November 6th 2017!!

Nutrition Challenge



You should sign up for the challenge!

Yes there will be a challenge! YOU SHOULD JOIN IN! Any and everyone could use some extra motivation around this time of the year….heck even I’m over here doing Paleo….come on people! Haha. You guys can range from different plan choices and all have different goals, but there will be weekly prizes, and ways to track accountability! The cost will be 20$ and there will be an informative meeting this Saturday at 11AM. Bring a friend to come workout at 10AM and stick around and hear about the challenge. You may be interested after hearing about it! If not, no worries. Everyone can benefit from things like this, even those of you who don’t want to lose weight but want to perform better and gain weight….this can provide the motivation and accountability to simply be more consistent, meal prep and be better about prioritizing your food choices. After all… ARE WHAT YOU EAT!