Barbara? Maybe coaches choice??

Another Friday has come upon us. Which is good news, because that means the weekend is finally here! And Regionals are this weekend, and since they’re in SLC I assume everyone who’s anyone is going right?? Well hopefully we see some familiar faces there over the weekend! I always love regional’s season. Sometimes I think it’s even better than the games. Reason being I considered it to be like March Madness. The Games are like the pro’s where sometimes they’ve made it to the Games and that was their goal. Where as with Regionals everyone is going hard because everybody wants to get to the Games. You see people go to some pretty dark places, which is great seeing people suffer, because you know what they’re going through!

Today you might get to hit an old school workout. If you do, give this workout what it deserves, which is straight intensity. Go hard, don’t try and “pace” this. If you blow up, who cares. How many are fit enough to hold on to big sets and move quicker for every round? I mean 3:00 rest is quite a bit, should allow you time to recover right? Only time will tell. If you don’t hit this workout, still have some fun and hit whatever the coach has for you! Either way have some fun and enjoy the weekend to come!

The video below was done in 2010. Range of motion may be a tad sketchy, but none the less 8 years ago. Can you beat the dude who did it 8 years ago? Pat Barber was a pretty damn fit dude, so there’s your challenge if you hit it.

FRIDAY 5/18/18

5 rounds for time:
20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Abmat situps
50 Air squats
*Rest 3:00 btwn rounds.
**40 min cap

Coaches Choice

No flow, just go

Okay some of you may have it ingrained in your head that Thursday’s are “flow days”. Well even though we aren’t lifting a barbell today and basically the efforts are short duration, some might believe this is another “flow day”.

The goal we have for today is for you guys to put forth as much intensity as possible on the rower. We want you to pull the faster you have ever pulled on the rower. Every second will matter here, so maybe watch the videos below to get some help with rowing. I know a few tend to struggle with rowing and generally it’s just a position issue. And then when you start to add speed (think max effort), that’s when things tend to get even worse. So watch and learn, who knows might find something you’re doing that can make you better at rowing?

And who know’s maybe we’ll see some times like this??

THURSDAY 5/17/18

5 sets:
100m row
*The time it takes you to row 100m, that’s how many burpees you must do before rowing again. Rest as needed between efforts. Score is burpees each round
*30 min cap

75-100 Hip extensions
2:00 Weighted plank 45/25


Most people don’t know who Justin Thacker, but the dude is super smart. Many of you might know who Barbell Shrugged is, if you don’t you should check them out. Have a bunch of podcasts out, and their main focus was crossfit so you tend to get a lot of good info.

Anyway, Justin Thacker runs the “Lab Gym” they have some crossfit and strongman but he mainly focuses on weightlifting. Since we will be snatching today figured I throw in this warm up and maybe you guys can explore a few videos and watch all 4 parts to the warm up. Your coach will probably have their own specific warm up for you but it’s always good to learn. And who knows maybe you can use this workout another day when you have to snatch outside of the class. Don’t ever think you’re too good for a warm up! And crazy enough, when you do EMOM’s and add slowly or get the heart rate up with some EMOM’s you tend to lift and feel better. Blood flow will always make things feel better!


10 EMOM:
1 Power snatch + 1 Hang power snatch
*Can build but keep it pretty

For time:
40 Alt. DB snatch (AHAP)
50 Dubs (100)
100m run
30 Alt. DB snatch
50 Dubs
200m run
20 Alt. DB snatch
50 Dubs
400m run
*15 min cap
**RX+ 70/53 KB snatch, alt. arms every 5 reps


So today we get to test out some heavy lifting, with some gymnastic skills. This is a great format for you to not be too fatigued so we can lift heavy, but also give us some time to work on some skills. I encourage you to watch the video below, i’m sure you’ve probably heard a coach say a couple of these cues (I hope!). But sometimes it just takes hearing someone else say it for it to make sense.

Like we’ve said before kipping is a skill, and skills tend to take practice, and practice is done at a low heart rate. Today we shouldn’t be breathing crazy hard so we can hopefully get some good skills practice in. Make sure you pick a number you could hit each time! Don’t be that person that starts out way to hot, and then blows up and starts to look sloppy. Be smart about your choices here!

If you already know how to kip and you’re basically a pro, then it’s time to work on the strict version. Same thing applies here, pick a rep scheme you can hit each time and then make every rep look amazing. The best in the world make every rep look flawless, that should be your goal as well.

And above all else, have fun!

TUESDAY 5/15/18

20 EMOM:
Min 1) 3 Back squat
Min 2) 5-10 hspu (strict or kip)
*70-80% good starting place for back squat. Can build if you’d like

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! Hopefully you spent the day doing things you love! And hopefully you had everything catered to you, because you guys deserve it! Without mothers we wouldn’t be here so thank you for all that you guys do!

Today we got a fast little burner. The reps are short, weight is on the lighter side, so the goal is to move through this bad boy at a blistering pace. And sometimes when that happens peoples movement pattern tends to get pretty sloppy. Sometimes you need to think of working out much like typing on a computer. You want to be fast, but if you go too fast then you mess up a lot, and if you go too slow then it takes forever. We want to be on that line of sometimes we might mess up a little but mostly moving fast and efficient, without many mess ups. And if you get bored you can always watch below and learn something new. It’s a little on the older side but still worth the info. Because let’s face it, we can always move better than we are.

MONDAY 5/14/18

10 Burpee over bar
10 Power clean 135/95
10 Box jump 24/20

Gymnastic Strength
5-6 sets:
3 weighted pullups
3 weighted ring dips

Jerry orrrrr Coaches Choice!


Some of you might be hitting this workout today, some of you might not. If you do end up hitting this workout, understand that it is a hero workout. CrossFit publishes hero workouts pretty regularly on main site. What is the purpose of a hero workout? Well general it is someone who gave their life to help give us the freedom we have today, and general that person did CrossFit.

Most of us know the common hero workouts like “Murph” and “D.T.” But it’s always nice to do some of the “not so famous” hero workout. If you do hit this bad boy today during the suck, be aware of your surroundings, be grateful for the freedom that we have and the ability that we can show up on a Friday morning or afternoon and workout without having to worry about putting our lives on the line. Sometimes we can take those things for granted, keep them in mind today. And of course if you do hit it, give it the effort it deserves, maybe push a little bit harder, even if that means you hang out in the “suck” a little longer, that’s what a Hero workout deserves right?

FRIDAY 5/11/18

Teams of 2
“Team Jerry”
For time:
1 Mile Run (200m)
2000m Row (250m)
1 Mile Run (200m)
*30 min cut off

Sgt Major Jerry Dwayne Patton, 40, died on 15 October 2008 during High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) training while assigned to Army USSOCOM preparing for deployment to Afghanistan. Jerry is survived by his wife Molly and his sons Chad, Cody, Chase and Connor.

Coaches Choice

HS walking

We’ve done HS walking as some skill work, now we get to test it into a workout. Doing HS walking while breathing heavy is totally different than doing it while you’re fresh. Just like anything else that is a “skill” the goal is to build a base. If you don’t have the HS walk mastered yet, then work on the skills you can, as you continue to improve it will become easier and easier and then that’s when we throw it into a workout. Maybe the video’s below can give you some tips to help you out!

THURSDAY 5/10/18

10 Pullup
50′ OH Walking Lunge 45/25
20 Wallball 20/14
50′ HS walk
*Lunge and HS walk in 25′ sections

My Last Fat Summer

The podcast below is a pretty awesome story, I know it’s a bit long but if you have some time over the week to listen to it I strongly urge you to.

This is becoming the new normal for the community of CrossFit. Someone who is overweight, and goes through a life changing experience from the help of CrossFit. This is what it’s all about. Helping those who really need the help in their lives. Granted having elite athletes are cool, games athletes even better. But the fact of the matter is that becoming elite in CrossFit is not the same as getting your life saved by CrossFit. Crazy how many times I’ve heard people say statements like she did. We are humans, we want everything right now, the truth of the matter is that in order to get results it takes hard work. And sometimes that hard work has to span over months and years to get us closer to what we want. The key is to not get discouraged. Enjoy the process, 1% better each day turns into a lot better over a year. Some days are good, somedays are bad, but as long as the effort is there, the results will follow.


For time:
100 Dubs
30 Deadlift 185/125 **225/155
75 Dubs
20 Deadlift 225/155 **275/185
50 Dubs
10 Deadlift 275/185 **315/205
25 Dubs
*15 min cut off

Gymnastic Strength
3:00 Hollow Hold
2:00 Ring Support

Age Group Qualifier 18.4

Today we get to test out a workout that some of the Teenager’s and Master’s got to hit to see if they would qualify for the games. Nothing crazy about a workout like this, reps are short, weight is moderately heavy, and it’s only 5 minutes, how bad could it be?

The pace today is go, push it and if you blow up, who cares, that’s what training is for. If you know something is going to give you some trouble (HSPU or snatch) then be smart about it. Go singles or small reps on hspu and keep the pace quick. 5 minutes goes by pretty fast.

And for those of you who want a bit of a push, the best scores for the 35-39 year olds were 107 reps for guys and 104 reps for gals. That’s over 5 rounds, so you gotta be moving!

TUESDAY 5/8/18

“Age Group Qualifier 18.4”
6 Burpee over barbell
3 Snatch 165/115

3-5 sets:
20yd Heavy sled push
40yd Single arm OH carry/side
40yd Double Farmer carry

The Bar Muscle up

The video above might be able to help some of you who maybe need a little more work on the bar muscle up. Obviously you have to have some strength required in order to get a movement like this. A “foundation” some might say. But one thing to keep in mind is that learning the bar muscle up itself or learning how to kip correctly and get your hips to the bar is a SKILL. And this may sound a bit crazy, but do you know how you work on skills? I’ll give you a hint, you don’t work on them with a high heart rate in a workout when you’re tired. You work on skills with a low heart rate and low fatigue. And you practice those skills over and over again. Once those skills become second nature, then you can add in a heavy heart rate or add them into a workout.

Think of it like this: if you wanted to snatch 185# but you could only snatch 155#, you wouldn’t put 185# on the bar and try and do snatches in the middle of a workout right? Same exact think when it comes to skills like this and others (pistols, ring muscle ups, dips, hspu, HS walking, etc). We need to understand how silly it would be if we did that with weightlifting movements, and then apply that with gymnastic movements. So if you have muscle ups, go for it today. If you do not have muscle ups, well bite the bullet and do the scaling options, and then maybe make a goal to work on bar muscle ups for a month straight. 5 minutes a day over a month is a lot of time. You’d be surprised how much can be accomplished over a month period. But you have to be committed, and you have to understand the steps of working them with a low heart rate before making it more difficult!

MONDAY 5/7/18

For time:
21/15/9- Thruster 95/65
9/7/5- Bar Muscle up
*12 min cut off

4-6 sets:
10 Barbell bent over row
10 Bottoms up KB press/side