Barbell + Burpee’s

Today’s Open retest is a combo of two tests. Both are single modality tests which usually leaves room for specialists to dominate. Why? Well one test consists of a moderately heavy barbell for most people, where strength can be the limiter. The other is a body weight movement we are very familiar with, burpee’s, and it is simply 7 minutes straight of them! How evil right? But such a good test to combine them. Now the overall score will reflect ones overall fitness if you can somehow accumulate both more reps on the barbell and more reps on the burpee than someone else, you can comfortably say they are inferior to you. Just kidding, but seriously. ; )
11.3 + 12.1 (uh oh)
Amrap 5 minutes
·       1 Squat Clean
·       1 Jerk
165/110 RX
REST 2 minutes
Amrap 7 minutes
(Bar facing!)