Programmer of the week……

Here we go. Everyones favorite style of chipper! Tomorrow’s workout will be fun. Are your shoulders sore? Maybe a little tired from this awesome week of programming? Well you can thank Mrs.Angel Larsen!! She was the coach who programmed this elegant week of programming. Share the love and give her the usual death stares and angry comments that normally come flying my way. : )
Even more important….there is a local competition going on this weekend called the 801 Classic. Last year we had a great showing at this comp and this year Mitch will be down there competing with Mandi on a team and I hear there are grumblings that Tiff and Brendan may form a last minute team and go compete. The events start Friday night and also are most of the day Saturday starting in the morning. The location is at Alder CrossFit in Orem! Should be a good time, get out and support some of our peeps!
100 Double Unders
200 m sled drag 95/75
80 KBS 35/26 (Russian)
200 m sled drag
60 Russian twists (25/15)
200 m sled drag
40 med ball clean (20/14)
200 m sled drag
20 pistols alt leg