18.4 is my jam…..too bad it doesn’t matter.

Alright guys, well I didn’t hit the nail on the head this week, but again you can see the parallels to Monday. Lots of posterior dominant work. I hope that the strength training in the fall and the conditioning we’ve been doing has helped and gets to show here. HSPU’s we are ready for. We’ve practiced and hopefully are dialed in! You are ready to crush this thing. My advice is that if you haven’t done HS walking and don’t feel confident about it then you smash Diane as fast as you can, for a PR! Let’s go! And if you know you can manage some walking on your hands you have to pace this thing! The heavy deads will be a challenge but then you have to be mindful of executing the HS walking under duress. The fine line is how much fatigue can you do it under.
Have fun, of all the workouts that make me miss the Open, oh boy do I miss this one. And what an Open it has been thus far this year!
OPEN 18.4

21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlifts, 225 / 155 lb.
Handstand push-ups
21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlifts, 315 / 205 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk after each set

Flow, you know!



Sotts Press x 10 (45/35)

Lateral Shuffle x 100 yrd. (10 yrd. X 10 lengths)

Hip Extension x 15 OR Banded good morning

Lateral Bridge twist x 10 each side

Bike 20/15 cals

Spartan Burpee x 10

Amrap 25 minutes

Today I wanted to include a small tutorial I’ve seen a few places online to give you guys some ideas on ways to improve your kipping pull up! Check out the video below. Come into class and practice and see if you can help yourself get your first, or maybe start stringing more together in a smoother fashion! Every skill takes practice, a pull up is no different.

Bench Press
Build to a heavy 2 reps
In 12 minutes
1:00 Row (Cals)
1:00 Abmat Sit up
1:00 Pull Up
Rest 1:00
5 rounds for max reps!

Sore or Naw?

We did 3 different types of pulling yesterday and a lot of jumping. From what I heard and saw it was either a loved workout or a hated workout! ha. Either way it was productive! There were fitness gains yesterday for sure.
Recovery is a key aspect of being able to continue the growth! I suggest a hot bath, with epsom salt! And sure….let’s ahead and throw on some music and a candle or two…..what?! Yes, boys like it too thank you! But truly, pretty much a full bag of epsom salt + the water being as hot as you can tolerate has been a key staple in my recovery through the past 2 years. 2x a week when I”m training hard is definitely a worthy experiment if you’ve never tried it. It sets you up for a great relaxed night of sleep too! Well, that plus “Relax” from FNX of course. Side Bar: We have actually had people write into us saying they got off of prescription sleep medication by using our “natural” sleep alternative from our line! Super encouraging. Just thought I’d make a shameless plug!
EMOTM x 10
3 Hang Squat Snatch
Power Snatch x 6 (115/85)
HSPU x 9
Pistol x 12
12 minute amrap


Wait….more jumping?

Ok folks! Today is one of those days that you will FEEL! It is a bit redundant, lots of pulling and jumping. But it is the fun kind of workout, there are 3 different stages and the workout is 1 total score!
Crush it!
SDHP (95/65)
Box Jump (24/20)
Power Clean (135/95)
Box jump over (24/20)
Dead Lift (255/165)
Burpee Box Jump Over


Well, my guess was off. BUT there are snatches and Bar muscle ups in this workout, so I still have a nose for the test.
But folks there is a lot more than those two. This is a unique workout, I really like it and it can be fun! There will be some of you studs that are able to do this thing RX’d and go through more than 1 round, awesome! You don’t nee much advice if so, just do what you can.
For those of ya’ll that are battling with that first muscle up or know it will be a miracle to get through 12 ring muscle ups then the workout is a little different for you. I suggest you give it a shot RX’d first no matter what, you NEVER KNOW! And when you do, you have to GO GO GO! The trick is to treat the first 100 dubs, 20 OH Squats, 100 dubs, like it is for time. The reason is because there is a tie breaker there at that point, each 100 dubs signifies a tie breaker, and YOU KNOW lots of people will be stuck at muscle ups. Soooo, how fast you get through those dubs matters! Hit em! Then if you don’t get a muscle up at all, or only a few and you want a good workout you can then go through the workout scaled! That is what I’d do! Have fun with this one, it could be a lot of firsts for many! Best luck!
OPEN 18.3

2 rounds for time of:
100 double-unders
20 overhead squats
100 double-unders
12 ring muscle-ups
100 double-unders
20 dumbbell snatches
100 double-unders
12 bar muscle-ups

Time cap: 14 minutes


Flow it out.

Flow could also be defined as long and slow. There certainly is a time and place for this style of training and in fact could be what is missing from your week to week regime. So maybe you shouldn’t always just sit out on Thursdays! I say this because most Crossfitter’s (Not all) have no desire to do long slow type of conditioning. What I mean when I refer to this is like 2 hour hikes, run a 5k, row a 5k or more, or bike 20+ miles at a time. This is notoriously very boring to most of you whom prefer to do HIIT style training like what CrossFit usually provides. Without this style of training though we can leave a very large hole in our fitness. Yes you won’t be great at longer workouts but the truth is that you will recover less efficiently. Throwing in long slow work 1-2 days a week will help you produce high amounts of red blood cells, help repair tendon and joint health (as long as your form of it isn’t always running, yes the pounding does add up) and it helps you even recover in between training sessions just through building a larger aerobic base.
The value of these flow sessions that I provide is that they put your body through its full end range of movement. We move with control but purpose and we also still go through several, sometimes hundred muscle contractions but without creating more soreness. We also focus on movement planes that we often over look in our style of training in order maximize the intensity results. So there are several reasons you shouldn’t sit out on flow days. The last big one though it will help continue to lower body fat. Long slow exercise can be the missing link on your metabolism. When we get used to 1 gear and that gear is super fast, your body gets really good at living there. Take back the intensity and go longer and slower. It may seem like an easy session, and it is….but the physical results can really show over time!
24 minute amrap
Turkish Get up x 6 (3 each arm)
Bent Row x 12 each arm (Same weight as TGU)
HR Push Up x 12
L sit: :30
Run 400/ or Row 500
Russian twist x 24



You know by now that is one of my favorite words. This weekend specifically it really resonated with me. I spent Friday with Neal Maddox, he could easily be tagged as one of the fittest men in history. He’s been the to the Games 7 times and each year he has been one of the oldest competitors to qualify in the Open division. The guy is a freak of nature for sure but he also takes great care of his body and trains wisely. He said for him the changes really started to happen around 38. He started the sport later than most competitors at 32, so he still views me as even a young buck and laughs when I tell him that I’m beat up. But he said at 38, he felt older, joints ached, recovered slower, and honestly just lost a “gear” in his performance. I told you he takes care of himself and when I say that I mean, he weighs and measures his food, he eats all organic home cooked meals (thanks to his Fiancee’ Tracy) aside from 1 meal a weekend, he sleeps at least 8 hours a night (has no young kids, he daughter is in college) and he structures his day for optimum performance in his training and recovery!
The biggest thing that has changed over the last 3 years for Neal is his volume. He openly says that in his younger years he would throw down with whoever, he’d be game to do whatever as well. But now it’s different. He knows what he can handle and what he can’t. Neal even changed coaches a couple years ago because he had to tone down how much he was doing and only he knew what he needed. Now you can still catch Neal training 2x a day but its different. He spends an hour warming up in the morning, then coaches, then hits it hard for 2 hours or so with a lift or two and conditioning. Then his PM session maybe also more focused on breathing work or conditong that won’t beat him up and recovering for the next day. The biggest change for Neal is that he doesn’t lift heavy just to lift heavy. He stays light and focuses on form. When it is time to compete he goes heavy, or sometimes he throws heavy weights amongst his conditioning. He said heavy weights are what make him feel old and beat up, so he avoids it. So the question is….how does he stay so fit now that he trains less? Well he simply said,” intensity”. He goes as hard as he can, knowing there isn’t “extra” to do and he has noticed his results are great, still gets a bit fitter or holds onto some of his better lifting numbers without feeling so beat up!
So intensity IS the answer folks. You don’t need more, you need to go HARDER. If you dread the workouts, you are doing them right. This week 18.2 and 18.2a will show how your intensity in training is. Most people don’t like this workout and don’t realize the people will ahve the ability to go sub 4:00 in this workout and still lift a crap ton of weight! So while we are leader boarding this week, take a second and look at 18.2….it will show you who trains right in all energy systems. The shortest one, under 5 minutes is the least fun to visit!
Build to the heaviest Muscle Snatch Possible   in 8 minutes
Build to the heaviest Power snatch possible   in 8 minutes.
Amrap 8 minutes
Snatch x 12 (85/60)
BMU x 4

18.2 and 18.2A

I’m not going to say I told ya so, but it was close. haha.
The front squats and HSPU’s we visited from Monday weren’t spot on. But they did follow the general outline I provided.
-short time domain
-Squatting movement
-Ascending rep scheme
BUT, it definitely didn’t include the max lift that is there at the end!
I LOVE this workout. Unlike in the past when we  did a heavy lift, you can’t just lolligag on the first part and then smoke a big lift. If you ain’t fit, you don’t get to lift. And the faster you can go the more time you have!
My advice:
Go, don’t be scarred. You won’t fail a DB squat, so stand up and squat down. Don’t think it won’t hurt, it will….but you like it. ; )  So go.
Steady on the burpee’s for most. Be consistent with your foot work, remember review the standards, they are different this year than in years past!
Transitions are important folks! Don’t get caught up in taking your time in the early rounds! You’ll lose precious time!
On the clean I’d start around 75-80% for most. You may not have as much time as you think! The fitter athletes that will finish below  6-7 minutes can start around 65-70% and plan for 1 to 2 more extra attempts!
18.2 will BURN! Go, go, go!


Remember although the day of training is low intensity for some, it doesn’t have to be for all. Many of you will skip the gym all together. There is nothing wrong with either of those things. BUT if you plan on crushing the Open workout that will be programmed tomorrow for the gym during classes then don’t go crazy hard. Use today as a change or variance of intensity.

Single Under x 100
Farmer Carry x 60 yards (single arm) 70/53
Lateral Box Step up and over x 20
Evile Wheel x 10
Hip Extension x 20
(banded good mornings is best scale for bigger classes or people scared of GHD)
Bottom Squat :30
Supinated Dead Hang :30
Bike 20/15 cals
30 minute amrap