Jessi O. is our featured athlete!

Jessi O. February
What is your Occupation?
Info security-I defend the internet for the Dept of Defense


Reading, wine, skiing, CrossFit, hacking news


Tell WCF something we don’t know about you?
I’m super analytical. I overthink everything (including this question).


When did you start Cross Fitting?


What do you like most about WCF?
Community & Coaching


What was your 1st CrossFit workout?
400 x 500-4rds 400m Run + 500m Row


In what ways has CrossFit changed your life?
Made me realize, you can be fit at any age. I went from trying to be “better”to trying to stay fit for life.


Favorite Workout?
EMOM weights


Least Favorite Workout/movement?
Front Squats & Toes to bar


Any advice you would give to newbies?
Don’t be afraid (or ashamed) to scale at any time, scaling to maintain intensity is something I always try to remember. Intensity does not meanfeeling like you want to die after every workout. It means pushing yourself past your discomfort.


Fill in the Blank


I like…to cook!


Favorite cheat meal is…I don’t cheat…I try to eat in moderation without restriction.


I want…to be strong, healthy & happy wherever I am.


I am… humbled to have found a community of great people who ground me. This is the first place I’ve lived outside my home town. This community welcomed me and keeps me sane.