2018; I’m coming for you.

Ok folks, we are two weeks into the new year! How are you doing at pursuing your resolutions so far, did you set any? I ended up getting my solidified. It has taken a while to make sure to have somethings that I will relentlessly pursue. I am the type of person who chooses their words wisely. Well, I try to. Which means I don’t say anything for the sake of saying it, I don’t care what people think, and I really have no hidden agenda’s. All that said, I had to be sure I’d truly pursue whatever I set out to. So here you go:
1. Date my Wife! We love to get time together, but now that we work together and have our son Alijah, we are in a new phase in life. To keep this as a priority we will go on a minimum of 3 date nights a month!
2. Connect with God through scripture more! To make this tangible I will minimally commit to 105 minutes of scripture study a week. (This does not include prayer or quiet time.) This will give me a 15 minute window each day, and also the chance to “make up” days if I miss!
3. Dead lift 605lb. 600lb. has been an elusive goal I’ve been close to the past two years. Now that I’m not competing this year I ought to be able to get stronger since I’ll be training with less volume. I’ll do this by doing some variation of pulling 2x a week and varying the loads and reps in order to gain size and strength.
I hope that you too have a list, and that you’ve shared it with someone. I’ve now shared mine with over 300 people that can call me out in person, my entire Insta Gram following and also over 300+ brute strength athletes online. I better step up to the plate. ; )
A1: Bench Press 3×12
A2: Strict Chin Up 3×6 (Weighted if possible)
No rest between movements, 2:00 rest between sets.
Coach’s Choice!