Jeremy V. is our Featured Athlete!

What is your Occupation? 

Sales/Financial Advisor.



Crossfit, Watching B rated movies, Spending time with Kellie.


Tell WCF something we don’t know about you?

I played Semi-Pro Ball in Mexico.


When did you start Cross Fitting?

May 2017.


What do you like most about WCF?

Zach Nicholas/ seeing my brothers, Jessi & Danny, Justin & Amy/Spending that time with my wife, somedays it’s the only time I see her that day.


What was your 1st CrossFit workout?

Murph was the first one I can remember.


In what ways has CrossFit changed your life?

I am stronger, healthier, fitter.  It allows me to be competitive without hurting friendships.


Favorite Workout?

Anything without thrusters/body movement workouts.


Least Favorite Workout/movement?



Any advice you would give to newbies? 

Stay in your lane and within you capabilities, check your ego at the door, CrossFit is a lifestyle.


Fill in the Blank 

I like…helping others reach their full potential, spending time (Quality Time) with my wife (Kellie).


Favorite cheat meal is…all of them (especially cake and donuts).


I want…to help as many people I come in contact reach their goals and dreams and leave them better off then I found them.


I am…Hopefully a better person than I was yesterday.