More of the strength progression this week. Today you have quite a high volume of conditioning though. Be mindful of moving fast and selecting a weight appropriate the total number of reps that will be achieved. I know some of you hate when I do this but…..yes, 50 heavy deads and 100 total push ups all coupled with with 150 over and back jumps over the bar.
Today you do 5 rounds for time, so go HARD then you recover as best as you can in a 5 minute window and you go AGAIN! The goal is to keep your overall time as low as possible. I’d personally goal to try to keep my second effort as close to my first as possible! It sets a great goal mentally at least!
Off to a new week, attack it in the gym, sets a great tone for the rest of life that will be coming at you inevitably!

Back Squat

Rest 2:00 between sets!

**Tempo focus:

Athletes should go 4 count down and 2 count pause, fast up!**



Dead Lift x 5

Push Up x 10
Later jump over bar x 15 (over and back is 1!)
5 rounds for time.
Rest 5:00