I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying it being football season again!

We are starting this week off with a bang. A nice “open style” workout for you all on this Monday. The open is less than a month away, and they love to program stuff like this with a heavier barbell as the workout goes on.

Today the whole point is to get to that heavy barbell, even if you scale the load, we want it to be heavy! It should slow you down, heck, you might even fail a rep or 2 and that’s okay. We want to treat today like the open. Meaning if the weight was really hard for you, in the open you’d have no choice but to keep trying that weight, the same thing for today!

The video below is just some basic cues, but who knows, maybe it’ll help you with cleaning as well. Keep in mind the cue should be short and simple. You shouldn’t be thinking a million things before trying to lift a heavy barbell!

MONDAY 9.16.19

12 Squat Clean and Jerk 115/75, 15 Burpees
10 Squat Clean and Jerk 135/95, 15 Burpees
8 Squat Clean and Jerk 155/105, 15 Burpees
6 Squat Clean and Jerk 185/115, 15 Burpees
4 Squat Clean and Jerk 205/135, 15 Burpees
2 Squat Clean and Jerk 225/145, 15 Burpees
Max Squat Clean and Jerk 245/155
*Score is total reps

Bench, Bench, Bench

Some bench press tips below. These are actually some great videos and there is more than just 1 video. 5 videos in this series, and they all give you some great information. I picked this one just because these 2 are the biggest problems we see.

Most people struggle using the legs to actually help them with the bench, you usually see feet flying in the air when it starts to get heavy.

The other thing we tend to see is a crazy bar path. This is just like everything else we do (squat, deadlift, clean, etc). The straighter the bar path, the easiest the movement will feel and the more efficient we will be.

For sure people could improve with a better set up or grip position and all that, and that’s why we urge you to watch all of them. But for now this one will work!

FRIDAY 9.13.19


3 rounds for time:
500m Row
21 Bench Press 135/85
12 Strict Pullups
RX+ 3 Rope Climbs
*20 Min Cap

Coaches Choice!

Why Time Caps?

Most of you that come actually do a really good job of hitting the stimulus of the workout. There is times when people will get capped and that’s part of life, but maybe you aren’t sure of why we have time caps?

The whole though process behind the time cap is the keep the stimulus or “intensity” of the workout. Now we try to do this with prescribed weights, distances, reps, etc. But at times, it’s not what everyone should be doing, so we rely on time caps to help you get the idea of what we want.

Now it’s okay to hit a time cap every now and then, but if you are consistently hitting or going over the time cap, you are missing the boat on the workout and will likely not reap the benefits.

At times, most people would think that it doesn’t make much sense. Isn’t going heavier better? Won’t you see more results if you do that, or do a harder option, regardless of your times? That is usually the thought process, and that is usually what halts peoples progress.

Now we can get into the weeds about this, but we’ll try not to and just keep it simple. If you want results you need intensity. Depending on the workout the intensity will change. A workout like Fran (sub 5 min) will be a very different intensity than a 5k (20+ minutes). But in their own right, there is still intensity. For Fran you’re just going all out, as fast as you can. For the 5k you’re trying to hold the fastest pace you can maintain for 3 miles. Regardless of the time frame, you have intensity in that workout.

In a 5k it’s simple to measure, the person who ran fastest had the most intensity. For a workout with a barbell it’s a lot harder. Easiest method is figuring out how much power output they had. Power= force X distance / time. Basically saying how fast can you move that load.

Back to our Fran example (21-15-9 thrusters 95/65 and pullups). If someone does Fran in 5 minutes with the prescribed weight and someone else does it the same weight but does it in 12 minutes, the person doing it in 5 will have more power output and see better results. The same would go if that person that did it in 12 minutes dropped the weight down to something he could get under 5 minutes. The whole point is to hit the “stimulus” or “Intensity” of the workout. That’s why we have the time caps.

So listen to the coach. Forget the weights or distances. You want to live in the time frame of what the coaches suggest. If they say light barbell, make it light. If they say heavy barbell, make it heavy, if they say run fast, drop the distance down to keep you running fast. Whatever you need for the day the coach is there to help. Just ask and they will lead the way!

The video below also has some great information on this

THURSDAY 9.12.19

4 rounds for time:
50 Double Unders
25 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
*12 Min Cap

4-5 sets:
50m OH carry per arm
50m Single Arm Farmer Carry per arm


Today we pay respects to those that gave our lives, helping those who were in need. Most of you probably know where you were when 9/11 happened. You probably knew what you were doing before/after all day. Heck I even remember and I was in 5th grade.

It’s one of those days that you will never forget. Today will be like a hero day in a sense. The numbers all represent something, and we should treat it like a hero workout.

Even though we may not know who all these people were who passed on, we feel the connection. We were living here, we knew how scary it was, how going on a plane after that was terrifying. We felt all those emotions. So today try and push it hard, remember the day and be grateful for this great place we get to live in, and how people are so unselfish that they will risk their lives to help the greater good of mankind.

Tough video to watch, but maybe something that can help you really want to push it hard for tomorrow.


Teams of 3
For time:
2,563m Row
343 Burpees
71 Calorie Bike/Ski
*1 person working at a time. Partition as you see fit
**The numbers are for the 343 fire fighters, 71 law enforcement, and 2,563 additional civilians and government employees that died during 9/11 attack

Why is Grip Strength Important?

If you are planning to try and go RX today, you might notice that your grip will give out a little bit. Not only is grip a limiting factor for a lot of people, but people don’t undsterdand the important of a strong grip. Not only do some of the strongest people on the planet have a strong grip (Brian Shaw, look him up, insane feats of strength) but the write up below gives some greats points as well and how to improve the grip if you struggle with it!

Get A Grip by Ben Greenfield

Quick question: which of your muscles did you use the most over the past hour? The past day? The past week?

If you’re like most people on the face of this planet, the answer is this: your fingers, hands, wrists and forearms.

Just think about it: not only does nearly every sport that exists, from swimming to wrestling to golf to tennis to football to basketball to baseball to climbing to obstacle course racing and beyond require extremely high activity levels of the thirty-five tiny gripping muscles in your forearms and hand…

…but most common activities of daily living also rely upon adequate strength and endurance in these muscles too, including typing, moving the trackpad or mouse on your computer, doing the dishes, carrying laundry, turning a doorknob, vacuuming, driving, and even sex (seriously, just try to get it on in the bedroom with your hands tied behind your back or your fingers clenched in fists the whole time).

So in this article, you’re going to learn more about why good grip is so important,  the top techniques for not enhancing grip but also eliminating wrist and elbow pain,  and some of the top grip strengthening secrets from my personal fitness coach Yancy Culp.

Why Good Grip Is So Important

If your grip and forearm muscles are not conditioned with mobility, strength and endurance, then the result winds up being the frustrating chronic repetitive motion injuries that plague both office workers and athletes alike. For example, without adequate grip and forearm strength, tennis players develop tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), which is debilitating and disabling pain on the outside of the elbow. Golfers, climbers, CrossFitters and obstacle racers who don’t have adequate grip and forearm training often develop the opposite issue, a problem known as golfers elbow, climbers elbow and medial epicondylitis, which is basically pain anywhere on the inside of the elbow and forearm. People who work on a computer often get one or both of these same issues. And you can undergo all the deep tissue work, injections, massage, and anti-inflammatory remedies on the face of the planet, but until you address the underlying issue of grip and forearm conditioning, these problems will continue to plague you.

It actually baffles me why many physical therapists, physicians and chiropractors don’t more often prescribe grip strengthening strategies for recovery from issues such as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome. For me personally, the elbow pain that I’ve gotten from the combination of copious amounts of pull-ups and rope climbing combined with ungodly amounts of time spent typing away on my Macbook Pro has only really been remedied with the type of grip exercises you’re going to get later on this article, and not via remedies such as injections or topical ointments or curcumin or ginger or anything else that would normally work for injuries on other parts of my body.

Fitness training legend Charles Poliquin backs this up when he says…

… “these ailments are often caused by improper strength ratios between the elbow muscles and the forearm muscles. If the elbow flexors, like the biceps and brachialis, are too strong for the forearm flexors, uneven tension accumulates in the soft tissue and results in elbow pain”.

Yep, that means that all the bicep curls, preacher curls, barbell curls, tricep extensions, and any other “traditional” arm training exercise you may be doing could actually make your problem worse not better if you’re not training and mobilizing your grip at the same time.

Heck, issues with your grip can even radiate out to other areas of your body and cause even more injuries that you’d never guess would have had anything to do with your grip. For example, the health of your shoulder and rotator cuff has been correlated to the strength of your grip. One study found that grip strength has a significant correlation with the muscle strength of shoulder abduction and external rotation, and another study has revealed increased prevalence of rotator cuff weakness and injury on the same side of a hand injury or disorder.

But grip strength goes above and beyond just injury prevention.


TUESDAY 9.10.19

15 minutes find heaviest complex:
Deadlift + Hang Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Jerk

7 Deadlift 115/75
7 Hang Power Clean
7 Front Squat
7 Shoulder to OH
*RX is doing the whole round unbroken


A great benchmark to start off our Monday. This is “Grace’s” best friend. If you don’t know, “Grace” (30 clean and jerks 135/95) was programmed well before “Isabel” (30 snatches 135/95).

It seemed only fitting to have another workout, with another girls name doing snatches instead of clean and jerks. Of course for most people, the clean and jerks are much easier than the snatches, so they actually hate seeing Isabel.

Still it is a great workout. Short, sweet, and simple. 30 reps, 1 movement, a barbell that is a manageable load (and if it’s not we should scale it so it is). This one packs quite a punch and you can see how workouts like this can give us both strength and conditioning benefits. 1-10 isn’t too bad. 10-20 is starting to get rough. 20-30 you’re just trying to survive!

Should be a great test of fitness, and can anyone beat these guys below?? Keep in mind this happened back in 2010, so are you fitter than these guys 9 years later?

MONDAY 9.9.19

Power snatch

For time:
30 Snatches 135/95
*If unsure of weight use around 75-80% of heaviest single
**8 Min Cap

Friday Fun Day!

Hopefully you all have some fun plans for this weekend. The good weather will not last long. If you’ve been in Utah you know we don’t get to enjoy nice weather for more than a couple months.

So try and get outside, go backpacking, camping, on a hike. Do something, don’t be boring!

If you hit this workout today, a lot of people tend to struggle with this high complex movement like handstand walking. The video below might help. Hope you enjoy!

FRIDAY 9.6.19

Gymnastic Strength
40-50 T2b
40-50 Ring Dip
*Can be strict or kipping for both movements

For time:
10 Bar Muscle up
50′ HS walk
20 Power Snatch 135/95
50′ HS Walk
30 Alternating Pistols
50′ HS Walk
400m Run
*20 Min Cap

Coaches Choice!

Bring a Friend Day!

Bring a Friend day is Thursday, all classes are free to try!

Today is free for all! Grab some buddies and come hit a workout. Remember it’s okay if they struggle a bit, take some of the load off of them. Help them out, don’t just assume that they know what’s going on.

If you see someone new, say hi, ask questions about them, show them this awesome community. Help them out when you can, but remember the coaches are there for a reason!

Hope to see some new faces!


Bring a Friend Day
Teams of 2
15-20-25-30 Calorie Row
20-30-40-50 Walking DB Lunge Step
25-40-55-70 Abmat Situps
*1 person working at at time. Continue to add (5) Calories on rower, (10) lunge step and (15) situps each round. DB Lunge will be held in front rack position.
RX 50/35 DB
RX+ 70/53 KB’s

VLOG Wednesday

Bring a Friend day is Thursday, all classes are free to try!

I might have already posted this video, if I have i’m sorry. If you haven’t seen it then take a listen to it. Nutrition is always the hot topic, and E.C is very smart when it comes to this kind of stuff.

It’s nice to have her answer questions that probably a lot of people are thinking and wanting answers too. So hopefully this can help you guys out as well.

If you’ve already watch it, watch it again and try and find some more nuggest and pearls that you might have missed.


Push Jerk

15 Push Press 75/55
10 Box Jump 24/20
5 Burpee

Clean Pillar #1

Bring a Friend day is Thursday, all classes are free to try!

Even though we are finding a heavy 2 rep today for the power clean, we will be dropping between reps. The goal here is to work on the pull from the ground. The video below talks about things we want to see/think about when we are pulling from the ground.

Most people will tend to struggle with this when it gets heavy. If you haven’t noticed, the more you go down your body (hi hang, hang, below knee, floor) the more complex it becomes and the more that can go wrong. Hi hang and hang people will have problems, but not nearly as bad as when they go from the floor.

This is why we always want a top down approach, and why if the hi hang or hang is bad, that from the floor will probably be worse.

Take a look at the video and apply it to your lifts for today!

TUESDAY 9.3.19

Power Clean
15 minutes to find a heavy 2 rep
*Drop btwn reps and quickly reset

For time:
30 Power Clean 115/75
90 Double Unders
200m Run
20 Power Cleans
60 Double Unders
200m Run
10 Power Cleans
30 Double Unders
*15 Min Cap