Tiffany Mott is our January Athlete of the Month!

What is your occupation?tiffany

Hairstylist and Business Owner.



Costuming and styling for photo shoots.


Tell WCF something we don’t know about you.

I am one of the creators of a performing/modeling group called “Dirty and Flirty animations.”.


When did you start Cross Fitting?

March of 2014.


What do you like most about WCF?

How amazing and welcoming all the coaches and people are.


What was your 1st Crossfit workout?

15-12-9 Deadlifts, Ring rows, burpees.


In what ways has Crossfit changed your life?

Crossfit has changed my life in so many ways! I can keep up with my kids and life so much better. And mentally it has helped get me through one of the hardest years of my life.


Favorite Workout?

Deadlifts. Anything without running.


Least Favorite Workout/movement?

Power Cleans!


Any advice you would give to newbies?

Everyone starts somewhere! You will be surprised by what you are capable of if you are consistent with the time you spend
working out and changing your nutrition.


tiffany1I like – Being outside; boating, camping, even mowing the lawn.

Favorite cheat meal is – Brownies, that’s a meal right?

I want – To keep pushing and keep improving!

I am – A little weirder than you all know!