Just some of our studliest of humans!
Our journey over the next 6 weeks may seem boring to some of you. I say that because our strength work will come to be almost predictable. But, don’t forget there is tremendous results that can be had from following a linear approach to strength training. For athletes that don’t follow this style of training all year long we can expect many of our members to walk out of this 6 week progression with 15-25 lb. increases on EACH one of these lifts. Considering you start dialing in good sleep, consistency in the gym and some good fueling choices like whole food and FNXfit products, you’ll certainly have it happen. ; )
The point is to respect the process, when the reps go down, go after heavier weights! Use week 1 as a baseline and lets see where we can go each week!!


A1:Dead Lift
Rest :30
A2:Walking Lunge x 24 (total steps)
4 working sets.




Power Snatch x 12 (75/55)
Double Under x 28
3 minute amrap
Rest 3 minutes
3 sets!


**9 total minutes of work plus 6 minutes of rest. Manage lifting so you have plenty of time for this. And still to teach the snatch appropriately**