The beauty of the word “couplet” may not be seen to some, but to others, whom love to program….we love it. We recognize the brutal elegance that can be placed into a workout when the rep count is just right, when the loading is challenging but not too heavy, when you can keep moving at just the right pace to destroy ones soul. It is almost poetic, no? Tomorrow’s workout has the potential to be that for most. The key is selecting the right weight increments for the squat clean and for the proper scale for the dead lift. This workout is a nasty one as most are with only “2 movements”, and yes, that is where the term “couplet” get its name. Two movements. These are often designed for maximum power output, which is why in the Open we often see primarily couplets and triplets (3 movements), HQ knows how they tend to make people feel. The good and bad news with how they make us feel is that these are where the majority of our physical and spiritual (if ya know what I mean) gains take place!
Have fun with this one, its a doozy.
Deadlift for load:
 #1: 10 reps
 #2: 8 reps
 #3: 6 reps
 #4: 4 reps
1 round:
Squat clean x21 (165/115)
Bar Muscle Up x12

2 rounds:
Squat clean x10 (135/95)
BMU x8

3 rounds:
Squat clean x9 (95/65)
BMU x4