Tim Senior is our February Athlete of the Month!

What is your occupation?tim

Thailand F-16 Program Manager



Golf, Skiing, and trying to stay fit


Tell WCF something we don’t know about you

I started exercising after my father passed at age 59 of a massive heart attack. At that point (genetics) I had to change my life to prolong my life.


When did you start Cross Fitting?

The minute I realized I was a fat-ass… Summer 2011


What do you like most about WCF?

Traveling the world and visiting CrossFit boxes in several different countries, WCF trainers, programming and athletes are bar-none.. the best!!


What was your 1st CrossFit workout?

A Saturday workout carrying a ton of weight overhead on an outdoor… very hilly.. dirt trail. I was so sore Barb had to help me off the toilet


In what ways has CrossFit changed your life?

It has definitely changed the way I view nutrition. CrossFit has taught me more knowledge about fitness and nutrition. I always thought we ate well but in reality what we were eating was not helping my fitness at all.tim&girls


Favorite Workout?

Any chipper workout. Murph by far.. . the meaning behind the WOD is dear to my heart!


Least favorite workout/movement?

Muscle-Ups are stupid!


Any advice you would give to newbies?

Whatever that individuals goals are… give CrossFit a minimum of 90 days (without leaving the box and going to McDonalds) and you will see changes to your weight, body, and mind.


I like… Chippers, and taking pictures with Rich.tim&rich

Favorite cheat meal… Pizza

I want… Continuous butterfly pull-ups

I am… NOT very proficient at most of the movements and would like to have more mobility