Friday the 13th

Well, they day is here for all of you spooks and ghouls! It isn’t Halloween but it is the next best thing before it happens! That eerie date that means nothing to no one except for Jason Vorhees. If you don’t know who Jason is, here is a picture:

You can run from him, he will only walk to chase you, and he will catch you every.single.time.



He is a yolked up dead/alive man/boy who was killed as a child in a lake and comes back each Friday the 13th to basically kill the sinful youth of today’s society. He was killed by his peers as a child while being taunted and made fun of, he seems to thrive mostly on the alpha’s of the movies but basically always picks people off as they engage in something they likely shouldn’t be doing. He is kind of like a really extreme accountability buddy I guess, no correction though, you just die.


Second guess any wrong decisions you may make tomorrow……he is out there. He rises straight from the Salt lake. If nothing else, show these films to your teens and show them what happens when they drink under age, have premarital sex and smoke weed…..Jason will kill them. That should do the trick. ; )