Brute Body Exclusive Deal for You.



Brute body 40$/month for any existing Wasatch CrossFit Member!! 

Due to our relationship with Brute Strength we have come to a deal that will allow any one of our members to due the brute body program with full access for only 40$ a month. The program is normally a minimum of 150$/month and we have had many athletes already go through it in our gym. We are now able to give you guys the program for less than a 1/3 of the cost. If you don’t know what it is I’ll give you a brief explanation. But if you want further explanation I’ll put a link to our Brute Strength Website so you can browse it a bit and come with some questions.

What is Brute Body?

It is a program people all over the world literally over thousands to get in the best physical shape of their lives. Now, when I say physical shape I mean literally “lean body mass to body fat ratio”. The program is designed to get you ready for summer or LOOK the best you’ve ever looked in your life. It differs from traditional CrossFit in the fact that Brute Body was designed to get your physically fit too, but in a very linear, simple progression that gets results fast! CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that when programmed and followed right will leave you fitter and healthier and looking better in 10 years than you are now. One is for life and and one is much shorter and faster with different intentions.

The program goes either 5 or 6 days a week. The “light” version is 5 days a week and training lasts about 60 minutes or so. The traditional version is 6 days a week goes around 90 minutes of training. Most of the athletes reading this will prefer the “light” version so you can still expect to spend the normal amount of time in the gym. But if you have the time, then by all means get the full version.

You’ll see the training may seem “vanilla” or plain, but you must understand, it is the best program you’ll find and with good reason. We get amazing results for everyone, and simple is often how you do that. There will be many athletes that still will wish to train in the classes and I / your coaches can help guide you on how to do that. You should always do your strength training from Brute Body first, then replace the metcon that Brute provides with the metcon from the class. It will be a good way to still get the class room feel.


You will be doing the majority of your training off to the side. We ask that you give the main floor area to the classes and try to do what training you can in our oly area. We have cleaned up the look and added a rig and still have more work to do in that room, but it will be suited for this type of “on the side” training.


CARDIO Altert:

The program includes cardio! Yes you must do it if you want the results. CrossFit is great, and high intensity is great, but when you properly mix in good nutrition, with slow steady state cardio and banging heavy heavy weights….you get jacked. So follow the program.


You guys will have a week to make a decision and sign up. What better way to give yourself something to train for into the summer?! Get your bodies and minds ready for warm weather and lake/ beach/ pool/ CF Games season. We whole heartedly intend on having a team at the CF Games this year in Madison, Wisconsin and expect many of you to be there cheering out of your minds, half naked, and going crazy in your brute/ Wasatch Bodies. haha.


Feel free to ask around if you questions. There will be signs around the gym to remind you guys of the deal. And this will be on going, but we thought we’d try to rush this launch so you guys get a shot to hop in the very next group which starts a Monday from today!


Here is a link to the page:



Run 200 m.
Candle Stick x 10
Lunge Jump x 20
Man Maker x 10 (50/35) (push up + Row +Row)
5 rounds for time.


17.5 the Finale

Well folks…..I”ll tell you what, one thing was a surprise! And that was how fast Dave Castro announced the workout with less hand gestures and everything, seems like he is tired of us all making fun of his hesitations and rambling. haha.

The workout however is no surprise and no fun. But it will be a fun way to end this. I can’t wait to watch many regional hopefuls forced to do this workout like 4x in hopes to gain a chance at making to the big show. It will be a blood a bath where every second counts for athletes at that level. For most of us at Wasatch CrossFit it will be about not dying en route to that 10th and final round. Steady will be the name of the game, the less mess ups on those dubs the better. This also isn’t a workout to “get your dubs” on…..because, well, there is no time limit and don’t no body got time for all that. haha. Some workouts are worth trying RX’d, but if you know 350 double unders will take you 20 minutes to do, scale this sucker and call it a day!



9 Thrusters (95/65)

35 double unders

10 rounds for time.


“Spread your fingers and snap your wrist”….yes these are keys to a successful jump shot, but clearly Sara puts them into practice through Wall Balls as well!





Ok crew, been a tough week. (But when is the last time we thought the training week had been easy?) I’m not sure if that has ever existed, at least not since I took over programming about 2.5 years ago. None the less, flow day is here to save the day. The goal is to move with purpose, great quality and workout the kinks while getting a bit out of breath. Remember, “motion is lotion” and can be a huge contributor in recovery. What can’t help recovery is…..sitting on your bum and doing nothing, that breeds laziness and stiff, sore muscles. Move those muscles.

We also get to see Dave Castro and his wonderful Open announcement tomorrow night. What do you think it will be? I honestly am hoping for NO THRUSTERS THIS YEAR. I say that clearly because 1. I’m no fan of thrusters. 2. We have done them on the last week of the Open for 6 years straight! Come on Dave shock us with actually NOT doing thrusters on the last workout, that’d be true variance. So while everyone is out there thinking it will be DB thruster or clusters and Double unders or something, my prediction is……simple. JUST NO THRUSTERS.



Flow Session

Run 200 m.

100 single unders

Push Up with a twist x 10

Mountain Climber x 40

Row 200 m.

Goblet Squat x 10 w/ press out (35/25)

Single arm/leg RDL x 10 each side (35/25)

Hand Stand Hold x :30

Hollow Rock x 20

28 minute amrap

Strength Day.

Ok, today is one of “those” days. You know….the kind where the weak people get stronger! Load up the bars folks and then scale the gymnastics movements to something do able for you and get some great body weight work in too. Enjoy the lack of intensity metabolically!





4×5 Back Squat AHAP
1:30 rest between sets.


Strict HSPU x5

Strict Chin x 5

Strict T2B x 5

6 rounds NFT

The mental game.



I figured I’d share this brute shoot we filmed a bit ago. It describes how many people become obsessed with leader boarding and comparing their performances to another performances. The fact is that, I never want any of you to sign up for the Open to be better than someone else. It is a way to measure, track and seek challenge for yourself and your performance. You will always train harder, perform at a higher level and go to a “darker” place in the Open because of the competitive nature, it is honestly what brings out the best in each of us. But also we must be aware that we can’t control what our opponents/ friends do or post, we can only control our effort and our preparation. There are great ways to enjoy the Open, get your butt kicked by the workout and the leader board and still feel ridiculous satisfaction. Check out this video, I hope it makes sense to most of you. It will even reign true in other facets of your life, be the best version of you, seek improvement and relish in it when it is present!




1. Build to a heavy power clean in 10 minutes.

6 Power cleans 185/125

6 Ring muscle ups

1:1 work to rest 6 rounds for time.

Week 5!

Ok folks, it is here! The final week of the Open. You may actually have a chance at guessing what the workout will be this week. Can you take what we’ve done so far and then make an assumption or hypothesis on what you think it will be? Maybe if you guess it right Castro won’t make you do the last workout?! Yeah right. Well let’s hear what your guesses are, bring them to the gym this week! For today…..we’ve got 1 barbell (Awkward pause….single finger hand gesture)……….NO Dumbbells (I pick up a DB and show it to you for no reason since there aren’t any in the workout)……….2 movements (I hold up 1 finer on each hand as I raise both hands, because….why not?)……..The movements……..ARE……Sumo dead lift high pull and the THRUSTER. Hooorayyy!


Ok enough of the Dave Castro style intro:







Flow Day!

Ok Folks, we are here at week 4 of the Open and yet we await another epic announcement. When will they bust out the rowers? Do we get a chipper this week? Will there be hand stand push ups? Ring muscle ups? We find out tomorrow!


Oh and…..seriously yesterdays workout got out of hand very quickly. For those of you that Rx’d that thing, well done! For those of you that didn’t, guess what? We will be redoing it and my expectation is for you, over the summer, to increase your running capacity and hit that thing RX’d! It may not sound exciting now, but we will put in the work. Stay consistent through the summer and you’ll get there. Tomorrow though, you know it, we flow.





Row 150 m (with straight legs)

Bridge Right :30

Bridge Left :30

Turkish Get up x 10 (5 each)

Lateral Shuffle x 100 yards (50 each leg)..this can be 10 yard domain.

Cossack Slide x 20 (no weight)

MB Russian Twist x 20

25 minute amrap

Hump Day

What better topic to discuss on “hump day” then foam rolling. I joking say that because when you use one it sometimes looks like you are humping the roller, for those of you that have no idea why this may correlate. Either way, foam rolling is something that people don’t often do, and even those that do, often do it wrong. So lets get to why we should in the first place.

When we roll out we are focused on the  the mobility of the fascia. Fascia is a layer of connective tissue that surrounds all of the muscles in our body. Without proper mobility, fibers of the fascia become cross linked and they bind to muscles and nerves, messing up normal motion and causing pain. The can be very local to a pin point location of the muscle or it could actually affect the joints that the muscle moves like your knees, elbows, wrists and even shoulders and hips.



This is a picture, for marketing, not teaching. This is often a way I see most people, specifically runners spending most of their foam rolling time. Most of the time they complain of “tight” IT bands. Well, when this is bothersome you should be spending more time on the quads and the glutes and not directly on the pain site. Spending too much time on the IT band itself can create more tension! Ask questions on how to if you don’t know coaches are here to help!

How to foam roll:

  1. Accept that it will hurt OR you simply have no muscle tone.
  2. Relax your mind and body, breath deep submit to the pressure on your muscles as best you can
  3. Move slowly with control from the top of a muscle to the bottom
  4. When you feel a very tight or tender spot, pause there for around 20 seconds
  5. Just because you have pain in ONE area doesn’t mean to only focus on that part, many times our pain is caused by surrounding tissues being tight, many times the problem site isn’t the are that needs focused.
  6. Get a cheap simple anatomy book and lean about your body. Granted I specialize and make money to TEACH YOU about your mind and body and what you CAN DO. But doesn’t it seem silly that we are humans and we don’t know much about our own bodies? We should be taught from a young age how to tend to injuries, heal, train and recover….and to do that we need to know general anatomy. So, learn some, just the muscles will do. It will blow your mind and change your training once you learn how complex the shoulder, the hip and other kinetic chains are in your body.


1:00 SDHP (135/95)

1:00 Push Up (Hand Release)

1:00 Sit Up (Abmat)

1:00 Rope climb

3 rounds


*Each round is 7:00*

**Score is max reps at each movement. Each Rope climb is to be worth 5 reps. There is 1 minute of rest between each movement, which during the rest an athlete must run 200 meters. If they athlete does not return, they will simply have less time to execute the next movement. Scaling the distance run is a smart scale for this workout.

Hopefully we see one of these…..

My prediction for this weeks workout is simply a chipper of any kind. I don’t know that it will be a repeat workout, I’m really hoping the repeat workout this year is 15.5 the thruster / row workout but with DB’s….I think it would give the whole human race what they deserve. Just kidding, I actually don’t hope thats it truly, but I feel as though if I pretend its what I want, then maybe….just maybe we won’t get it. But this week I expect something a little like this:

Row 60/50 cals

Wall Ball x 50 (20/14)

Box Jump x 40 (30/24)

Power Clean x 30 (135/95)

Muscle Up x 20

For time.

Open week 4

Well, we have made it over the hump folks! At least most of us have, I have yet to do 17.3 and will take it on tomorrow before 12pm at some point. But the majority of our gym, unless retesting is now over the HUMP of the Open! Hooray! Many of you maybe enjoying the process but I think the majority of us love training much more than competing these 5 consecutive weeks. Which, I’m not really sure why….I love to compete but I guess the emotion, the suffering the pain the watching and tracking of the results the strategizing, I could do without. As we come closer and closer to the conclusion of the Open we can start to assume what we will see due to the process of elimination and the set up of the previous workouts. I feel as though we will get a “Chipper” this week, and I think it could be either a repeat of 2016 or 2014. Non the less, tomorrow we “couplet” because….fitness.


Single Arm DB Thruster x 7 (50/35)

HSPU x 11

7 minute amrap


Alternate arms each round. Kipping is allowed.