Adrian Conway; Fired from WCF.





Life certainly has times and seasons. I am going through a transition of one myself right now! Many of you may not know but I am owner in FNXfit ( ). We launched our new supplement line adjacent to the CrossFit Games so have been going for 2 months and a few days. As a business owner, it is kind of like my 2nd baby for now, if that makes any sense at all, ha! And like Alijah this thing is growing fast, which is what we want for sure. The downside to this is that more and more of time is needed to be spent at our offices in North Salt lake. This will take time away from me being able to be present at the gym, coaching as much as I have over the past few years. There are “grumblings” of me leaving the gym, which is not the case.

(Clearly the headline is a joke, but I wanted everyone to read this….most people don’t read the blogs.)

What is happening is my time is being cut back, I simply can’t spend the time coaching I would like to. But I am happy to be doing new things, it is very fun! I will still program, over see coaches development and coach an early morning class, and 4:30/5:30 Pm a couple days a week(Mondays and Thursdays). I unfortunately won’t be able to make it in for the mid morning classes much at 9/10AM, apologies to all the Mom’s out there! In addition to our offices in North Salt Lake, we are launching a gym there as well. The gym will allow us to film great content, provide an amazing space for our sponsored athletes to train at and be credible in the CF space with FNXfit. Since we are starting a gym there, a long time gym in Bountiful, CrossFit 22 will be closing. After a few discussions we felt like it was in everyones best interest to consolidate and work as a team. The owners and coaches there are ready for something new and improved and I’ll work with and oversee as they lead our new location. The affiliate there will be in my name, but I won’t be taking on head coaching roles there as I do at Wasatch quite the same. I’ll coach the coaches and assist in classes when I can, and be a presence there but I am not coaching less here in order to coach more down there. The trade off for me is to invest my time in what provides the greatest return. Right now that means most of time is spent at FNXfit, Brute and doing CFHQ work. It is certainly a business decision based on times, seasons and simply opportunities in life. I’ve learned quickly you are only relevant for a short while and have to be willing to seize the opportunities as they present themselves or you can certainly miss out.

The facility down in North Salt Lake (likely named Redefined Fitness or Redefined Training) will Open toward the end of this month, yes like I said…moving fast. You will have a chance to come drop in if you are a commuter and also use a discounted punch pass that we will likely offer to existing Wasatch Members if you would wish to come down to train every now and again.

This all is a hard decision for me to make as the coach of Wasatch CrossFit, but certainly a great opportunity for me and my family. I’ve fought hard to make coaching a career, and as many of you may not know, coaching hour to hour through a day at a time doesn’t bring much financial gain. When it comes to time in vs. reward out, it is certainly very hard work. I’m at the point where I can now use my coaching and reach to start monetizing some of my previous hard work. I’ll never stop coaching as it is a true passion and I’ll always be around the Wasatch CF community and try to lead and serve as much as possible. Most of you guys are very dear friends of mine and some of you I consider family. There have been 3-4 instances in the past two of other owners trying to pay me more to leave or pull me into other directions and I’ve fought to stay true to this community because of my loyalty and love for ya’ll. Now that I am an owner and have skin in the game in FNXfit, it is now the right time to step back and lean on the staff we have built to stand in my place for some of my hours through the week.


So….if you heard I am leaving, that is not true. I will be around a bit less in the future however. If any of you guys have questions about anything, ask me. I’ll always be honest and transparent on what is going on or coming from me! I owe a ton to many of you long time members as I’ve learned to lead, learn and coach by getting to experiment on you. As I grow to new opportunities I hope you see that you paid an integral role in this journey for me!


Now back to your scheduled Thursday workout:


Swinging KB Clean x 10 (each arm) @70/53
MB step ups (20’) x 20 (10 each leg)….switch legs each rep.
MB Russian Twist x 30 (20/ 14)
Rest 2:00
6 rounds for time.


FYI: If the coach tells ya scale back….you probably should. If you fight against their orders, I’ll find out. Then I’ll likely remove you from earth. Hit it hard crew! JK….but seriously, if you can’t do 10 unbroken on each arm to start, its way too heavy!