Myken Jensen is our March Athlete of the Month!

What is your Occupation?myken
Radiology Tech.

Skiing, Biking, Backpacking, Riding my Motorcycle, Fishing, Spending time with Family and Friends.

Tell WCF something we don’t know about you?
Once I went on a juicing cleanse and had nothing but juice for a whole month.  It was terrible but I felt great by the end!

When did you start Cross Fitting?
May of 2016

What do you like most about WCF?
The People!  Everyone is so friendly and accepting and willing to help.

What was your 1st CrossFit workout?
I can’t remember but I know it involved burpees.

In what ways has CrossFit changed your life?
In every way!  I have more energy and confidence.  I am happier and more in tune with my body.  I have met amazing people that inspire me to work harder and do better!

Favorite Workout?mykenfish
Any sort of AMRAP with sit-ups or box jumps.

Least Favorite Workout/movement?
Toes to Bar

Any advice you would give to newbies?
Stick with it and keep coming!  Remember that nobody is judging you or your lack of knowledge of CrossFit.  Everyone is there to improve themselves wherever they are at their personal fitness goals.


Fill in the Blank

I like…Making people laugh.

Favorite cheat meal is…Pizza from The Pie Pizzeria

I want…Ice Cream…always!

I am…great at making already awkward situations more awkward.  I thrive in awkwardness..hah!