knit occasionally; mostly I read – “trashy novels” as my husband calls them, nothing mind expanding at all!

Tell WCF something we don’t know about you?

When I was in High School (11-18 yrs), in the summer, if the tide was in, my friends and I would swim in the ocean at lunchtime!  Remember, this is the north of Britain …  We were nuts.

When did you start Cross Fitting?

You may have to check the billing records but I think it was January 2010.

Why did you choose WCF?

Because it was right there by the library in Layton – really convenient to drop off overdue books when going to exercise ….

Maybe the better question is why I chose crossfit?  As a woman of a certain age, I recognized I needed to do more weight bearing exercise than I was.  Not being a self-starter, I needed a class.  Voila.

What was your 1st Crossfit workout?

I don’t remember exactly but in my ‘intro’ with John the fireman, he asked me to do a push-up (press-up in the Queen’s English) and he ended up stringing a very thick band up and I still could barely do one on my knees!

How has WCF changed your life?

I’m stronger and I hope healthier.  I know what I can and can’t do / lift.  That didn’t seem important before but I think it is.


Favourite Workout?

One that’s over.  Rowing and deadlifts are probably what I suck least at.

Least Favourite Workout / Movement?

Where do I start?  If I’m not there already, burpees will put me to last place like nothing else;  anything on the rig hurts my hands – pull-ups, T2B etc. And who likes thrusters?  Not me.

Any special moments or memories while working out at WCF?

Name the Disney Movie with Amy U. Dodge Ball with Marci (I did not play this growing up!).


Any advice you would give to newbies?

You are going to hurt to start with but once you get past that, you’ll start to see some big improvements in your performance.  (Then it tails off again – don’t tell them that).


I like – chocolate.

Favourite cheat meal is – same answer as above?  Oh, OK, that’s not really a meal – fish and chips.

I want – to visit Australia.

I am pleased – I make it to the gym most days!

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