Scale more, more often.

When to scale and when not to scale? Ahh, that is the question. The answer is that you should likely be scaling more than you already are. You see you don’t come into the gym to compete, now competition may help fuel your fire and help lead you to better scores, but it isn’t the reason you come. Unless, like me you saw the CF Games on TV and decided you wanted to win them one day and you are willing to do those things to make it happen. Because that is not the majority of our desires it is important that our day to day training actually reflects that!
Most WOD’s are hard or limiting in some way. Either they have more volume than you are used to, or the weights are heavier for you than you can handle. Why is this? Well it is because as a programmer, my responsibility is to keep you moving forward and never be content. Even for the fittest of athletes in our community, I want and need to find ways to challenge them, so they themselves even have to eat their slice of humble pie.
Putting the CrossFt methodology into play we program for the BEST and we scale for the REST. Even when doing this there will be mistakes made. There will be days where you should scale and your pride gets the best of you, it happens. The goal is for this to happen LESS OFTEN than it doesn’t. You want to go too fast more often than you go too slow, this will help the development of your fitness. The hard part is finding the balance, but this is why there is someone there to hlep you…..their name is COACH. Ask, seek, wonder…..don’t just guess or assume on your own. Use them to teach you how to scale, when to scale, what to scale. Some days they will make mistakes too. We also want you to get the BEST workout possible for the time you have, all that said… is important to go fast but also be challenged.
Sadly there is no clear cut answer, there should be some days everyone scales from time to time. It is just the nature of having a good programmer. If you never have to scale the community is standing still, not moving forward. One day, back flips may appear in a workout instead of burpee’s…..good luck! haha. I can’t do them, so I’d be scaling that one too. And even myself will be scaling workouts from time to time. I first had to scale as a competitive athlete when a coach programmed that I do pistols, with a freaking barbell over my head. Yes…..over squat pistols, they were hard for me….and get this….they were single arm, with a kettle bell. I was ticked. BUT I scaled, and then I freaking practiced it everyday until I could do it. It lit a spark. I hope to do the same for you, that when you find limitation, you seek advice, you practice and as it appears in the future you are able to compete it one day as Rx’d! But….don’t get it twisted, some movements will be scaled for an athletes lifetime. Some people just don’t find the sport in time to ever do a ring muscle or ever walk on their hands down the street…..that is o..freaking k! You will get really fit as you pursue it!
Power Snatch
**All reps touch and go! Try to start heavy and stay heavy!**

1:00 at each station:

5 yrd. Shuttle Run

Row (cals)

KB Swing (53/35)

5 rounds for max reps!


**KB swings are to be American, vertical over head.**