Shoulder rest day!

By this day of the week if this is training day number 3 for you. You are smoked, especially in the arms! So today we are using the arms to an extent but the goal today is no shoulders. Which means no pressing and no hanging. Enjoy it, recover strong and go hard today. Motion is lotion and there will be future posts on the magic of that saying alone. The more you move the less sore you will be. I know most people think sitting around is recovering its very far from the truth. You ever rest on Sunday like do NOTHING then feel worse on Monday? Yes, that is normal, go for a walk, stretch, do some yoga at home, whatever gets a moving, don’t let that body get stale.
Lateral Barbell Jump (loaded with plates)
if you have hurdles at 6 inches use them instead
For max reps
:30 jump/ :30 rest
Each jump is 1 rep!
15 KB Swing
30 Russian Twist (25/15 plate)
15 Jack Knife
1:00 Bridge
18 minute amrap
Bridge is on forearms and toes
70/53 Russian Swings
Intent: No shoulder day! KB Swings should be able to be   done unbroken. The goal is to train hard without being too distructive to any muscle group except the midline.