WCF Nutrition Challenge Week 2

For those of you participating in the WCF 2020 Nutrition Challenge I would like to say congratulations! You have completed Week 1 of the 6-Week challenge and already we have seen a lot of progress. I know you may be thinking; “well how much progress can I really make in one week?” To this I would question what the definition of progress is to you. Although, you might not see much weight loss, physique change, or new PRs the first week, the progress that I am referring to is one of behavior. All of these nutrition, physique, health, and fitness goals you have for 2020 are not short term ones. The big changes that we will see take time. However, “progress” is made up of many short-term goals. The fact that you simply paid attention to what you’ve been eating, or are eating currently, is representative of progress. The time you spent tracking your macronutrients this week is progress. The habits (that you may not know yet that you are developing) represent progress. The increased frequency of sessions in the gym, being more active, and pushing each of your workouts harder IS progress. Through all of these small strokes of effort the bigger picture will reveal itself. I want to say good luck to all of you. We at Wasatch CrossFit are thrilled by the amount of participation we have seen for this nutrition challenge. Do BETTER every week and let’s see what all the hard work can produce for you.


2020. We have a lot of exciting things coming up for Wasatch CrossFit this year. We are thankful for our members and the positive energy you all bring to the gym each and every day. We are excited to see what 2020 has in store for our gym, community, and our members. We hope we can help each of you reach your goals for this year and make 2020 your best year yet!

WCF Nutrition Challenge 2020

The 2020 WCF Nutrition Challenge will be our biggest, baddest, and best nutrition challenge ever presented by Wasatch CrossFit. Members, family, and friends are signing up left and right, don’t be the one to miss out on this great opportunity! Ask a coach today about details for the challenge and how to sign up. Make 2020 your BEST year!