Benchmark Test.

This is a common one. Today we will be doing Cindy. No weights, just you and your body in space. This is a great workout to retest at the end of the nutrition challenge, so uhm…..maybe be ready for that. Many of you will struggle with push ups here, and also even push ups and some will just be breaking too hard to increase the speed or sustain it. The beautiful thing about this kind of training is that it is called a MetCon. You know what that stands for “Metabolic Conditioning”. You know what metabolic stands for? It is in reference to utilizing food for energy. How well you use the food you put in your body is really what we are putting to the test. If you eat crap, tons of bread, grains that are hard to process and not nutrient dense and lots of processed foods from bags, cans and wrappers full sugar and additives…your metabolic conditioning has no chance to reach its potential. If you follow the challenge and do what you can in training, you will be much better at this workout in 4-5 weeks than you are now! Be consistent stick to your plan and execute!
Remember the base of a pyramid can only grow as tall as it is wide! Look at this diagram that represents CrossFit hierarchy!


5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
20 minute amrap