Long session!

Today is a long one. Yesterday wasn’t necessarily short either but different. Today the goal is to keep moving and to pick a pace that isn’t a slow one, but barely sustainable. I often fear these long workouts because unlike a short one, you are stuck in the “sucky place” for a long time! The movements are ordered so you can try to keep the power output as high as possible! How many rounds can you get? And what will limit you? Your breathing? Or your local muscle endurance? Workouts like these are great to learn something about yourself athletically……some of us even cut out mentally before we do physically when the going gets tough! One rep at a time, just. Keep. Going.

30 minute AMRAP

Row 20/15 cal

HR Push ups 20/15

Run 200

Pistol 20 (total)

GHD Sit Up 20