So there is this notorious rep scheme we have all grown familiar with if you have done CrossFit for a while. The legendary 21-15-9……why is this so prominent or repetitive in our training regime? Well the answer will likely disappoint you. But the reason is because after Greg Glassman toyed with reps and time intervals for a while this is the magic one that matched his vision for the stimulus of many of the workouts. The main one people will refer is Fran. 21-15-9 of thrusters and pull ups, devastating right!? So bad.
The reps start high and go down so that you mentally are willing to stay in attack mode. They also allow for your physical body to withstand the rep scheme in one shot or continually give you the ability to at least. The total volume of work in this rep scheme makes for a great time domain as well, even when you go as fast as possible and unbroken it makes for a workout around 2:00 in time. Which to many of you seems like chump change, but thats just because you can’t go fast enough to know how bad that is. One day, and the fitter you get the more you’ll learn. The fitter you become the faster you go and the shorter the workouts become, the end game is to do more work in shorter amounts of time as we go, you don’t lose fitness the shorter the workouts start to get….you gain fitness!
Today we play off of the traditional 21-15-9 in a different way! But it will make appearances often as both Fran style and in many different ways. I’ll warn you ahead of time that if you ever see this in reverse order it is a special kind of pain. ; )
Row Intervals!
:30 WORK/ :30 REST
x 8 rounds
Score is lowest output of meters.
9 Dead Lifts
15 Abmat Sit Ups
21 Air Squats
5 rounds for time
DL: 225/145