Here we go!

Ok crew! The day has come, all of you, which hopefully is almost all of you reading this are embarking on our nutrition challenge! Hopefully you have spent the last couple days game planning the attack to whatever plan you are choosing to put into practice. It doesn’t matter which plan you have chosen, we know that the truth to the saying in “if you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail” is certainly true when it comes to diet. Food prep going forward will be your best friend! Make sure you have an idea of the intention through your week, what will you have for breakfasts? Snacks? Dinners when the days are long and time to prep is limited?!

A few good ideas I’ve put into practice on many occasions is to cook up a breakfast casserole. Sunday crack open a dozen eggs, mix in a ton of good veggies and bake up huge omelette, this can be breakfast through out the week and maybe even a snack or two as well. The next thing is to throw your choice of hamburger or turkey/ chicken burger into the the crockpot with seasoning and veggies, this will make for a few lunches and all you have to do is add carbs. You can add this to a salad, or a sweet potatoe or a few other random fruits and veggies and you are set. The last thing is to plan to cook at least 2 crockpot meals for dinner. Look up a favorite recipe or two and cook it up! It will make leftovers so it can carry on to a few meals or a few dinners.


It may not seem like much, but those are some ideas! Best of luck this week! It has to start with 1 meal at a time!





Back Squat
Rest 2:00 between sets!




Row 30/20 cals
OH Squat x 50
Dead Lift x 60
For time!