Almost time….

I don’t know if you have ever signed up for the Open before……but what an experience! I have done it competitively for the last 7 years at the highest level I could’ve. This means that much of my life revolved around this test, training for it, strategizing, giving me a birth at the next phase of competition which for those fortunate enough is regionals. I even had the chance to call myself the fittest man in Utah for 3 years, pretty cool! But I won’t be throwing my hat in the ring this year as I made a deal with myself not to compete and take a year off. I am taking this year off because its time for a new focus, coaching, business, more coaching, programming, its busy. And I purposely want this to take the forefront while my body heals and I hopefully become overly excited about 2019 and stepping back on the competition floor, that we will see.
I make this post to encourage you to sign up for the Open. The Open is 5 weeks, 5 workouts (1 each week), similar to what we do in class. But CrossFit has an amazing online website and App to go with it that allow for RX’d, Scaled and multiple masters categories. Why do the Open? Simple, you could be doing to be the fittest in the world (my favorite reason). Or you can do it to measure your current fitness against no one but yourself. Many of you will say “Well Adrian, I do Cf at the gym each day, why sign up?”. In the same turn you’ll sign up for a half marathon or a spartan race when you could easily do that alone, go for a 13 mile run or even set up a long run and jump over some walls and pick up a sand bag and carry it, right? So the reason is for the experience. The reason if for the people you’ll do it with, the added pressure to be a “little more” than you currently are. A reason to go a little harder in the workouts. A reason to have to “pressure” applied to your life. Many of us, as we enter adult hood don’t often get the “fight or flight” (adrenaline) pumping as often as we should, this leads to a lack luster pursuit of life, lack of passion and zeal in our day to day. The Open will certainly be that!
I suggest you sign up, make it a official, it’ll hold you accountable to do all 5 workouts, go harder than you normally do and even see how you stack up. Here is what is really cool, you’ll be amazed at how fit you actually are compared to the hundreds of thousands of CF athletes out there in the world. When it is all said and done, it doesn’t matter where you finish, unless exercise pays the bills for you. (which is .002% of the athletes that sign up for the Open anyway). The great reason to do it is because of the community behind it, the massive group of humans you will always find suffering with in common that we will never meet, who just want to be better versions of themselves. And it doesn’t hurt to have some benchmark numbers out there to chase down the following year, its a great way thing to “train” for each year and be excited, nervous, scared out of your mind to do!
Check out this link and share it with others; especially if you wonder if the Open is for you!
Build to heaviest Power Snatch Possible
In 12 minutes
15 minute AMRAP
Snatch x 10 (135/95)
Double Under x 30
Bar facing burpee x 10