How much sleep to you need?


Some of you might have some of the problems stated in the video below. Maybe you do work a graveyard shift and struggle to get some quality sleep. Maybe you have a little one that just loves to keep you up all night and doesn’t seem to care about you sleep.

So how do you survive? How do you get some adequate sleep without dying overtime? Listen and learn. A short clip but has some good information in there. People overlook sleep when wanting results. They would rather take supplements on supplements instead of focus on diet and sleep. Keep it simple

TUESDAY 1/22/19

For time:
1500m Row
36 Hang Power Snatch 75/55
63 Box Jump Over 24/20
*17 Min Cap

The Open is Coming


Most of you probably know about the CrossFit Open. Some of you might be new to this whole CrossFit thing and not sure what it is. Well below the video should help you understand what the whole thing is.

The Open will be here before you know it! We have started to prep you guys with some Open style workouts on Friday’s. If you guys plan on working out on Friday’s, then the open workouts will be part of the programming so you might as well sign up if you’re going to be here! Even though at times the open can be a bit rough. It is super fun! You see people all the time get PR’s and do things they never though they could! It’s pretty awesome and worth the 20$ to sign up!

Don’t know where to sign up?? CLICK HERE

Hopefully you guys enjoy this retest today. Strive for going the same weight as last time, even if you are stronger so you can see how many more reps you’ve improved! Sometimes it’s hard to know when you up the weight and get less rounds. Make it easy on yourselfs! Is 12 rounds possible? EMOM style, we’ll see??

MONDAY 1/21/19

3 Power Clean 185/125 **205/135
3 Front Squat
3 Push Jerk
*Retest from 4/23/18

Gymnastic Strength
3 sets:
Max Handstand Hold
*Rest as needed between sets. 1 sec = 1 rep. Score is total reps
**Max of 2 minutes each set

Fitness Friday

The weekend is finally here. Make sure you try and get in and get some fitness on before you let loose over the weekend. If you need some inspiration the video below hopefully can provide it.

Pretty cool story, starting to see this become more and more common. CrossFit mixed with a healthy nutrition lifestyle can reap some amazing rewards. It’s that simple. Exercise, eat right, sleep and you’ll get where you want to be.

FRIDAY 1/18/19

15 Deadlift 185/120
5 Front Squat 185/120

Coaches Choice

Podcast Thursday

If you have some time today I would urge you to listen to this podcast. Sure it’s a few years old, but there is a bunch of wisdom in here. If you don’t know who Louie Simmons is, then you need to do some research. Made some of the strongest humans on the planet.

Sure he might talk about steroids a bit in this, but the dude is smart. And he has a method to the madness, and the madness tends to work to get people stronger. Worth a listen!

THURSDAY 1/17/19

4 sets:
20yd RA Farmer Carry, LA Front Rack Carry
20yd LA Farmer Carry, RA Front Rack Carry
20 Banded Pull Aparts (palms up)

With a 12 minute running clock, for max reps:
3:00 Calorie Bike
3:00 Alternating DB Snatch 50/35
2:00 Calorie Bike
2:00 Alternating DB Snatch
1:00 Calorie Bike
1:00 Alternating DB Snatch
*No rest between movements. Score is total reps


Today we get to hit a classic workout. How hard could it be? Just bodyweight movements, but if you add some speed to these movements, it can be a disaster. Take a chance today, go out hot and try and hold on. Remember with a workout like this, people tend to go so fast that they don’t hit full range of motion. It’s really easy to miss depth on an air squat or not have your chest touch on a pushup.

Keep in mind, full range of motion is king. You get more bang for your buck, so why wouldn’t you do it? It also helps staying legit with standards when the Open comes around, which is soon. Go fast, but make sure you keep the standards, no one likes a sketchy mover.


For time:
100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 Abmat Situps
100 Air Squats
*30 Min Cap

Power Clean and Push Jerk

Today we get to play around with some barbell cycling. This tends to come around during the open, so why not practice it with some heavy and light loads. Try to focus on moving well here and cutting down anytime that you can. Obviously if it’s heavy, might have to take a second or two between reps. When it comes to the workout though, minimize as much time as you can. Make it fast, try and hold on and see what happens. It should be a weight we can move with so the goal is try and go for broke.

TUESDAY 1/15/19

Power Clean + Push jerk
*Keep them TNG

For time:
15 Clean and Jerk, 100 Double Unders
12 Clean and Jerk, 80 Double Unders
9 Clean and Jerk, 60 Double Unders
6 Clean and Jerk, 40 Double Unders
3 Clean and Jerk, 20 Double Unders
*115/80. 15 Min Cap

A Deft Dose of Volume

The story below is a great reminder. We often forget what gets us the results when we first started doing this whole CrossFit Thing.

“A Deft Dose of Volume” by James Hobart (Level 1 Staff)

CrossFit programming thrives upon intensity, not volume.

This focus on intensity is a cornerstone of the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 curricula, and it is also one of the reasons many like CrossFit: fitness in an hour or less. Intensity is also a foundational piece of CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman’s “World-Class Fitness in 100 Words”: “Keep workouts short and intense.”

For years we’ve trusted in and consistently witnessed the bene- fits of less-is-more high-intensity workouts. Any affiliate owner will tell you athletes of all ages and abilities reap fitness bene- fits from 60 minutes of training that include a warm-up, one workout and a cool-down.

Glassman has also said, “Be impressed by intensity, not volume,” and, “Past one hour, more is not better.”

If all that’s true, why do we see so many athletes adding training volume to gain a competitive edge, and how do they do it appro- priately to maximize fitness? We aren’t recommending more training volume, but we do believe some approaches are better than others when athletes are ready for additional work.

Volume: Problems and Solutions

The most common programming questions I receive as a CrossFit Seminar Staff coach and CrossFit Games competitor focus on training volume. Volume—particularly over the last few years—wiggled its way back into a programming methodology that is very effective without it. And this shouldn’t surprise us, as many perennial CrossFit Games competitors follow a regimen well beyond the standard three-days-on, one-day-off pattern seen on and elsewhere.

Continue reading by Clicking Here

MONDAY 1/14/19

10 sets:
50′ Unbroken OH Walking Lunge (AHAP)
*Alternate arms each set

3 rounds for time:
15 Box Jump 30/24
15 Kettlebell Swing 70/53
15 Burpee
*12 Min Cap

Open Style


If your coach ends up choosing this bad boy today it will probably feel some what “Open Like”. You will start to see more of this until the open starts in late February. More open style workouts, couplets, triplets, some chippers, either moderate weight for high reps or building weights.

Now we tend to do CrossFit on a regular basis, living with couplets and triplets for the most part, so this shouldn’t be too much different. You might however, see some more complex gymnastics like muscle ups or handstand walking, etc since they love to throw in some of that when you’re tired. All in all it should be some fun for the next few weeks! Enjoy and have some fun, it’s Friday!

FRIDAY 1/11/19

Squat Snatch

For time:
20/15 Calorie Bike
20 Power snatch 95/65 **115/80
20 Pullup
20 OHS
20 T2b
20/15 Calorie Bike
*15 Min Cap

Coaches Choice



Since we can’t sprint outside this is the next best thing! Today we get to some rowing sprints! Always nice to go maximal effort for just a short period of time. Today the focus will be about going fast (of course) but also about keeping good mechanics. And yes, shockingly there is mechanics in rowing. Learning how to row properly will pay off big time here, less energy and can create some more power.

And who knows, maybe we’ll see some times close to this? I mean it’s only the world record by a massive human who’s insanely strong, but you never know!

THURSDAY 1/10/19

10 rounds:
100m Sprint on Rower
*Rest 1:30 between rounds. Score is fastest and slowest round

3-5 sets:
20 Weighted Step Ups (10 R/10 L)
:45 Weighted Plank



Maybe this has been uttered in your class a time or two. Maybe it hasn’t and this is new news to you? Either way bracing is pretty important but tends to get lost in the shuffle by either people forgetting about it or deciding they don’t think it’s that important. However, learning how to brace while being out of breath is an important thing in CrossFit. Especially when the loads become heavy or we get fatigue (which pretty much happens almost every workout!)

So watch the video and understand the importance of this and why we want to learn and practice how to brace correctly. Not only is it safer and will help with less injuries, but it will also become more efficient as far as stay tight and using some torque to help get the weight up. All this becomes important when we get tired. So start practicing now.


Gymnastic Strength
2-3 sets:
5-3-1 Bar Muscle Up
*20 Shoulder taps between sets

3 rounds for time:
7 Deadlift 315/205
14 Burpees Over Bar
*10 Min Cap