Scale more, more often is something you know that I”m a fan of if you have been with our family here at Wasatch very long. It is important to always be pushing yourself to do more or RX movements but also understanding there is an “expectation” for each workout. The workouts are written up so you can maximize the results and adaptation out of them, they aren’t RANDOM and aren’t just made to SURVIVE or GET THROUGH. With that considered, always ask your coach what is best for you. The last thing you want to do is assume you know what you need. I know you already have things in your mind you’d RATHER do or even CAN do….but just like in life, just because you CAN DO something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Today is one of those days you should ask your coach. If you come to the afternoon classes you have an advantage of seeing how fast people get through the workout in the morning but the morning athletes have to rely heavily on coaches advice.
My suggestion today is to think about scaling to movements or reps where you could potentially get to the finished number of each movement in a maximum of 3-4 sets!
Go fast, take chances. It’s grippy folks.
Strict Press
Complete 1 set of DB Bent Row between each pressing set 8 reps.


BMU x 10

Sit up x 25

C2B Pull Up x 30

Sit up x 25
Pull Up x 50
Sit up x 25
For time!