Open Workouts back from the past!

Guys and Gals the Open is near! What better way to check up on our fitness then test some previous WOD’s! This can serve a few cool purposes:
1. It will act as a check up for some of you who haven’t done these workouts in years!
2. It can also show some of you out there within the community that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of within these workouts!
This week will be fun and hard hopefully just like any other week you experience under our programming. We aim to challenge, help you get fit and still party and rage while doing so! Just like the Open, nothing extra to be afraid of, just workouts you are doing as fast as you can. Enjoy!
Build to heavy Muscle Snatch in 6 minutes
Build to heavy Power snatch in 6 minutes
Build to heavy Squat snatch in 6 minutes
Amrap 10 minutes
·       30 Double Unders
·       15 Power Snatches (M=75lbs, F=55lbs)