Not the start I hoped for!

Well my new year started off fantastic! If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted to the blog yet since the turn of the new year. The reason behind that is well, I couldn’t step away from the toilet long enough to type of a blog post until today. TMI, I know.
But what a realistic life example. Here I am, fired up about the new year, new goals, new visions, bigger things to come…..and on new year’s eve your boy was in bed at 8PM like a toddler. It persisted for the next few days which lead to hardly eating and hardly moving at all and between sweating out my clothes and freezing  to the point of shivering. Thank God, it is all passed, well at least it seems like it. But that is life right? You get fired up, you get your ducks in line…..then something unexpected happens. So what now? I guess I should quit 2018 right? I’ve already missed 2 workouts, I’ve hardly eaten and when I did it was chicken broth or maybe fruit so my fueling has also been poor. Nope, I’ll merely bounce back and get right to it. It is the same process I hope to see from you throughout the year. We will all be fired up and killing for the next month or few weeks, but then life will happen. And what I expect is for you to simply continue ONWARD. Get focused, get back on track and move forward with a short memory. What you did yesterday doesn’t matter, do what you can, when you can!
And tomorrow we bench a lot and then some fun stuff!
Bench Press
**These sets should all be as heavy as possible!**
10x Db Hang Power Clean
12xHR Push Up
10x Strict Chin Up
12 “V” Ups
12 minute amrap
50/35lb. DB’s.Scale so the cleans can be done unbroken.