New year, New you!

Right?! No, not really. Same old you, with hopefully some new found motivation and likely a list of things you want to change about yourself. If this isn’t you then good job, clearly you’ve been handling business. BUT also if it isn’t you, are you simply content? Have you already capped out? Why don’t you want more for yourself? Certainly you can achieve more, be more, do more, no? Even if it isn’t about the gym or money or success maybe it can be about service, love, helping others, volunteering. My point is that everyone likely has something we can do better, why not make it a goal or make it a priority and attack it for the next 12 months?
Back story on me is that I”m notoriously the anti resolution guy. Why wait until a day or a certain month to change something about yourself, I think its dumb! BUT it does serve a purpose for many, a chance to hit restart and get after again. I support this day and will likely even use it as a catalyst for some changes in my life in the new year. Here is my challenge to you guys….find 3 things over the next 3-4 days that you want to do better, be more of, be less of, anything….find some improvement to chase. Put those 3 things on paper, and share them with someone. Not a stranger who doesn’t care, or doesn’t know you, or someone who will never ask how it is going or if you are still working toward those goals in 6 months. Tell someone who cares, who knows you, who will check in on you and even challenge you. I’ll be sharing mine with you all on Monday, hopefully they can act as an example and then any of you can feel free to ask me how they are going and it will help me feel the pressure to be a man of integrity and follow through on my end.
2018; Be more.
Coach’s Choice!